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We have collected thousands of success stories from our patients over the past 20 years. We have categorized a number of these stories by main topic on this page.  Click on a topic to expand the list of success stories it contains. Then click on a story to read it.

NOTE: Success Stories are the experiences and opinions of the patient in their words, are not claims of expected results and do not necessarily represent the views of doctors at this clinic. No medical claims are made for nutritional counseling. We do not diagnose or treat disease or make drug recommendations. Each patient is analyzed to determine nutritional status and depending upon what is found, nutritional supplements, dietary guidelines, and/or lifestyle changes may be recommended to help bring about more optimum health. We recognize that there are times when only medical means will serve and referrals to competent and qualified medical professionals are made. Experience has shown that adults and children with sound nutrition lead healthier, happier lives.


Child Off Allergy Meds
We started coming to AHA because my 4 year-old son was taking up to five medications each morning and each night, year round, to control allergy and asthma symptoms. We had previously been to an allergist in an attempt to reduce the amount of medicine he was taking. To my dismay, after painful testing (pin prick and shots) the allergist found only one confirmed allergy and increased his medication. When we started at AHA my son had low energy, lots of stomachaches and headaches, and was constantly getting respiratory illnesses that would interfere with his sleep and school because they made him so tired. The doctors at AHA found that my son’s body had many food and environmental sensitivities. He is now off all of his medications. No more complaints of stomachaches or headaches. All our work has paid off. He has tons more energy and over the course of his treatment has gotten sick much less often. It has taken such a weight off my shoulders to have a child that is no longer taking so much medicine at such a young age. I constantly worried about the long-term effects of the medication and the poor quality of life he was living. I knew there had to be another alternative to traditional medicine and we found it at AHA. We are no longer medicating the problems—we are rid of them!—J.R.
No Drowsy Allergy Medicine This Spring!
Now that it is spring and everything is in bloom, I would normally be sneezing, wheezing and taking medicines that would make me drowsy. So far this season, I have had none of that and my husband even asked if I was doing ok. This had been great. — G.C.
Allergies Disappear
This is amazing! I came in sneezing, low energy and with difficulty breathing. After the clearing, all symptoms disappeared. I’m convinced this is the way to heal! — O.L.
Watery Eye Relief!
My eyes no longer water from outside allergies! — L.W.
No Allergy Meds and Enjoying Springtime Outside for Once!
Before I started my treatment, I always feared spring every year. It has always been the worst season for me. In the past 3 years of school, I have always missed at least 10 days every spring semester because of sickness from allergies. This year, spring semester, I haven’t missed any days! I am able to walk outside and go on runs now! I used to have to go to a gym because I couldn’t handle the pollen! I am taking no medicine now for my allergies and it has been a life changing year so far! I am so thankful to AHA for all they have done for me and my health! — K.K.
No More Fear of Pollen Season!
This pollen season has been the easiest in years. I haven’t had the real bad sinus headaches I used to have. Thanks AHA! — D.B.
Coughing Episodes Disappear!
Prior to yesterday’s chiropractic treatment, I constantly felt tight across my mid-back and kept a dry hacking cough. Yesterday after the adjustment I could breathe and had no more coughing episodes.— S.A.
Allergy Relief at Last!
For the first time in years I have been sleeping with the window open in my bedroom at night. No sinus drainage, no coughing and no stuffy nose! — M.L.
Watery Eyes, Reflux and Other Allergy Symptoms Subsiding!
I have been bringing my daughter to Alternative Health for about five weeks. Arden has had terrible reflux and a watery eye amongst other allergy problems. I am happy to say that Arden’s reflux has gone and her eyes no longer water. We are looking forward to the rest of her allergy symptoms resolving. Thank you Alternative Health! — J.S.
Silver Jewelry No Longer a Problem Since Clearing Basic Allergies!
For my 22nd birthday, I was given a sterling silver necklace from Tiffany’s. About one day after wearing it, it got black dots all over. After another day it was totally tarnished. I have always worn silver jewelry and nothing like this had ever happened – I thought it was a problem with the necklace. So I returned it for another one and the same thing happened. Very discouraged, I went back to Tiffany’s and they told me it was not a problem with the necklace, it was a problem with me – either chemically in my skin or a lotion or perfume I wear. I told them this has never happened before with other silver jewelry, but they said their silver is some of the purest silver there is. So I gave up and returned it. Soon after, I started clearing the basic allergies. I was sensitive to the mineral mix, which includes silver. I always wondered if I got the necklace again, if it would be different. Well, I was given it again at the end of December and so far it has stayed clear and has not tarnished at all. Thank AHA! — J.S.
April Pollen Brings No More Allergies!
Every year in April I’m miserable with a headache & runny nose etc., due to pollen – but today with a pollen count of over 1500, I feel great. This works!! I highly recommend allergy elimination technique. — D.L.
Allergy Treatments Help Improve Mood!
I am an extreme type A personality when things I do aren’t perfect. I experience intense anxiety, irritability and depression. If that continued, I would have self-destructed mentally. Since my allergy treatments, I found that my mindset is much more even keeled. When things don’t turn out exactly perfect, I can still live with it because I know I did the best I could and now that is my definition of perfect. I don’t get irritated with slight changes in plans or urgent requests at work. I found myself taking many more things in stride. It’s a much saner, peaceful way to go through the day and I owe it all to my allergy treatments. I also find myself craving for foods that I never thought much about before like vegetables and fruit. I am no longer just looking for the nearest source of carbs like a loaf of bread or box of cereal. I’m just as happy and satisfied with an apple or some grapes. I know that is much better for me. — T.S.
Allergy Medications Avoided For Child!
Our five year old had almost continuous sniffles and dark circles under her eyes year round before coming to AHA. Now after completing her program, she only occasionally has a runny nose. We are thankful that she has never had allergy shots or been on daily allergy medication. — A.C.
Allergies Clear!
When I first came here I was feeling really, really bad. I coughed a lot and my nose was always stuffy. I could not get to sleep and I almost always had stomach aches! But now I feel a lot better. No more stomach aches, no more cough!! I can have more fun and I don’t get sick as often. I’ve almost cleared all my allergies and I owe it all to everyone at AHA. Thanks! — D.R.
No More Drugs and No More Sinus Headaches!
I used to take Advil and sinus medicine every day for joint pain and sinus headaches. I came to the free workshop and it was explained that headaches could mean an allergic problem. After the initial exam and evaluation and nutritional evaluation it was determined that I was allergic to many things I consume unknowingly, like over the counter vitamins, milk, etc. I took the supplements and changed most (not all) of my food products and have not taken Advil or sinus headache medications in over 2 months. I have no joint pain, no headaches, decreased fatigue and better clearance of my daily food intake. It is wonderful to not take medicine every day. My medicine drawer is just about empty except for those few things that I need for acute problems. Thanks! — R.B.R.
Peanut Allergy is Better!
Literally two weeks ago I had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and ended up in the emergency room. Last night I was eating ice cream with toppings and I tasted peanut butter (probably a Reeses pieces that had accidentally fallen into the oreo canister). Normally, I would have to self-induce vomiting and use an epi-pen. This time, I decided to not take any action. Nothing happened – I experienced no reaction at all. Although I’m not ready to eat a scoop of peanut butter, I feel much better knowing that I’m safe. Thank you! — J.B.
No More Allergy Medication!
Another success! This is my first day where I can report having none of the symptoms which brought me to AHA. There have been days when I would wonder if I would ever feel better. Oh yes! The days are so much better now. During this season’s allergy months, I am still not taking any allergy medication. I’m still breathing free. Now I am getting into slacks that I have not been able to zip for months. No, I have not weighed myself, but my clothes are easier to wear. Other people are telling me that they like my new make-up. It’s still the same old make-up, the person underneath just feels and looks better! Thanks again for a newer me! — J.R.
I Can Smell Again!
Another success! When I first started coming to AHA my sinuses were bothering me. I couldn’t smell most of the normal things like certain foods for example. I have been coming here for approximately 3 weeks and I have noticed that I am able to smell things again! — N.L.
Allergies 90% Gone After First Treatment!!
When he first started coming for treatment my son had severe allergy symptoms and constant stomach aches.
Also, he struggled to stay focused in school. Since going through treatment, the intense allergy symptoms, congestion, constant post nasal drip and itchy watery eyes have been totally eliminated. Previously his symptoms had been so severe that twice a year during fall and spring allergy seasons he was totally out of it for about 6 weeks each season. The very first treatment 90% of his symptoms disappeared. It was totally amazing! Even the constant stomach aches stopped. I feel I have given my child the gift of good health and a life free of allergy problems. —DY
Allergies Clear Up and No More Headaches!
I feel so much better since I got my allergy treatment. I had multiple combinations and it took forever for me to clear it all. I was having chronic headaches, a sore throat, and extreme fatigue. Now that I’ve gone through this I feel much better, I’m full of energy, and there are no more headaches! — A.E.
Kleenex Free at Last!
Kleenex was my constant companion. I always had at least one in a pocket, one in my purse, one tucked in my sleeve or one tucked in my waistband. I never went anywhere without them. This has been going on my entire life. My mother said she was able to track me by the tissues that were always around me, and a few always seemed to end up on the floor. Now, I don’t have one in my pocket or tucked in my sleeve. For at least a month, I didn’t have a box of Kleenex on my night stand. This is a big deal! I honestly can’t remember a time without them by my side. I wonder if I’ll miss them. The allergy treatments are definitely working!! — M.M. — A.E.
Head Drainage Drains Away!
My head was full of drainage and now it’s starting to clear. I look forward to the day I don’t have to wear a hat. My left nostril is clear; it was blocked for almost a year. My energy level is up and sustained – I’m not pooped by 2pm. My concentration is vastly improved. When my nose is clogged, my brain seems to be clogged also. The treatments have made me much more effective at work. My bowel movement is now once a day. That helps me feel better also. — R.C.
No More Allergy Shots!
My allergy symptoms have plagued me since high school. I was unable to concentrate and function properly during seasonal changes. An allergist started me on injections every other week, telling me that after 5 years of injections I should have an 80% reduction in my sensitivities. When I moved to Georgia for college, another allergist tested me and said it would take up to 12 years on shots. I hated the injections and still had major sinus infections, pressure and unbearable pain. I can now say, on AHA’s program, I have not taken injections nor have I needed to! I no longer have the allergies that have overwhelmed me since high school! — J.C.
Allergies Finally Clear Up
I had a sore throat, congestion and headaches which lasted for weeks. Sleeping, eating right and medicine weren't helping at all. After seeing the doctor for sensitivities it has helped me immensely. My headaches went away; my congestion cleared up, my sore throat went away completely, and my energy level has gone back up to the level it was before my allergies got bad. I feel much healthier than I have in months. — A.E.
Allergies Are History!
After suffering with chronic allergies for years, I thought I had tried everything. Then my wife told me about Alternative Health Atlanta. Although I was initially very skeptical, I was desperate enough to give it a shot. I'm extremely happy I did! After a diet adjustment and nutritional analysis I am impressed! I am amazed that my allergies are history. I don't worry about the pollen count and my sinus headaches have disappeared. —R.W.
Allergies And Swelling Have Improved!
I came in several months ago with swollen lymph glands. The medical community had diagnosed me with mono and after 3 months I experienced no change or improvement. My evaluation determined that my immune system was overwhelmed by allergies and the swelling has significantly improved along with my energy level. I am encouraged by my progress and am grateful for the support of the staff who is diligently working toward my restored health! — D.B.
I Love Spring
Since coming to AHA this has been the first spring in my lifetime that I have not had considerable, negative reactions to pollen. This season, I have had no symptoms. In addition I can tolerate the ceiling fans being on and having the windows opened. It’s just wonderful! -E.C.
Improved Behavior
My 4 year old son has been receiving NEAT treatments for allergies and his behavior has been improving gradually. He is no longer the emotionally sensitive child who screams and falls apart when things don’t go his way. His behavior has changed dramatically. He will now listen, follow directions and sit still when asked to do so. His improved behavior has made life better for the whole family. — A.F.
I Can Breathe Around My Dog!
My whole life I have suffered with allergies. Ever since I started allergy elimination treatments I have had no seasonal problems. Thanks guys! — A.H..
No More Allergies!
My family got a dog about six years ago, Macy. I love her to death, however I would always have a runny nose and cold like symptoms all the time because of Macy’s hair. I would just treat my symptoms with cold remedies such as Tylenol sinus of just have a cold all the time. When I started the allergy elimination program at Alternative Health Atlanta, I have been able to breathe around her and its great. I love my dog and love Alternative Health for helping me. No more symptoms. Thanks guys! — A.H.
No More Pollen Allergies!
Once upon a time I enjoyed springtime every year; looked forward to it coming and was outside as much as possible during that time. Alas, as I aged I developed a dread of spring coming because of allergies to pollen. You know the effects, runny eyes, stuffy head and nose, sinuses hurting. I couldn’t go outside. My physician prescribed a drug that made my mouth feel like it was full of cotton. I did an allergy elimination treatment and within an hour my head was clear, my sinuses were drained and I was breathing through my nose normally. Pollen no longer was a problem, my body had healed itself! Since then, I have been breathing clearly without any effects of the pollen in the air here or in South Carolina. Thank you, AHA team for this improvement in my life. — M.J.
Absent From School No More!
Before I started my treatment, I always feared Spring each year. In the past three years of school, I have always missed at least 10 days because of sickness from allergies. This year during spring semester I have not missed any days! I am able to walk outside and go running now! I used to have to go to a gym because I couldn’t handle the pollen! I am taking no medication now for my allergies and it has been a life-changing year so far. I am so thankful to AHA for all they have done for me and my health! — K.K.
No More Need For Claritin!
I’ve lived on Claritin allergy medication the last few years due to the lovely pollen season. I’m so happy to be able to breathe, indoors and out and sleep with the windows open without any need for drugs.
Thank you for all the help with my other sensitivities and improving my health! — T.R.
Cat and Dog Allergies Disappear!
I have always been very allergic to cats and somewhat allergic to dogs, which made growing up around dogs and visiting my mother’s house (she still has dogs) frustrating. But cats were worse and would cause my eyes to tear and my nose to run uncontrollably. My throat would close up somewhat at the worst times. But now since I’ve started the NAET treatments nearly all my allergic reactions have disappeared. Yesterday, my stepson lost power in his apartment and had to come to our house with his cat, who was allowed to roam throughout the house. My nose hasn’t even twitched. — G.L.
Goodbye Latex Allergy!
I’ve been coming here for allergy treatments. The major deal was for latex. I have not had any reactions when I touch rubber latex gloves. That’s wonderful since I work in the health care field. – M.M.


