Introduction to EvecticsSM

What is it?

EvecticsSM is a solution to help people resolve chronic* health problems. EvecticsSMis not a medical treatment, instead of using drugs or surgery it works by assisting the body to regain its ability to heal.
The Goal of EvecticsSM is: Patients whose bodies are no longer a problem to them for the remainder of their lives.
EvecticsSM programs are structured into LEVELS of care:
  • The first level (called the “Turnaround” Level) helps a person change their health from from getting worse to getting better.
  • The next series of Levels (Called “Active” Levels) help the body to improve its ability to heal, and then assist it to resolve the long-term stresses that led to the problems in the first place.
  • Finally, there are EvecticsSM Levels that help a person to maintain their health for the rest of their lives (called “Wellness” Levels).

*Chronic: Ongoing or recurring frequently.

Learn about Evectics

Evectics Book Cover

Read this short, free booklet to find out why you have health problems that won’t go away, and what you could do to solve your problems.

How does it work?

EvecticsSM is a solution for chronic* health problems, which are long-term health conditions that usually result from the body gradually losing its ability to heal itself. The resulting damage eventually causes overwhelming levels of physical stress, bringing about symptoms that never stop, or recur frequently.
Examples: High blood pressure, fatigue, menstrual problems, depression, diabetes, skin conditions, allergies, sleep problems, etc.
EvecticsSM works by helping the body to regain its ability to heal itself, which reduces the overwhelming stress so that symptoms are improved or eliminated and the person returns to stable health. An EvecticsSM doctor works as an assistant to the body, using testing techniques that merge information obtained directly from the nervous system with lab tests. This allows the doctor to take action only where the body wants help. An EvecticsSM program of supplements, acupressure treatment and diet improvement is entirely based on information from the body itself and not from the doctor’s opinion. The body becomes “the doctor” and the doctor becomes the body’s assistant, helping the body to resolve its own problems.

What does it do?

We have seen excellent results from EvecticsSM programs for 25 years. Results have been observed on almost every kind of chronic health condition:  SEE MORE ON THIS
  • Chronic digestive problems such as IBS symptoms, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, reflux, heartburn and gallbladder problems.
  • Chronic immune problems such as allergies, asthma, sinus congestion, chronic infections, yeast and fungus problems.
  • Chronic hormone problems such as menstrual and menopause symptoms, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, infertility, prostate, pancreas, etc.
  • Energy and sleep problems: fatigue, exhaustion, can’t get to sleep, wake in the night, not rested in the mornings, fall asleep during the day.
  • Emotional problems resulting from physical stress: anxiety, depression, concentration, memory, panic attacks, mood swings, irritability, hyperactivity.
  • Food problems: sweets, carb and junk food cravings, over- and under-eating.
  • Children’s problems: “ADD / ADHD” symptoms, bed wetting, rashes and skin problems, frequent ear infections, allergies, asthma, colic, developmental delay, behavior problems.
  • Blood sugar problems: irritable and shaky if hungry, weight gain, frequent urination, numbness in extremities, diabetic symptoms.
  • Circulation problems: Blood pressure, high cholesterol and lipids, heart palpitations, poor circulation.

Who is it for?

Our patients are incredibly diverse, coming from every ethnic, educational, social and economic class. They all have one thing in common: They are very motivated to regain their health. If you would be willing to do anything you could to regain your health, you probably would qualify as an EvecticsSM patient.

“Could you help me?” We can’t know whether we could help if we’ve never seen you.


Here are some ways you can find out if we can help you:

  1. Make an appointment for an initial consultation. We will analyze your health history and current symptoms, then talk to you at length and test your body to find out:
    • What parts of your body are stressed
    • What part is most stressed
    • What are the causes for this.
      Once we have done this we can tell you if we can help, and what you would have to do to have the best chance of recovering your health.
  2. Take a extensive symptom survey evaluation on our website. When you submit your completed evaluation, a doctor will call you for a free consultation. Often we are able to make a good estimate whether you would be a candidate for an EvecticsSM program based on the evaluation and phone consultation.
  3. “I don’t live in Atlanta (or even in Georgia), could you help me?” We have many out of town and out of the country patients. Just call us so we can work out what is needed in your particular case.
  4. “Is it very expensive?” Cost varies a lot depending on the individual case. Once we have tested you, we will have an accurate estimate of the time and money needed in your case. Insurance does not pay for any part of our programs.

Why does it have that name?

In the 1800s, the word “evectics” (e VEK tics) meant, “The branch of medical science which teaches the method of acquiring a good habit of body.”* In other words, evectics meant “the method of obtaining health.” The word went out of use in the early 1900s, as medicine became more about relief of symptoms and less about health. We have resurrected it as a name for our system of individualized health improvement solutions.
*(“Good habit of body” means that the body is well-constructed and attractive. A definition of “habit” is “bodily appearance or makeup.”)

Find Out if You Could Be Helped!

Submit Your Online Evaluation Questions

Your FIRST STEP to regaining your health and life is to give us detailed information about your symptoms. Specific symptoms are clues to the underlying stress causing them.

Based on the results of your symptom survey evaluation, we’ll be able to answer these questions for you:

  1. Are you are qualified to do a Health Improvement Program with us… would this work for you?
  2. What areas of stress are most likely creating your problems?
  3. What are our recommendations to start you back on the road to health?

  • We DO NOT share your email with ANYONE, and that's a promise.
  • We do not sell or misuse Email addresses or personal information... not ever

Learn how you can recover your health when nothing else has ever worked.

The Five Things You Must Know to Recover Your Health:

1. If nothing you have tried has worked, there is a reason for this.  If you are frustrated because none of the “cures” you’ve read about that have worked for others have worked for you, your case is likely more severe and may not recover without specific testing and treatment from a competent professional. Many of my patients have come to me after years of trying different medical and non-medical solutions, none of which did anything beyond short-term symptom relief.

2. There is never A SOLUTION to this type of health problem. Instead there are SOLUTIONS (it’s plural). Severe, long-term or frustrating health problems are by their nature complex and layered. Looking for a single fix or cure is very unlikely to help you. Recovering from a serious chronic health condition based on trial-and-error, advice from friends, self-help books and Dr. Google is long, expensive and ultimately likely to fail.

3. There is no effective treatment to “FIX” a chronic health problem. Only the body itself can resolve the issue. Your body isn’t healing because it’s stuck in the healing process and is overwhelmed by various stresses. Getting a stuck body back to healing relies on the body itself to do the repairs. Your role in this is to be an effective assistant, helping the body by giving it what it needs to start healing again.

4. Trying different solutions to see if this or that works is futile and hopeless. The first and most important element in recovering your body’s ability to heal itself is accurate evaluation and testing to find out from your body exactly: 1) What help is needed, 2) In which areas and 3) In what order.

5. In 25 years of helping 10,000+ patients to recover from severe chronic conditions, we’ve observed that most of them recover.  You have an excellent chance of regaining your health and your life if you don’t give up and if you are willing to do whatever is necessary.

  • We DO NOT share your email with ANYONE, and that's a promise.
  • We do not sell or misuse Email addresses or personal information... not ever

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