Asthma Attack Stopped Cold
Asthma assistance! After starting at AHA I had an asthma attack. I was so disappointed and felt betrayed with all the success I had experienced so far. I kept my appointment with AHA and the attack stopped. Immediately the wheezing stopped, the coughing stopped and I could take a deep breath and I could talk. What a relief! It was good to know I could go home and not have to take any one of those prescriptions. Thanks for the breath of life! — R.C.
Asthma Sufferer No More!
I was tired all the time and my asthma symptoms never completely subsided. I’d given up talking to my medical doctor about things unless the asthma was completely out of control. He was happy with how I was doing, no matter that I wasn’t. A friend suggested I see Dr. Billiot and try alternative health care. The change has been wonderful. Since my first visit in March my asthma has improved dramatically. If I have an occasional wheezing, it rarely lasts more than a few minutes and this, without taking medication! My energy has improved and it’s scary, but I now enjoy going to work each day. Thanks for hearing my discomfort and helping me to do something healthy and healing about it. I look forward to the rest of the journey into wellness. — E.S.
I Can Breathe Again!
I have been asthmatic my entire life, so I never expected or even dreamed of lessening my symptoms. By chance, I lost my prescription for my asthma medication and forgot to take it for 3 days straight! I hadn’t gone without a pill for my asthma since I was 13 years old, and if I missed a dose I’d know it before half the day was over, by my inability to breathe. I am so shocked and amazed that I am even alive right now, and thoroughly grateful. Thanks to AHA for helping me to improve my health! — V.P.
Asthma Relief!
Before coming to AHA, I would have to use my inhaler twice a night, especially when the weather was damp. Now, I haven’t used my inhaler in two weeks since coming to the clinic and taking my supplements. I am optimistic that with my treatments my asthma will continue to improve. — K.C.
Asthma Gone After 49 Years!
I have been an asthmatic for 49 years. I also suffer from type II diabetes. For many years, I have been treated by conventional doctors using conventional medicine i.e. chemicals, pills, inhalers and injections. These treatments temporarily relieved the symptoms and subsequently I would be ill again. Several months ago I made a decision that turned my life around, I saw an ad in the AJC regarding Natural health care. Initially, a consultation was arranged and I subsequently visited the AHA doctors. Since visiting these outstanding doctors my health has improved substantially. I have not suffered an asthma attack since starting the treatment program. I strongly recommend any patient that suffers from any illness to visit AHA. By using allergy elimination techniques and adjusting my diet has worked wonders for me. — M.C.

Bacteria and Fungus

Scalp Condition Heals
I knew what results AHA was capable of through observation during my employment there. So when my daughter was diagnosed with pyodermagangrenosum I knew exactly where to go. I was so stressed out; it was the most awful and disgusting bacterial infection I had ever encountered. Her hair was falling out, it was painful and oozing pus in her scalp. After seeing the doctor I saw drastic results. Everything had cleared up and her hair began to grow back. I have an abundance of confidence in this establishment. — J.J.
Pretty Nails Again
For the last twelve years, I’ve gotten pedicures regularly. Although I love the look of freshly painted toes, that’s not the real reason I got them. I just couldn’t stand to look at my ugly yellow toenails affected by toenail fungus! Yuk! I had resigned myself to this condition after a dermatologist told me that I would need to take prescription drugs which would require me to be monitored for potential liver damage, and even with that risk the treatment might not even work! During one of my visits the doctor asked if there was anything about my health I wanted to change. I told her about my nails, and after some changes to my program it is finally gone! I’m thrilled! — S.B.

Bowel and Bladder

Frequent Urination No More!
Our son developed a sudden urge to urinate approximately 30 to 40 times a day. We were unable to make any trips in the car that lasted longer than 30 minutes due to his discomfort. After following AHA’s program his urination pattern returned to normal. The overbearing urges to urinate were GONE! Family trips to the movie theater are once again a delight. Thank you to the incredible team at AHA, for your dedication to natural health and EXCELLENCE. — C.B.
Frequent Urination Disappears!
I have always had a problem with frequent urination after drinking water. It did not matter if it was during the day, afternoon or at night. After drinking water, I would have to go to the bathroom within 10-15 minutes. And again in another 10-15 minutes. It seemed as if my body was not utilizing the water at all. After my 1st visit, this condition disappeared. I am amazed and quite pleased! Thank you AHA. — O.C.P.
Weakening Bladder Woes End!
I’ve been experiencing bladder leakage for several months and the embarrassment that goes along with it. Recently, after following treatments here at the center, the problem lessened and lessened until the final results. I am appreciative of the doctors and the fine job they’re dedicated to. Thanks again and again. — L.T.
Urination Is Under Control!
When my daughter started coming to AHA she was having urination more frequently than normal. It was as if when she took a drink of water it went right through her. She would urinate four of five times from a small amount of water. She also started wetting the bed at night and having accidents at school. This was very disturbing considering the fact she was potty trained since the age of two. But she has really made improvements. She hasn’t had any night accidents nor has she had any accidents at school. She has also improved with not having to go as frequently after having a drink. — D.B.
Constipation Relief
I’m 44 years old. Prior to coming to AHA, I had suffered with constipation all my life. It was normal for me to have no elimination for 3, 5, or even 8 days at a time. Laxatives were the only thing that brought me relief: however, I didn’t take them on a regular basis. After only a few treatments, I no longer have any signs of this former complaint. My energy and overall sense of wellness are increasing with each visit. Thank you for your excellent assistance in this area of my life. — G.P.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Back To Normal
After coming to AHA my blood pressure is back within my normal range. This is a welcome improvement after 3 years of high blood pressure due to too much stress and not taking care of myself. Hurray! My energy levels are higher, and I now aspire to be the subject of the next post card with 25 lbs. lost in less than 2 months!— T.K.
Blood Pressure Under Control
During my annual checkup, my blood pressure took its usual upward jolt. Partially, no doubt, due to the old white coat syndrome. The doctor made me sit for 15 minutes to chill before she would let me leave, with the advice, that I needed to start BP-meds if I did not get my blood pressure under control. I purchased a BP-meter and started BRT treatments at Alternative Health Atlanta and began to adhere to the prescribed eating. I noticed my BP dropped and kept going down. It has now remained at a healthy level for over 2 months. If feel very calm and no longer get agitated over those little hurdles that life serves us daily. Thank you to the doctors. — J.M.H.
No Blood Pressure Meds in 3 Weeks!
I have been coming to AHA for three weeks. Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t take blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was too low! Hallelujah! — T.S.
Off Blood Pressure Meds!
When I first came to the center, I had severe allergies, sinus problems, bad headaches, high blood pressure, and low energy. Not to mention that I was losing my hair. After starting the program, I am off my blood pressure medicine, my energy level has improved, my hair is healthier, my headaches are less frequent and my allergy and sinus problems are greatly improved. My overall health has certainly improved. — D.M.

Body Pain and Mobility

Pain Gone..No Drugs!
For 2 years I took Bextra for body pains. With everything on the news these days about the dangers of this drug I knew it was time to stop taking it. I told my doctor at the Center that I stopped taking Bextra and was in extreme pain from withdrawals. She gave me 2 new supplements but warned me that it would take 2-3 weeks for my body to respond. She was wrong! It only took 3 days!! My knees and hips feel a lot better! My mobility is back to where I was before I stopped taking the drug. Thanks AHA!! You are awesome! — S.B..
Knee Stiffness No Longer A Problem!
Before coming to AHA I experienced stiffness in my knees whenever I tried to get up from a seated position, my knees sounded like snap, crackle and pop. Often I had to hold on to something to help pull myself up. Now I jump up without any noises or assistance. — B.J.[/expand
Knee & Stomach Pain No More!Prior to coming to AHA I took chondroitin daily to avoid knee pain & weakness. Since starting at the clinic, I no longer have to take chondroitin and my knee is fine. I also just stopped taking a diuretic drug. My abdomen has been tender for a year after surgery, but now I can lie on my stomach for the first time in years.—M.B.
Leg Cramps Gone!
I’m so-o-o excited- after only 1(that’s one) treatment I didn’t have any swelling in my ankles and legs and I didn’t have any night cramps in my legs. I have been plagued with that for the past 20 years. WOW what a feeling!! I would like to commend the staff for helping me through all my aches and pains- they are like a second family to me. Keep up the good work!!! — R.W.
Multiple Ailments Beginning To Clear Up!
I first considered SBT and Alternative Health due to the multiple, unseemingly connected health issues that were not being successfully healed through conventional medicine. (menstrual difficulties, allergies/asthma, insomnia, chronic fatigue) Every medication caused rare or little known side effects. Test after test came back normal or inconclusive. I tried numerous herbs and supplements on my own after much research. We had even switched to an organic/natural whole food diet 2-3 years ago & drink only spring water. Overall things did not improve. This was one last attempt to find the real solution & little research made sense. I was a tough case coming in & the clinic was not sure they would help me. We agreed to an initial/ trial run. To my surprise & delight things changed immediately. I decided to stop all medications & the SBT worked. My asthma is 90% improved, I can sleep through the night and feel rested. There are still more issues to address but I’m happy/satisfied to have a little improvement every day. —L.C.
No More Headaches, Back Pain or Cramps - Amazing!
Well, I came in with horrible headaches, horrible back pain, leg cramps & other symptoms. It was all worth it. I have no more headaches, no more bad cramps and my back pain was gone. This was a wonderful experience & I’m glad I came. —A.C.
Pain Decreases and Energy Is Rising!
My fibromyalgia pain has decreased and my energy is so much better since being on the SBT program. — B.W.
Soreness and Tension In The Back Decreases!
After months of continuous lower back pain, with the help of Alternative Health Atlanta and its staff, today I have no soreness or tension in my back. After just a few weeks of treatment I feel more calm and relaxed and the strain I felt in my muscles is gone. — S.K.
Not Only Walking, But Running Too!
Running again! After nine years of pain and not only could I barely walk, I didn't consider trying to run or walk fast, but after 3 months of coming to AHA, I ran this morning and felt wonderful. Thanks to the staff. — J.S.
Back Improvement Is Amazing!
I have had chronic low back pain for the past 5 years that medicine and even regular adjustments from a chiropractor couldn’t alleviate. I would never have guessed that it may be related to my organs; kidneys, uterus, ovaries. However, since I have been a patient at the AHA I have experienced a drastic improvement in my low back. I am very active and therefore very sensitive to any discomfort or lack of mobility in my back. Overall the improvement is amazing and it’s so refreshing to have a sense about where the pain is coming from and that it can be easily remedied. — J.S.R.
Shoulder and Elbow Pain Goes Away!
My shoulder, according to the doctor, had symptoms of Bursitis. For a year and a half it has been very painful to move my shoulder and elbow. It now no longer hurts or creaks. I have also lost 7lbs without really trying. — C.L.
No More Pain In The Feet!
Before I started treatments I had to hold on to the handrails at home to go up and down the stairs. In just 5 weeks I am just about bouncing up and down the stairs with heels on. The other day I got stuck in the rain while walking and I just started running. No pain in my feet. I’ve lost 17 lbs!!! — T.S.
Packed Boxes All Day With No Knee or Back Pain!
I am thrilled to say that I am finally seeing a huge improvement in my health. I went to California to pack up my house we sold. I was up between 6 and 6:30 am and worked on my feet packing boxes until 1-2 in the morning for about 5 days. I experienced little or no pain in my knees or back during that time! I have to pinch myself because I was expecting the exact opposite with the stress of a move. I can’t say how deeply grateful I am to the doctors here who encourage you continually to stay on the course! —K.B.
Joint Pain Improves!
When I first came to AHA, my joints were so sore I couldn’t even open a jar! After 3 weeks of coming here, the pain is only occasional now. I can open jars and use my joints regularly now. It’s such a relief to be able to use my hands again without worrying about that pain. -KB
Pelvic Pain Resolves
I’ve been suffering from chronic pelvic pain for four years. I recently started treatment at Alternative Health Atlanta and the pelvic pain has decreased tremendously. It took a short time to obtain a level of comfort that medical doctors couldn’t provide me in four years. I’m excited, and look forward to further treatment at the Center! — T.J.
Knee Pain Gone!
I’ve been coming to AHA for a multitude of symptoms. It was discovered that my body has difficulty processing calcium which is causing many of the problems. After a few treatments for that particular concern, I am now able to walk up and down stairs without pain in my knees for the first time in years! — S.B.
Instant Success!
Wow! Instant success, instant relief of pain. I even waited until my next visit to see how long the pain relief would last. Three days later I’m still better. I have been recovering from a broken ankle and had a very stressful week where I was required to be on my feet for hours. Therefore I had tremendous swelling and pain and needed to go back into a large cast and walk on crutches. X-rays showed no further break, in fact the bone was healing unbelievably well, yet the swelling was obvious and the pain worse than throughout the worst of the break. After the doctor did my treatment I instantly was able to walk across the room. The pain release was immediate. The swelling was down by next morning and has remained down. I have been walking in a small air splint since. Thanks you so much. — A.E.S.
First Visit Success!
After my very first treatment I could not believe how I felt the next day! When I woke up and got out of bed I had to look down to see if those were really MY feet. I was PAIN FREE! On my next visit to the office I wore a pair of heels that I have not worn in over 3 years. My knees and legs felt so good. I cannot believe how light and good I feel. I don’t have the cravings that I normally have, and I can’t eat everything on my plate. I am looking forward to who I will be in the future! — J.S.
Years of Foot Pain End Overnight!
For over 3 years I have suffered from plantar fasciitis, which prevented me from walking without constant pain from my feet. After being treated for a food sensitivity, I awakened the next morning with virtually no pain whatsoever. It was almost scary not having it! —R.G.[/expand
Leg and Ankle Pain Disappear!For the last couple of months I had leg and ankle pain. So my doctors gave me ligaplex 2 to with the pain, and it has helped me so much. When I was down in Perry, Ga., doing horse things, I totally forgot about my pain because it was not there anymore. — A.B.
No Cane, No Pain!
When I first visited AHA I was walking with a cane. I was in a lot of pain in my joints especially my knees. Very soon after my first treatment I noticed that I was walking with no cane and no pain! —F.B.
Skeptical Musician Now Drumming For Us!
I was admittedly skeptical of the program when I first started. I play drums and hand percussion for my church and in a band that plays in church-related functions. After playing, my hands would swell and my joints would become stiff. It was getting more difficult to hold the drumsticks and my energy was getting worse. No matter how much I slept, I was generally tired. My wife (a patient here) recommended that I come in and arranged for an initial consultation. The doctor found the problem and put me on a program and offered nutritional advice. Shortly afterwards, the symptoms had disappeared! The next area was my weight. The doctor consulted me on a diet that I could actually live on. In two weeks I went from a 38 inch waist to a 36 inch waist. In case you were wondering, I still haven't started my exercise program at this time. I don't feel hungry and my energy levels are up. Thanks AHA staff! —S.C.
Stiff Neck Leads To Overall Health
I was tired all the time. My joints ached and I had no enthusiasm for the activities I formerly enjoyed. In the past year I packed on 40 pounds and I looked and felt awful. I'd been checked by a couple of Medical Doctors and given a clean bill of health. So, why did I feel so bad? Finally, my neck became so stiff and sore that I literally could not turn my head and in desperation, I came to Alternative Health Atlanta. Now, I absolutely did not believe in 'the program' helping me, but it did! After three weeks, my neck is well. I feel better, have more energy and I'm losing weight. Best of all, people around me are noticing this too! I highly recommend this program to everyone!!! —S.M.
Balancing My Health Issues Has Changed My Life!
A year and a half ago I was depressed, overweight, stressed, and my social life was nonexistent. But I was a top sales performer, earning 160k per year. I had a constant sinus infection and bouts with bronchitis every 4-6 months. Then I said enough! I started working with Dr. Billiot AND I decided to leave my corporate job. Now, 1½ years later I’m 20 lbs. Thinner, my social life is great. I’m in the best shape of my life, I work in corporate America but I’m more balanced and earn 100k/year. Less money-more balance. This journey has changed my life! Thank you! —D.L.
No Medicine and Overall Health Keeps Improving
Before coming to AHA, I was having terrible excruciating pain in my left shoulder blade and collar bone area – now I have none. I was going to the bathroom every 2 hours at night now I only wake every 4 hours to go. I was having bad headaches and neck pain and now they are gone. My energy level is way up. I do not take any prescription drugs or medication. Everyone here is so helpful and wonderful they seem to understand everyone's problems and help get things going and it is easy to be a patient here. Thanks to everyone. —L.M.
Joint Pain, and Energy Level Much Better!!!
I have been feeling much better since I started coming in for treatment at this clinic. My joint pains are practically gone. I’m sleeping much, much better and because I’m sleeping better, my energy level is up! Thanks for your help! I’m glad I came in for that initial check up. Now almost all of my family is at different stages of treatment. — M.M.
Bloating and Hot Flashes Subside!
My clothes are fitting looser. The bloating feeling is gone. My energy levels are higher, fewer hot flashes and I’m not as thirsty as I used to be! N.G
Back and Knee Pain Gone!!
I no longer have back pain or knee pain. I am very amazed at this process and am happy to be doing this program.— N.G.
Dislocated Shoulder Back In Place!!
As a teen I had a few injuries to my shoulder by dislocating it falling from a horse and skiing. It started wanting to roll out of joint when tussling with friends of even putting my arms over my head. A doctor told me if it kept giving me trouble I would need pins put in. Both my shoulders bothered me. I was stiff and had pain if I made my arms stay very high and I didn’t feel like I had strength in the top of my shoulder. Never thought it could change. I started the program and I noticed less stiffness. Over time I could sleep with my arms above my head but I was still careful and protective of what I did with rotating my shoulders. Now I don’t even think about it. I have no pain and feel like my ligaments have healed themselves. It is so wonderful! All of my health issues are gone!!! I can’t even think of anything I could change– no headaches, no back aches, no PMS, not out of breath any more, no shoulder pain, lost 35lbs., and haven’t had a cold in 2 years!! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks to everyone at AHA. I Love It!!!!—D.B.
Enjoying the Outdoors Again!
Chronic wrist pain is gone! I suffered with the chronic pain for almost two years. I was told by a neurologist that it was carpal tunnel syndrome, that I should wear a wrist brace and that eventually surgery would need to be done. After doing 7 hours of yard work, I was able to sleep peacefully that night! — M.B.
Where Is My Back Pain?
Before I started at the clinic I had changed mattresses in the house, visited the chiropractor three times a week and suffered with low back pain and a lack of energy. In the three weeks I have been getting treatments I no longer have the back pain. I have no problem turning my head from side to side and I have more energy. — D.R.
A Renewed Body
I came back to AHA after I was in a car accident. I was in a lot of pain in my neck and back. I developed other symptoms including dizziness and nausea. By coming to here, the doctor got everything back to where it was supposed to be. The pain subsided and so did all the other symptoms. I am now, pain free and back to normal thanks to AHA. —P.F.
Back IN Motion...
I have suffered with regular back pain for years. Upon visiting your office, the doctor performed an alignment procedure on my back. I can’t tell you just how much relief I have felt. My back doesn’t hurt or pain me as much as it had before. Looks as if you’re going the right way. Thank you for your service. — L.H.
No More Back Pains
After one adjustment, my lower back pain was gone! Thank you! — M.B.
Happy Feet!
After suffering from excruciating foot pain each night, the doctors at AHA adjusted my feet. After just one adjustment the foot pain is gone. Now when I get up with the kids at night, I can react quickly to their needs. — S.M.
Chiropractic Adjustment Removes Anxiety & Stress!
I had been experiencing an intermittent tightness with occasional pain in my chest for a few months. Over the past two weeks it had gotten significantly worse and had become almost constant. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to have a heart attack, so I went to see my medical doctor. She ruled out a heart attack immediately and determined it was the result of high stress and anxiety. I left her office with a prescription for two medications to reduce anxiety and stress. Fortunately, before starting the medication, I was scheduled to see the doctor. She quickly found the source of the problem. It took only a few minutes to treat with a chiropractic adjustment. The pain disappeared, but I held back my excitement for a couple of days, half-expecting the pain to return. It hasn’t and I am amazed! I am so pleased to have found the Alternative Health Atlanta. Who knows what I would have gone through had I chosen to follow my medical doctors’ treatment. Would we ever have taken care of the problem? — J.R.
No Longer A Drug Store In My Bathroom!!
Today is two months exactly having treatment. I feel great. I look great. I once owned a drug store in my bathroom! Now the number of medications I take is limited to almost none. The pain medication I take for my back is limited to maybe once or twice monthly if needed. Sinus pressure headaches are almost gone! – P.W.


Kid's Concentration Helped!
My son aged 13 had all sorts of problems going on with him. The grades were bad, he couldn’t concentrate at home or school. There was always one complaint or another coming from school. He was good at making excuses, some were very interesting. After seeing the flyer at the clinic about helping kids with concentration problems, I thought we could give it a try. Not only did he get help for his eczema, but he certainly is a different boy. He’s energetic, positive, and responsible and has better grades. Thanks to the doctors who’ve kept him motivated with treatment and pep talks. —S.K.
No More Drugs For Baby!
Dr Billiot is the greatest! We have a 20 month old son who just got out of the hospital diagnosed with asthma. After one visit with you and changing his formula he is so much better we can’t believe it. His breathing has returned to normal and the energy level has risen significantly. He is another child. I can’t wait to get started myself. Thanks for no more drugs – he was getting doses three times a day. — A.L.
Urinary Problems Subside
When Deonna started coming to AHA she was having urination more frequently than normal. It was as if when she took a drink of water it went right through her. She would urinate four or five times from a small amount of water. She also started wetting the bed at night and having accidents at school. This was very disturbing considering the fact she was potty trained since the age of two. But over the past few weeks she has really made improvements. She hasn’t had any night accidents nor has she had any accidents at school. She has also improved with not having to go as frequently after having a drink! — D.B.
Child's Health Improves In Many Ways
Since coming to see Dr. Billiot and the rest of the doctors here at Alternative Health Atlanta, Melissa has been able to stop taking her bed wetting medicine and is now dry at night except for once in a while which is a huge improvement. She has shown improvement in her concentration and ADD symptoms. Her diet has greatly improved and she understands what sugar does to her. She continues to be treated for her allergies and I am hopeful for much more improvement. — D.K.S.
My Child Can Sleep..Now I Can Get My Rest!
My daughter is 3 years old and has always slept in my husbands and my bed. On top of that she would wake up several times a night and roll over in her sleep waking us all night long. Since we’ve been coming to AHA I have seen dramatic improvement in her sleep patterns. A week ago, she started to sleep in her own bed. No cries, no getting up! I am finally getting my rest! — N.L.
Focus Improved-Tantrums Stopped!
I want to express how happy we are with the progress our son is making because of the treatment he is receiving here. He has always been frustrated while studying or having to focus on homework. Tantrums and inability to settle down were very common. This week was so different. He had lots of school work to make up every morning and afternoon for a week, then exams began. His temper and ability to cope are so much better. Thank you. — J.K.
Still Two, But No Longer Terrible
Awesome success! My son is doing so well! So much of the terrible two’s was due to his allergies. He’s all handled now… still two, but no longer terrible! He’s not cranky, sleeps well (even asks to go to sleep, now; he used to put up a huge fuss before). Hyperactive is no more! He’s happy all of the time now! —D.D.
ADHD Label And Surgery Avoided For Child
Awesome success! I've got to tell you that I just came back from my son’s first parent teacher conference and I found that he was rated #1 in his class! This is a child who would not let anyone touch him. He had so many allergies that he could not concentrate. He was getting ready to be labeled as ADHD and have his tonsils and adenoids removed. We waited on the surgery, avoided testing that would have labeled him as learning disabled and did exactly what you told us. Now he can even breathe without snoring at night. I love this place! Everyone here is determined to give each patient the best possible care. Every child who has an attention, behavior, dependent or medical issue should be here. Thank You! —R.J.[/expand
ADHD Child Now Tests NormalWe brought our son to AHA because he had been diagnosed as having borderline ADHD. He was having trouble concentrating at school and would have tantrums at the drop of a hat. The doctor put him on a program and offered nutritional support. He has gone from a child who was literally bouncing off the walls to one who is able to concentrate more fully. He was recently tested and there was no measurable diagnosis for ADHD. He is now in a regular classroom. We credit AHA and the program for helping our son’s behavior become calm enough that he is considered to be a normal 7 year old. —H.G.
Child's Seizures Gone
I started coming to AHA due to some serious health situations that had arisen with my 2 year old son. All of a sudden, he had started having ‘febrile seizures’ and this happened 4 times with no warnings. His fever would spike and he'd have a seizure. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. When we came the first time, my son had been sick for 5 days and had been vomiting repeatedly. Since starting the program he is much better. He's had no seizures and no vomiting. He is also much happier and more agreeable and yes he's still 2 years old! He has more energy and doesn't wake up in the middle of the night in terror taking an hour to get him back to sleep. I attribute all of this to your program. —K.D.
Autistic Child Starting To Communicate
I have an autistic three year old and wanted to share the great results we are having. My son Elijah used to do a ton of self stimulating behavior but in the few months we have been coming for NAET, we have seen a dramatic change in personality. He is more calm and is finally starting to communicate his wants for food, drink and entertainment. Eli used to use words but sporadically and inappropriately he now names objects and makes choices through speech. We thank everyone at the clinic who is helping us through the process. We are very satisfied and now have hope for the future. — E.B.
Off Meds, Doing Great
When my children started coming to the clinic my oldest son was on Prozac and 2 asthma medications and my middle son had recently been hospitalized because of his asthma and was discharged from the hospital on SIX medications! My mother encouraged me to bring the boys to AHA and I am so glad I did. Both of them are now completely drug free. The asthma is no longer an issue and my oldest son’s depression and self-esteem are much better. This program has literally been a life saver for my children. -S.K.
My Teacher Is Happier!
Ever since I had my first treatment I never thought I’d be at this stage. My teacher noticed too that I’m more controlled. Before I went here, I was interrupting in class. I want to thank all of you. —D.J.
Ear Infections Vanished!
My family and I came to AHA as a last resort. Much like when people turn to God when things are seemingly unsalvageable. The staff was able to turn our health issues around to total healing. My son suffered with ear infections that conventional medicine could not cure. He ended up with tubes in both ears because all the antibiotics were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, he then got a serious yeast infection. I tried to get him better without conventional medicine on my own, it helped but did not heal him. Within two weeks of seeing the doctors, there was a dramatic difference in his health!! —H.M.
Bed Wetting No More!
My son has wet the bed at night, every night, since he was born. It runs in my family. I had no idea it could be caused by allergies! He never showed any other evidence of being allergic to anything. However, when tested, he was shown to be allergic to 10 of the first group of items. After only 12 treatments over the course of a month, which cleared the first 5 items, he woke up dry and has been dry ever since! We are amazed and thankful. Even though this is not a life-threatening allergy, it is certainly a self-esteem threatening one. Now we will avoid any other issues due to these previously undetected allergies! Thank you so much! —P.L.


Lower Cholesterol
An unexpected success! My cholesterol went from 256 to 173, and we weren’t even addressing that problem! What a very pleasant surprise. Success without drugs!— D.L.
Cholesterol Is Looking Good!
Through the protocol of diet and supplements I was able to lower my bad cholesterol(LDL) by a total of 80 points and increase my good cholesterol(HDL) over the same period by more than 30 points. I am well on my way to reach the medically acceptable level of below 180 at the next check up. Thank you to Alternative Health Atlanta for helping me reach this goal. — J.H.
I Finally Cleared Sugar!
I just finished a part of my program that assisted my body to correct sensitivity to SUGAR!! Hip, hip hooray! This past week was my first time when I didn’t have cravings right after meals and didn’t reach for cookies or cupcakes! As a result, I really don’t feel sluggish and experience the highs & lows. — K.Y.
Chocolate Cravings Non-Existent!
When I first started coming to the clinic I was eating about a pound of chocolate every morning for breakfast and every night before I went to bed. In less than two weeks my cravings are completely gone. Now I know this program really works. — C.W.
Nut Cravings Subside And Weight Loss Follows!
Since clearing nuts, I stopped craving peanuts, which I would eat to excess. Not only do I feel much more energetic, but I’ve completely lost interest in eating peanuts and only nibble, occasionally on other nuts. As a result, I’ve been steadily losing weight. What a wonderful side-effect since my previous efforts to lose weight have been ineffective. Thanks AHA. -A.K.[/expand
Sugar and Food Cravings Vanish!It is so amazing that after dealing with sugar and food cravings for 50 years, they have now almost vanished after doing the cravings treatments. — G.H.
Reformed Sugar-Holic!
I started the program one week before Thanksgiving and have a had a surprisingly easy time giving up sugar. I even prepared the holiday sweet potato soufflé with Stevia – it was great. I am a lifetime sugar-holic and have been so pleased with my success in giving up sugar. I haven’t even had cravings. The other immediate dietary change that I’ve noticed has been my newfound ability to digest cheeses. I have an extreme case of lactose intolerance and foods such as pizza or cheesy omelets would send me immediately to the bathroom. Now, this problem has gone away so I can enjoy the taste and health benefits of some dairy products. — N.D.
Day 3 Of No Sugar Cravings!
Today I started my 5th treatment and met with the nutritionist on Friday. I came in feeling very tired and itching uncontrollably and today I feel 100% better. I haven’t had sugar cravings for 3 days now – amazing! All I really crave is water, water, water! — L.P.D.
No More Sugar Cravings!!
I was the biggest chocoholic in the world. I mean, I HAD to have some chocolate every night, and when I say some I mean huge quantities! I started my BRT treatments on Monday and haven’t had any cravings since! This is unbelievable! The last time I went without I had such awful withdrawal symptoms that I thought I was going to die! This is such a change, and I know it’s only going to get better! -MC
Cravings Relief
I had one treatment and now I’m a believer! I was treated for refined sugars, and five days later I still haven’t had one craving! It’s amazing! — M.W.
Lost 8 lbs & No More Cravings!
After being on this health program I have lost 8 pounds. This is due in part because the program has caused me to revolt at sugared foods (ice cream, sodas, etc). I no longer crave these foods and consequently the weight is coming off. — C.W.
Sugar Cravings Are Gone!
My cravings for sugar are gone. They were always out of control when I am pre-menstrual. It dawned on me that I’m due any time now and the desire for sugar hasn’t even crossed my mind! —C.M.
Sugar Cravings Disappear!
I have craved sugar all of my life. I would snack on cookies and always have something sweet after dinner. After a treatment to stop my sugar cravings I have been able to cut all sugar out and just say no even though I’m still surrounded by it. (have 2 young children who like to have snacks to eat, usually full of sugar)!!— K.T.
Making Health A Top Priority...Even During The Holidays!
My progress has been steadily successful. Then, during the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to indulge in food that was specifically not beneficial to my health (SUGAR!). I rationalized this behavior by thinking, I’ll just have a small portion. That should not affect anything. Boy was I wrong!! Many of my original problems returned! With this experience I’ve made a good (but difficult) decision: I will NOT indulge in ANY food that will prevent me from achieving optimal health during the upcoming holidays. I have decided to cancel a visit with family during this time since they are not supportive of my health goals. Though this may seem like extreme behavior, I feel that getting well is my top priority… even during the holiday season! — S.W.
Cravings Are Gone
I was the biggest chocoholic in the world. I mean, I HAD to have some chocolate every night, and when I say some I mean huge quantities! I started my SBT treatments and haven’t had any cravings since! This is unbelievable! The last time I went without I had such awful withdrawal symptoms that I thought I was going to die! This is such a change, and I know it’s only going to get better!— M.C.
No More Sugar and Food Cravings!!
It is so amazing that after dealing with sugar and food cravings for 50 years, they have now almost vanished because of the SBT craving treatments. — G.B.
I'm Back In Control!
Since I’ve started treatments, my cravings for sugar have completely disappeared. That is a major accomplishment for me! Sugar cravings have controlled me all of my life. It feels so good to be free from cravings and to feel in control. Thanks, AHA — B.J.
How Sweet It Is...
I started coming to Alternative Health Atlanta just before the holidays. Before I started a program to help me with sugar and chocolate cravings, I laughed and said yeah…right that’s going to work! With all the holiday dinners and desserts, I knew that I would blow it; however, when I went to a Christmas party that had a buffet, everyone was getting up to bring back fabulous desserts and all I could think about was the veggie medley. WOW!! I was convinced. My body was craving for what was good for it. -D.P.
Cravings Are Down To Nothing!
I can’t believe after one treatment my cravings for sugar are down to nothing. This really seems to be working and I hope the rest are just as successful. I’m glad my daughter talked me into coming with her. — J.P.
Where Did The Pounds Go?
I started on this journey only 2 weeks ago and I’ve already lost 12 pounds. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is. The best part is I’m not starving! I’m eating healthier than I ever have. I don’t crave sugar, fast food or any other junk I was eating. This is just the start of a new life for me. — J.P.
Chocoholic Has Recovered!
When I first started coming to the clinic I was eating about a pound of chocolate every morning for breakfast and every night before I went to bed. In less than two weeks my cravings are completely gone. Now I know this program really works. — C.W.

Dental and Mouth

Gum Disease Success
Two years ago I was diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease. I had surgery to help correct the problem. A year later the pockets in the right side of my mouth between the teeth and gums measured a 6 on the dentist’s probe. The doctor thought I might need surgery again. After just a few weeks at AHA on an alternative health program, my next visit to the doctor was amazing. To the dentist’s surprise, the 6 was now a 3! She asked me what I was doing and I told her of my alternative health program. She stated that was good and that I should keep it up. And I didn’t need surgery. — W.G.
Healthy Gums Amaze Dentist
When I began my program, one of my concerns and problems was my gums. As long as I can remember, I have had problems with my teeth and gums. I would eat and my gums would begin to bleed. I had deep pockets around most of my teeth and food would get trapped and then the problems really started. I started to notice that after starting the program my gums were not bleeding as often. I am one who goes to the dentist every three months for cleaning in order to keep the bleeding down. When I went for my last appointment, the hygienist could not believe what she was seeing. She stopped cleaning and asked what in the world had I been doing to get my gums to do so well. No more deep pockets and the gums were healthy enough to form new healthy tissue around the teeth. I just smiled and began telling her about AHA and the program. She again said ‘I've never seen such improvement!’ We both decided not to tell the dentist, to see if he noticed. He sure did! So, if you are having a gum problem, just do what the doctor tells you—do the program, and watch the results. —J.G.[/expand
Lockjaw, Now UnlockedIt started when I went to the dentist for 2 fillings and after that I could only open my mouth half way. Later it started to get worse and I could barely open my mouth. Then a month went by and it got worse & worse. I couldn’t even open my mouth or brush my teeth. I went to 2 other places and they just made it worse. They gave me a shot and told me to take 12 Advil a day. This made my whole body hurt. So I thought, why didn’t I come to AHA in the beginning? I came here and in 2 weeks I could open my mouth. I am so glad. I barely have any pain anymore. I am so glad I came here to AHA. — A.C.
Cold Sores Vanish After SBT!!
I had a terrible time with repeat cold sores and so I mentioned it to the doctor. She decided to do a SBT treatment on the area (or for the underlying cause) which is of course a virus which had been as far down as DNA (unbelievable). Almost exactly on the 25th hour mark, the tingling at the cold sore went away immediately. A few other sores on my mouth went away and I knew just how great the SBT had worked on my problems of cold sores. Thanks to Dr. Shakarian and the entire staff for another great healing experiences. — V.S.


I Have a Real Sense of Hope..Instead of a Chemically-Induced High!
I have seen significant improvement with my last 3 – 4 visits. My headaches have all but vanished. I have so much energy and mental clarity and it feels amazing. I have been waking up in the morning feeling like my night’s rest was adequate and restful instead of needing 3 hours to get myself fully alert. I can get so much more accomplished during the day than I used to. I have been off antidepressants for over a month and a half and I have a real sense of hope about my life instead of a fleeting, chemically-induced high. My sugar cravings have diminished significantly, a truly amazing feat considering when I first walked in here about the only thing I ate or craved was sweets and sugar. The best part is I have learned so much about nutrition and about my body, information that will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life. THANK YOU! — J.R.
Depression Subsides
I recently had the opportunity to be tested with the Skasys machine here. I found out that I had a deficiency in several neurotransmitters. Since Dr. Billiot began Kick starting them; I have had amazing results. Years of problems with depression and overall mental equilibrium have balanced out like never before. If I do get sad, I bounce out of it quickly. I find that my temper is 100% better. I’m just overall happier. I can’t believe it; I saw results just by taking nutrition. This blows everything else away! Kudos to Dr. Billiot for providing the technology to truly make a difference. Nothing compares to being able to live a life feeling complete mind, body and spirit. Western medicine never could have done this; I tried their methods and nothing came close. P.S. I’ve been losing one to two pounds of weight every week since and I’ve done and eaten nothing different! —PS
Depression Lifting!
My purpose in coming to AHA was in part to get help with depression. My last clearing was difficult. I felt exhausted for 4 days. After my next appointment I felt better-even better than before the difficult clearing. I learned that this is often the result after difficult clearings. It is as though I have come around a corner and moved to a higher level. Things which overwhelmed me before or caused days of anxiety don’t seem so serious now. I love the work which the doctors at AHA do. It is profound because it addresses the cause of illness and brings results! Thank you! — J.K.
Depression and Mood Swings Subside!
I have been seeing Dr. Billiot for nine weeks. I have seen and felt great results. I am now off of medication for depression and mood swings and feeling great. I have lost 10 pounds and inches I never imagined. I am now able to control my cravings for sugar. Instead of my body controlling me, I am able to control my body and what I eat. — R.H.
Mood Swings Gone!
Before I began SBT treatment I felt tired and irritable and experienced mood swings for no apparent reason. I had been to several medical doctors that checked both my hormone and thyroid levels and said everything was normal. After several SBT treatments I found my energy level improving, I was sleeping better than I had in years! My mood improved greatly (just ask my husband!) I’m feeling better than I have in several years and have also lost several pounds in the process. I look forward to continuing treatment for the benefit of my health. — P.I.
I'm Off Antidepressants!
The doctor was very, very helpful to me this past week. I was trying to discontinue an antidepressant which I have taken for 2 1/2 years. Although I had halved the dose I was surprised that the effects were so severe when I finally quit taking the drug altogether. I had nightmares, dizziness, great sadness and buzzing, crackling sound in my head. All of this was very scary. The doctors took extra time with me because they are so nurturing. Within 24 hours of treatment I felt so much better. No more nightmares or any other severe symptom. Thank you so much. — J.K.
Joy In Living from Living Without Drugs
Meeting success first meant that I had been faced with a challenge giving me a worthwhile purpose. My health was deteriorating and noticeably bothering me. Because I find joy in living, giving and serving, I feared past and present limitations would become a greater blockade to a full life. An opportunity to change my health habits and create within me a healthier and more whole person was my gateway of opportunity to develop a better me. One of my greatest fears is relieved because I have completed the process of getting off of three major drugs for depression. I had been on one since the late eighties, and had added 2 others by the mid- nineties. With the help of my medical doctors and detoxification at this clinic, I have successfully gotten away from that dependency! I can feel me, know me, and respond to others in a spirit of love and care. I am thinking clearly and making good decisions. One thing hasn’t changed- I don’t put thoughts in just a few words! — G.C.

Blood Sugar

Insulin Under Control
My sugar cravings have diminished since being on a program at AHA. I am glad to be getting my insulin and glucose under control, as I have two blood relatives with adult diabetes. Resisting sugar used to be a daily constant battle. Now, cravings don’t pester and plague me. — A.W.
Hypoglycemia Disappears!
After starting on a nutrition program, I feel that I am much healthier than before. The best outcome is the disappearance of hypoglycemia; my blood sugar level seems much more regular. I no longer have the scary symptoms of mental confusion, headaches, constant preoccupation with food. My energy level is improved, and I now have the energy to do things in the evenings. I also lost 10 pounds without counting calories and without feeling like I was ‘on a diet.’ I feel I am in better health overall and my recent experience with a cold is a good example: With a little help from some vitamins, my body was able to fight off a cold in two days; in the past, a cold would hang on for a week or more. I feel that, for the first time, I have personally experienced my body's natural ability to heal itself. I am optimistic that my health will get better and better and that I will continue to feel and look healthy! —A.G.
Blood Sugar Improves
I am 73 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. During this time my morning blood sugar ranges have been from 131 to 230 (normal is 69 to 150). These levels have been achieved with the assistance of two prescribed medications. After only two BRT treatments, I’ve reduced one of my medications by one-half, and my morning blood sugar levels are now 70 to 80! What an excellent experience this has been for me! — L.P.


I Cannot Believe The change!
I cannot believe the change! First of all, I feel wonderful. I have lots of energy and have a new zest for life. I have seen tremendous changes in my digestive system. I no longer feel bloated, have diarrhea or experience reflux after eating. I also used to have excruciating knee pain making it very difficult to stand up after sitting. I no longer experience any of this. I have also seen a tremendous difference in my eyesight. I used to experience periods of blurriness usually during the early evening hours. This has totally gone away! Just recently I have started losing weight and the acne on my face is starting to clear up. I can’t express how thankful I am for finding AHA!— L.W.
Calmness in Stomach After One Visit!
Thanks to everyone at Alternative Health. This is my testimony on my first visit or treatment at AHA. Much to my surprise, I could feel and sense a calmness in my stomach. I have suffered with acid reflux, indigestion for the past eight years with no relief in sight. Within the next two days no medication of any kind was used. I can’t tell you what hope I’ve received just after the first visit. Thank you. — S.G.
Digestive Tract is Under Control!
I’m getting a younger body! I say younger body because of my digestive system. For the past several years I have suffered from Acid Reflux Disease. I have been examined by doctors and specialists. I have had test after test done on my body that was of no help. The regular medical doctor I saw did allergy testing on me through blood testing. The results of the tests showed that I had several food allergies contributed to the reflux that I had. The only thing wrong with this was that he could not really help me, even though I was taking numerous medications. Since I have had treatments from Dr. Billiot and been on a comprehensive nutritional program I am no longer a victim of this disorder. I am looking forward to handling all other body dysfunctions through the Alternative Health’s programs. — K.C.
No More Digestion Medicines!
I moved recently and while packing my medicine cabinet I realized how bad my digestive system had been. I threw away packages of Pepto Bismol, Zantac-75, Milk of Magnesia, Pepcid AC, Mylanta and Gas-X. I realized that I had tried almost every product on the market to get some relief. Since I’ve been coming to AHA, my digestive problems are much better. I am able to eat meals without excessive bloating and acid reflux. Thanks to the doctors! —T.M.
Severe Stomach Pain Ends!
I came to AHA with many complaints, the biggest being severe digestive pain. For the past 3 years I've been unable to eat anything without it causing pain. I had lost a significant amount of weight and I was still losing to the point I was becoming anorexic. Within two weeks the pain was reduced enough to quit holding a pillow against my stomach all the time. Shortly after I was adding new foods to my diet and my pain was reduced to half. The next week my pain was down to being minor and I ate Mexican and Italian foods. Now, after starting the program I have gained 5 pounds! I am eating almost anything I want to—except sugar and dairy foods as these are just not good for me—period! My severe brain fog and chronic fatigue roller coaster is much better. I took myself off of my sleeping medications and I have reduced my antidepressants by almost a third. My husband is as amazed and excited by the results as I am. This was my last resort for a life spent in pain and suffering. I wish this had been my first choice! —J.E.
Esophogitis Clears Up!
I was diagnosed with esophogitis and couldn’t swallow food after I chewed continuously. It got stuck and I’d have to force myself to throw up in order to unstick my food. After visiting here I could enjoy eating my food without the stress of wondering if my food would get stuck. I was very skeptical alternative treatment would help, but it DID! — A.B.
Eating Healthier Now!
When I came to the clinic my diet was poor. I could not eat good, or what was good for me. Most of the time after a meal, I would feel nauseated & would have to really strain to keep from vomiting. After starting the program for BRT treatments my appetite began to change. Not only did I have the desire to eat, and eat healthier, but I actually can eat healthier without becoming nauseated. Before I started coming here to the clinic, I was basically eating to stay alive, but now my tummy growls, and I can eat well again. So thanks to all the staff for their help and on going tremendous support. — D.C.
Battle With Digestion Is Over!
I have enjoyed two major changes in my life. First, I have reduced my caffeine intake from 8-10 cups of caffeine/tea per day to zero. I now average 2-3 cups of decaf per week. Second, I have battled digestive problems my whole life (from IBS to severe constipation). I had to plan my life around this (travel was a nightmare). I simply did not believe that it could all be changed in one week, didn’t believe it could be that simple. But it’s true & it’s had a tremendous impact on my life and the way I feel. Thank you. —A.H.
Digestion Has Improved
I came to Alternative Health for one thing–to get rid of the gas & bloating. I’d have it just about every meal! I felt like the Goodyear blimp after meals most of the time (and not because I ate too much). I didn’t think I had food allergies, my digestion has so much improved that I feel like I’ve lost weight. I can now eat meals and not be distracted by bloating & gas for several hours afterward. Hallelujah! — AH

Energy and Fatigue

Spring Fever Gone!
Every Spring for as long as I can remember, I would have the classic Spring fever symptoms: tired, drained, low energy. This Spring however, since coming to AHA, I have not suffered from ANY of these symptoms. What a relief! Thanks, AHA! — A.K.
Feeling On Top Of The World!
Congratulations – success again. This is the best I’ve felt in months. After getting through bouts of fatigue, I now feel on top of the world. Metal detox is not easy but now I’m at the end of this process and feeling so much better. — D.L.
No More Gasping While Walking Up A Hill!
I have been coming now for only a short time (2 ½ weeks) and in that time I have experienced a very definite increase in energy. It used to take me quite a while to get up the big hill in front of my house – I would gasp for air and feel very lightheaded. Now no more gasping and it seems like I’m making it up the hill at a faster pace – not lightheaded anymore. I would like to commend the staff here. They are very respectful of your feelings and explain what they’re doing in terms you can understand. I’m sooooo happy I came to the free seminar – it started me on a new life in a pain-free body – something I haven’t experienced in over 20 years. I’m both happy and proud to give you my success story! — R.W.
SBT Leads To Less Medicines!
I have so much energy from the SBT treatments that I have been able to stop taking Wellbutrin and I have cut my Benadryl in half! — G.H.
Energy Increases!
When I first started the program at AHA I was tired, weak, lethargic and ached all over. In 2-3 weeks, many of the symptoms improved and I started getting more energy and less muscle aches and sleeping almost through the night. Now at 6 weeks I’ve regained a lot of energy – very few aches and pains and I’ve lost 25lbs. This is attributed to cutting out diet sodas, refined carbs and having protein shakes and I’ve also been drinking lots of water. — G.C.
Energy Is Soaring!
Yesterday I woke up at 3:30am to go shopping. Usually I do this after Thanksgiving but I would always feel like I had scratchy eyes and I would feel all puffy and groggy. Yesterday when I woke up I didn’t have that feeling and I didn’t feel that way at all, all day. I only needed a 30 minute nap after 12 hours of shopping and only 5 hours of sleep! Yesterday I felt better than I have in 5 years of shopping after Thanksgiving. — K.P.
Tons Of Energy!
I have had bouts of low energy. Since returning to the center I have lots of energy as well as a better outlook on life. Thank you all for your great work! — B.T.C
Energy Improves!
I’m writing to let you all know that I have so much more energy. The past 2 days have been wonderful. I have more patience with my children and started going through my mail (8 weeks worth). Also, I have lost 8 pounds and went from a size (almost 12) to my size 8!! Thanks so much. — S.D.
Energy Feels Great!
After my first treatment on Saturday I began taking my supplements. On Sunday I felt my mood had improved and my motivation was higher. By Monday I was getting things done around the house!. I felt cheerful and energetic. — M.A.
Nap Time Is Now Productive Time!
I have been so tired each day that I have to nap several hours a day. For the past two days I have not only skipped my daily naps but I have also had enough energy to deep clean my house and I am getting back to feeling like my old energetic self. — B.T.C.
Runner Increases Mileage
I’ve been running for the last few years with some very confused athletes. They run in 100 mile races taking 17 to 24 hours of mountain trail running. I like running with them because they run slow. We do training runs in the mountains and on a good day I would usually do 12 miles which is half what they were doing. On a great day I might pull off 17. So last Saturday I joined them for a 50km run (31 miles at Kennesaw Mountain). I had no intention of running the 4 lap 31 mile event but totally surprised myself when I finished 24 of the 31 miles and felt great for 2/3’s of the run! I couldn’t have done it without clinic treatment! Thanks! — B.K.
No Fatigue and No Antibiotics!
I started visiting AHA after the declining of my health over an 8 year period. After three sinus surgeries, chronic infections, fatigue, use of antibiotics every other month, and prescriptions of some new medicine monthly because of yet another symptom, I decided to throw away the medications and give the Center a chance. The result is having more energy, taking no antibiotics, and feeling no fatigue for the first time in 8 years. Now I am a new person and enjoying life again! Thank you! —T.L.
Energy Is Way Up!
My energy level has gotten so high that I’ve started applying for part-time jobs in addition to my full time job! Something I would not have considered before my program . Also, starting three weeks ago I had pain in my foot and now it’s gone. —L.M.
Fatigue Greatly Reduced
I have noticed that after a month of regular treatments at AHA, I wake up in the morning by pondering the day for a couple of minutes after turning off the alarm, then I get out of bed full speed ahead. I rarely experience fatigue and it’s great that my energy is returning. — R.S.K.
Energy Feels Good!
Since awakening this morning, I feel so much livelier. I rested well last night and my feet didn’t hurt upon arising. After my BRT this morning I have my usual bathroom duties, but this time I felt so much better, not as tired and sleepy! As James Brown says I feel good!!— M.C.
No More Fatigue!
I came to Alternative Health because all my other attempts at achieving wellness had failed. I was told there was nothing wrong with me. One of my symptoms was overwhelming fatigue. I could sleep a good 8 hours at night and still wake up (by the alarm only) and feel like I needed another 8 hours of sleep. I never felt fully awake and fully mentally alert. After my first clearing treatment I woke up the next morning, by the alarm, but not filled with dread and tiredness for the new day! I actually felt like staying awake and was actually very productive for that day. I believe I am finally on the right path to good health. -A.S.
Fatigue and Chronic Sickness Subsides!
Even after having finished Phase I of allergy elimination, I can feel remarkable improvements in my health. AS an RN, I was often asked to do Night Duty. This was my preference, but I was never able to do it for more than a couple of weeks at a time without getting sick with tonsillitis. Dr. Billiot explained that my adrenal glands were exhausted and when I did night duty my already extremely fatigued system just collapsed. I am now doing 3X16 hour shifts which start at 3pm and finish at 7am. My health is overall improved and I have a noticeable increase in energy. More to the point, I have been working night duty for the last 3 months and I have not even had so much as a cold, let alone tonsillitis. I know I still have a fair way to go to lose my fuzzy mind and regain the constant state of high energy I used to have. This is however totally within my reach and it is now only a matter of time before I reach my goal. —E.K.
Energetic Again!
I used to be a very energetic person, but somewhere along the line that changed drastically. I went from being the energizer bunny to needing naps all the time. I had trouble getting out of bed in the mornings and getting moving. I was gaining weight for no apparent reason even though I wasn’t a bad eater. Since starting a program at AHA I have my energy back. I actually enjoy leaving my house and doing things with my family. My teenagers and husband notice a GREAT difference and are very pleased with the results, as am I. — L.A.
Energy Greatly Improves!
For the first time in years I was able to pass by all the Halloween candy at the office. Only because of the knowledge I have gained here – how the sugars work in my body and this has given me the will power to pass the candy! This week is the first week in months that I was able to do things after work before going home. Plus, I was able to get up in the night to watch the ’04 election results for 45 minutes and then retire again for the balance of the night – drifting to sleep easily. P.S. This is the first week I’ve not had a sneezing attack. -M.P.J.
More Energy
The morning following my first SBT I woke up BEFORE the alarm went off! Got out of bed and did 3 loads of laundry, put them away, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned off my dresser and walked the dog faster paced than usual. Then I left for work. If this is a reaction, BRING THEM ON! -L.M.
I Can Get More Done, Now
In four days I’ve lost five pounds! I am also sleeping more soundly and it doesn’t take as much time to get out of bed in the mornings. I haven’t had any problems with cravings and my fatigue has improved. I get more done throughout the day and work doesn’t tire me out as much as before. Thanks for all of the support, AHA! — K.P.
Energetic And Active!
I had extreme fatigue and felt lethargic. I had lack of interest and was very inactive. Now I feel absolutely great! I now have energy to ride my bike, take long walks, go dancing, and take time to plan my healthy meals. —A.B.
I Have More Energy!
Since going through 3 treatments to date, I have more energy. I have less bloating & I am sleeping soundly. I am changing my eating habits and using the recommendations from the nutrition education. I am being more cautious & conscience of the foods I am eating. -W.C.
I was so exhausted after work before I started AHA. Now, I have so much energy! The rest of the office is tired after working nine hours. I can work through lunch and I am not tired at the end of the day. It’s a wonderful feeling! Thank you!— L.J.
I Feel Like Dancing!!
Before I came to AHA, I was tired all the time. I was tired when I woke up, all throughout the day. And being so tired all of the time is very depressing! It brings you down even further. Then I came to AHA, and after 1 visit, I felt like I was dancing! I had so much energy! I have stayed that way ever since. It is as if you all are angels! Thank you so much! — S.K.
Soaring High On Energy!
There is only one way to describe how I feel today: TERRIFIC. I have so much productive energy, not the nervous energy that I have been used to for so long. At the end of phase three, four weeks ago, I started to clear for malathion (pesticide). That started what seemed like a never-ending downward spiral to a constant lack of energy and feeling emotionally drained. My malathion allergy just wasn’t clearing so Dr. Billiot started BRT on me. Four sessions later I finally cleared this pesticide and I began to notice a very dramatic increase in energy. An extremely noticeable difference is my resting heart rate. It is now at an all-time low around the 60’s-70’s, not the 80’s-90’s that I have been at for the last 15 years. I have felt like I’ve been soaring ever since and I have the physical. Emotional and mental energy that is really exciting. Thank you so much everyone. You have been so wonderful to give me the support and encouragement I needed, especially when I wasn't feeling so great. —E.K.
Overall Health Improving!
This has been a great program! I walked in here and could barely keep my eyes open and now I’ve got so much energy I have trouble closing them! Everything I complained about is 95 to 100% better. Now I’m actually getting more done per day than I have been in the last ten years, and I don’t feel I’m wearing down doing it. Thanks to the whole gang! — S.W.
Success Without Medication
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism years ago. Today my levels are normal except for my TSH level. The doctor stated that I can be taken off my medication in 3 months. — S.W.
No Sickness = No Missed Work
It has been amazing to me to see my co-workers who are younger complain of aches & pains and no energy. Some have been violently ill and missed days of work. Since coming to see Dr. Billiot and staff, I have not been sick one day with any illness causing me to miss work. I have no aches since one or two back adjustments. I’m happy to share my positive results and have invited many friends and family to come and benefit from taking an active part in participating on this journey to good health. -D.H.[/expand
I Love Having My Health Back!!For years I have had a number of things wrong that made me feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I prayed constantly and asked God to heal me. Well He sent me healing through the AHA. In four short weeks of treatment I’m able to walk upstairs (30 steps) without stopping, panting and feeling pain. I’m free of the many headaches I would have daily. The tingling in my fingers from carpal tunnel syndrome has reduced immensely. My energy level is way way up (by the way I love that). But most of all, my husband is very grateful that I’m not a stressed out depressed person anymore. Thank you Dr. Billiot and your staff.—Y.C.
My Zeal For Life Has Now Returned!
On January 14, 2003 this 56-year-old southern lady felt like I was trapped in the body of someone much older than me. For 10+ years I have suffered from under active thyroid, fibromyalgia, weight gain, insomnia, kidney problems, low back pain, extreme fatigue, hot flashes and lack of motivation. Please understand, I was always active and life was wonderful and very full of joy. During the last 10 years with all of the stress going on in my body, my zeal for life diminished by at least 70%. Giving up was not a choice, so each day became a struggle for me and therefore my husband, children and grandchildren suffered because of the lack of quality of life. Since I have 9 grandchildren, I think I put up a good front, though my body ached 95% of the time. Prescription medicine did not seem to help a lot and the doctors neither knew what was going on nor seemed to care. One doctor would say it is just the aches and pains of getting older and so I felt the rest of my life would be in pain, again giving up was not a choice. After reading about the seminar for Alternative Healing in the Sunday paper for 3 weeks in a row, I finally discussed it with my husband and we both went to the free seminar. That seminar has changed my life in just three treatments. Yes, I said three treatments. I truly began to feel a little burst of energy after the first treatment and I slept 5 ½ hours without waking, which was very unusual for me. After the second treatment, I could not believe it, I was scared to tell anyone how much better I felt, I thought it might go away. I am almost fee of pain and I have so much energy, which makes me a better person to be around. My husband says my attitude and sense of humor has returned. I am now ready for a new day each morning and feeling good again, feels really great. OOPS, I can’t forget the 8 pounds I lost in this one week. I know the symptoms are going away which makes me feel good again. I know the cause has not been cured as of this day only one week into the program. However; I felt this was possibly my last hope and now I know I can allow myself to have much more hope of getting totally better. It took many years to get my body in this shape and I know it will not take as long to get well. How much better can this get? It does not matter what you r attitude is about Alternative healing or if you understand how it works. I can truly say I KNOW IT WORKS! Thanks you to all of the staff at Alternative Healing, you are all wonderful! —G.P.
No Medications And I Feel Great!
On Christmas eve I had to hold my hand and arm above my head because the pain in my shoulders and back was so bad I could hardly stand it. I was feeling so depressed and hopeless because I just felt so bad all the time. I stayed tired, my head felt fuzzy and spacey, my joints and arms ached, my digestive system wasn’t working right and I had pain in my stomach all the time, not to mention my painful periods. I had to stay home in bed with my legs elevated because of excessive bleeding and severe leg cramps, to sum it up: I did not feel like living. My daughter begged me to call Dr. Billiot and on Christmas Eve, I knew I had to do something, so I called. Dr. Billiot was able to seem e and I have finally started feeling so much better. I actually went to work during my period, my head feels clearer, my digestive system is doing better, the constant pain in my stomach is gone and I can turn my neck now without pain, no to mention I feel fully better emotionally. I look forward to continuing my whole food supplements and living a more pain-free life. I have told all my friends and family to get started and quit spending all that money on painkillers that just stop the symptoms temporarily. I personally think that painkillers damage the body further. Give your body the chance to heal itself and get stronger. Life is so much better for me! P.S. Before I came to Dr. Billiot, I had been going to the doctor forever about my digestive system with no progress, just more medication, continued pain and more money. —B.L.
Overall Health Improves!
Another Yea! Went for my annual gynecologist exam and my doctor noticed that I am feeling and looking better! He told me to continue with my visits to AHA since there was an obvious improvement. LIGHT BULB MOMENT: People are highly concerned about their looks on the outside of their bodies. They need to realize that the healthy body on the inside should be more important. The outside body will glow and become healthier also. Surgeries, injections, etc. That alter one’s body on the surface are superficial and will not last. A healthy body changes you for the rest of your life. Thanks to the staff at AHA for your encouragement and care. — J.R.
Many Health Issues Disappearing
When I brought Jessie in the beginning her body hurt her all over, she had stomach aches, headaches, would get very emotional with sugar. She had a stye in her eye that would not go away, and she had a lot of scaly stuff in her ear. I fed her well. The pain all over her body was handled immediately in the first clearing. Headache and stomach aches soon ceased. Sugar reaction took many clearings to but having completed about 2/3 of the allergy elimination program it seems virtually resolved. A couple of weeks ago she had had a bunch of candy unbeknownst to me. She came through with flying colors. Thanks to Dr. Billiot and staff for this miracle. She’s much better emotionally as well. — L.H.
Laundry List of Health Improvements
SBT has improved my health and well being in many ways. -The pain in my side that has plagued me for years is pretty much gone. -My mood swings are gone, I can once again deal with life. -My facial eruptions have been reduced 90%. -I have more energy and vitality than in recent years. -Facial hair is slowly not re-growing. One day soon it will be eliminated. -My eating habits and those of my family have improved. -I am more educated on the whereabouts of human organs. -I can give a pretty good back rub now. -I think the ridges in my fingernails are going away. -My thighs are smaller and pants are looser. — T.B.
Ankles Getting Smaller and Smaller!
I have been coming to AHA since September. One of my personal goals was to have small ankles again which I have not had in several years. This week I have finally seen a change in my ankles to the point that I have been able to give my sister some of my shoes and my daughter remarked that she had never seen my ankles so small. ( She is 22 years old) I am excited about this HUGE success for me personally on my way to better health. — P.G.W.
Reflux Relief!
The reflux that once plagued me for years has now dwindled to next to nothingness. I contribute this to basic allergy clearings and a proper nutritional program. I look forward continuing programs from Dr. Billiot. Thanks to the Alternative Health Improvement Team. -K.C.
Success With SBT
The SBT programs that I have done and am currently on are achieving dramatic results at lightning speed. Not to diminish that unbelievable results I achieved through that allergy elimination program but dollar for dollar the SBT programs are an unbelievable value. Because I started coming to see Dr. Billiot I got partial relief at best from all other therapies I had tried. However, I can say with utmost confidence that approaching health at the base of it all (hormonally) is the final blow to stubborn symptoms of poor health. Thanks Dr. Billiot for continuing your research & making it available to us. -J.D.

Female Issues and Pregnancy

Hot Flashes Gone!
I did not have any hot flashes today! For the first time since I can remember, I didn’t sweat at all in the morning. Before my treatments at AHA, it would take 1 – 2 hours for me to stop being sweaty in the mornings… every morning. — D.B.
PMS and Asthma Relief!
I came to Dr. Billiot as a prevention measure. I had been suffering from fairly severe PMS and I had been on inhaled steroids for asthma. These two health problems were mostly inconvenient and something I’d have to live with so I thought. I have always been a proponent of a healthy lifestyle: good food, exercise, etc. Dr. Billiot put me on a sugar fee and dairy free diet. I have been off my asthma medication completely for three weeks and my PMS has improved greatly (which my husband is especially thankful for)! The nutrition that I take and the diet, as well as the care I receive from Dr. Billiot have made a bigger difference in my health than I thought possible. — S.P.
Hormone Problems Finally Resolving!!
I have had 25 years of hormone problems that are finally resolving! After a late menarche that was finally initiated with progesterone injections, I had very irregular annovulatory cycles for my entire life. I had infertility that was nonresponsive to comid trials and now at age 42 was suffering from menopausal symptoms for several months. With SBT, I have been able to restore normal menstrual cycles and the peri-menopausal symptoms are of course almost 100% subsided. In addition, I was diagnosed with severe adrenal dysfunction which is now healing itself as well. My goodness, I have been chronically fatigued for years and now I’m thrilled to have more energy and much higher productivity. Thank you to Dr. Billiot!!! — L.H.
Periods Are Regular and Normal!
I have been coming to AHA for 3 months now and for the first time in 5 years, my periods are regular and normal. In addition, I am ovulating on both sides, which hasn’t happened in almost 7 years. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again instead of 40. Thanks — D.P.
No More Hot Flashes..What A Surprise!!
I went to my regular medical doctor and he asked, you’re having hot flashes?, I said, no. He asked if I’m on the patch or hormones and I said no. Then he called to the nurse and told her that I’m not on the patch or hormones and still not having hot flashes. I have been telling him about coming to Alternative Health Atlanta, and he said he didn’t really know much about that type of therapy. I said, well, I pray to God that it is working and he said, well, it is. — G.C.
Hot Flashes Fading Away!
I’ve completed two weeks of treatments. During this time my hot flashes are completely gone. It is amazing that I’ve had hot flashes for approximately two years and only after two weeks I don’t have any. Thank you AHA for eliminating my hot flashes. — S.J.
Hot Flashes Gone IN A Flash!
Started hot flashes, had them for about 10 days – came to the clinic and had one treatment. No more hot flashes. Is that amazing or what? Thanks. -M.N.
Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Success!
Years of going night after night with being wakened by hot flashes and night sweats had left me exhausted, wondering where, how and if I would ever have relief. Since focused treatment on the sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone, etc., I have gradually gotten relief with each treatment. Now I only experience a hot flash and night sweat occasionally. I sleep soundly and wake up easily. My mind is clear and I just feel good in general. Wow – what a difference! I thought I would never get such relief naturally, knowing my body is healing itself is reassuring about this method of treatment. BRT rocks! —D.Y.
Hot Flashes Free!
I’ve been having hot flashes now since June. They were the worst in August when I was substituting. I would have to put my coast on and off because of the flashes. They would occur every 2 hours. At night, my pajamas would be soaked! It has now been a week since I’ve had a hot flash. That is a real good sign of things to come! — G.C.
PMS Success!
Since I have been on this program my menstrual issues have improved substantially. My cramps and acne are approx. 30% improved and my mood swings are approx. 60% improved. Overall, my quality of life is much better and I and my family are happier. — T.B.
Periods Are Much Less Painful!
I feel great! I’m feeling healthy again – as healthy as I did 10 years ago. When I started coming to AHA 6 months ago, I was suffering from several symptoms and generally was in bad health. I had been experiencing painful and heavy menstrual cycles for about 3-4 years, along with severe acne breakouts and daily fatigue that my traditional doctors could not explain or solve. After working diligently with the doctors and their assistants and all the staff at AHA, I have felt much better and eliminated several of these symptoms. Periods are much less painful and no longer debilitating. I have plenty of energy and my face and skin look great. Additionally, much of the stress and anxiety associated with these health issues have also been alleviated, which has also tremendously improved my quality of life. Thanks to all at AHA! —P.N.
Menstruating Once Again!
With the help of the doctors at AHA, BRT, rechecks and the rest of the staff as my cheering section, after 3 years of not having a menstrual cycle and having HORRIBLE menopause symptoms, I am finally menstruating again after only 10 weeks of treatments! P.S. Thanks – I think! — C.V.[/expand
Period Cramps Improve!Hey!!! Great difference in my period cramps/pain after only two weeks of treatment. I usually have to live on Advil for 2-3 days, and I hardly took any. Thanks!! — M.F.
Menstrual Cycle and No Pain!
My last cycle was the easiest one ever. I am usually exhausted and this time I didn’t even know it was coming! No cramps, no fatigue! Yay! T.D.
No More Heavy Long Periods!
I’ve had heavy periods greater than two weeks long since I was 13 years. Doctors always treated them with birth control pills and suggested a hysterectomy. Last cycle was the 1st time my period has ever started on time and it only lasted one week and that is definitely improvement. — L.C.
Normal Menstrual Cycle Again!
I had been having very uncomfortable menstrual cycles over the past year when I came back to AHA for an evaluation. During that evaluation I talked with Dr. Billiot about my problem. It has been one month now and I DID NOT have that uncomfortable cycle this time. I am so pleased and grateful that I am a part of the wonderful thing that happens when you come to AHA. Each time I come here with a problem I leave with a solution – Better Health! —D.B.
No More Breast Pain!!
No more painful breasts! For years I’ve suffered with breast pain during each menstrual cycle. When I first started as a patient, I was in my cycle; the pain in my breast was exceptionally unbearable. That was just 2 short months ago! Today, I’m in my cycle and I have no pain! I actually had to look back through the calendar to verify that I was indeed having cycle without any pain. It’s just another normal day! REMARKABLE! — C.S.D.
No More Painful Ovulation!
For years I’ve suffered with very painful ovulation each month, causing me to miss time from work or cancel plans with family and friends. I started my program and for the first time in 30 years, had no pain while ovulating. — E.A.
Night Sweats Decrease
Before coming to AHA, most nights I would wake up with night sweats that would occur 4 to 5 times a night. Now, I’m not waking up so many times during the night because of the sweats. — W.H.
Breast Discharge Subsides!
After having breast discharge daily (from my prolactin secreting tumor) I have had 2 days without any signs of it. I have been a patient here for 3 weeks now. I have had the discharge for approximately 15 years (9 minus my pregnancies and nursing times). I am very pleased to see this progress. Plus, I have lost 5 pounds. — C.T.
Cramps Alleviated!
I came here after having stomach cramps and diarrhea for about 2 years. Now I have a lot more energy on top of my diarrhea clearing and stomach cramps have been reduced to next to nothing. Also, my menstrual cramps have been practically eliminated whereas before I had to spend a day or two in bed from cramps and back pain. — H.G.
Not Tired After One Week of Treatments
After my first week at AHA I was able to wake up in the morning without being tired. In fact I woke up without my alarm clock. During my cycle I have not had a headache. Before I would have migraine type headaches for 3 days before my period starts. Now I haven’t had a headache since my first week at AHA. I also don’t have the PMS symptoms- Bloating, swelling hands. My appetite has evened out. I don’t feel the need to constantly snack. I was having heart burn at least 1time a day with reflux. Now I have none! — L.F.
Ovarian Cysts Are Gone!
I was recently diagnosed with a uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst. After one visit at AHA, I returned for a follow-up. My physician was hoping that the cyst would resolve, but the technician and I were surprised to find that the fibroid was gone also! Thanks AHA! — A.C.
I Look Forward To My Life!
Since starting my program at AHA, my hot flashes and panic attacks have decreased dramatically. The pain and stiffness in my right leg and arm have gone completely. I can handle stress a lot better. I am not tired in the mornings. My digestive system works a lot better. My concentration has improved. I am never dizzy or have blood sugar problems anymore. I look forward to my life now!! — S.L.
Irregular Menstrual Cycle A Thing Of The Past!
Little did I know that starting a program here would change my entire life. I hadn't had a regular menstrual cycle in three years (at which was at the time I stopped taking birth control pills). I also had terrible digestive difficulties. In just five months time, I have improved very much. I now get my period on time! You need to understand that before AHA, I was getting my period only 3 or 4 times a year. My digestion has also improved very significantly. I don't have nearly as much bloating after eating! This definitely proves to me that my body can heal itself when I eat right and comply with the BRT treatment programs. Thank you! —J.A.
PMS Gone, Husband Happy!
Since starting the program I have seen improvements in both my attitude to eating and mentally having positive thoughts about myself. My PMS symptoms have improved to such an extent that I now have to check my diary instead on knowing that the bloating and irritability were signs of impending misery! I eat what I like regardless of comments from others like: ‘Come on, have some cake, a drink, etc.’ I enjoy the food I eat knowing that everything I eat is doing good and not empty food. I am pleased with my weight loss and general health. My family can see the difference and my husband says I am much nicer now! I am putting my knowledge of nutrition to good use and feel I have made a breakthrough for my future health. —M.C.
My Morning Sickness Is Gone...
My morning sickness is GONE thanks to AHA. I was in my first trimester with my fifth child and feeling miserable, just as I did in my other four pregnancies. With each pregnancy, I've tried many remedies attempting to feel better. However, none of them had helped me. The sick period had always lasted for six weeks. It would start at my sixth week of pregnancy and end at my twelfth. Fortunately, during this pregnancy I had help! After being miserable for three weeks (my ninth week of the pregnancy) and having lost 25 lb., I decided to see what suggestions the doctor could offer. She suggested checking me to see if I had certain allergies that can produce this problem. She found that I did. Once treatment was complete, my sickness was gone and I got two weeks of my life back! Thank You! —J.L.
Breast Swelling and Tenderness Gone
My left breast recently developed a problem, seemingly overnight. It became very enlarged and very tender. The lightest touch was extremely painful. I was imagining the worst, and was quite concerned. However, it was comforting to know that the A.H.I.C. would identify the problem and would know what to do to handle it. Soon enough it was SBT to the rescue! Three or four therapies later, my breast returned to its normal size and the tenderness was completely gone. I’ve been coming to the A.H.I.C. for different health issues and it never ceases to amaze me how my body heals itself with the assistance of the clinic staff and programs. It is truly wondrous. Thank you!! — A.G.
Ovary Pain Has Disappeared!
I have had cystic ovaries for years. I never dreamed that they might be connected to my strange allergy. I would have such intense pain that I required prescription pain killers to deal with it. After one treatment I had the sensation of quiet that you feel after being with a crying baby for two hours. There was nothing but blessed silence! I have never had a medical treatment that had such complete and utter relief. -J.A.
Menstrual Cycles Are Better!
I had been having very uncomfortable menstrual cycles over the past year. When I came back to AHA for an evaluation, during that evaluation I talked with the doctor about my problem. It has been one month now and I did not have that uncomfortable cycle this time. I am so pleased and grateful that I am a part of the wonderful things that happen when you come to AHA. Each time I come here with a problem, I leave with a solution- better health! —D.B.
My Cycle Is Uneventful!!
For as long as I can remember, I have had PMS a week prior to my monthly menstrual cycle and then experienced lower back pain on the 1st day of my cycle. Well, guess what…? Since I have had my nutrition focused treatments, my cycle is uneventful! I have no mood changes, depression of back pain anymore! Thanks AHA! — D.H.
Hot Flashes Are Better
I had a hysterectomy and have been suffering from massive hot flashes and night sweats. After SBT treatments, I have now maybe 3 or 4 all day long and I sleep a lot better. Also, I had a big hearing loss from chemotherapy in my right ear, with a lot of tinnitus. That has completely gone away and my hearing is almost the way it used to be. I am so grateful I found AHA and SBT. — C.M.
Good Bye Menstrual Pain
For several months I suffered from severe menstrual periods. They lasted for 5-6 days and the flow was so heavy it made it difficult to go out for long periods of time. I had been to the OB/GYN and his only solution was hormone therapy or a vaginal burn or a hysterectomy. None of the three choices appealed to me. I began AHA about a month ago. The first period I had since starting treatment was so different! It only lasted 2-3 days and was so light it felt like I was 14 again. What a wonderful change! AHA continues to make a difference in all areas of my health. — M.N.
No PMS Symptoms!
During my last menstrual cycle I did not have any PMS symptoms or bloating. In the past used to be emotional before and during my cycle. — S.W.


Finally Pregnant After 7 Years!!
I’ve been trying to conceive for approximately 7 years with my final diagnoses of blocked fallopian tubes one year ago. Just two days ago I found out that I was pregnant. God finally answered my prayers. Thank you so much AHA. — T.T.
Pregnant And No Fertility Drugs!!
My first baby took 2 years to conceive. I finally did have to take medication. After seeing Dr. Billiot and having her help my body heal, we were able to conceive our second child quite easily! There was none of the stress that comes with infertility, the monthly disappointments nor the accompanying effects of trying to conceive a child with the fertility problems. Dr. Billiot is such a great help to me, not just for getting my female parts to work correctly, but now during the pregnancy she’s helping me avoid the anemia, blood sugar and other problems that occurred during my last pregnancy. It feels wonderful to eat my body in shape and to know that all is well or can be for this new baby during the developmental stress of the pregnancy. I really feel this success story owes credit to Dr. Billiot and the gifts she has been given by GOD to help others heal. — L.R.
After Many Health Problems Improve, Pregnancy Follows!
I have dealt with the following symptoms daily for the past 11+ years: chronic fatigue, low energy, headaches, allergy symptoms, depression, very heavy menstrual periods lasting 8 or more days, slight anemia, chronic low back pain, and irritability and anxiety. After being tested numerous times for hypothyroidism and low blood sugar, all indicating normal results, I was told I had depression. I was put on antidepressants and continued on and off different varieties for years. They helped with my moods but my other symptoms persisted and worsened. I became pregnant in early 2004 and suffered a miscarriage eight weeks after. During my pregnancy I was told I had low progesterone and put on synthetic progesterone supplements. I was tested for 2 cycles following my miscarriage and told that I had a hormone imbalance of chronic low progesterone and estrogen dominance and that if I wanted to carry a pregnancy to term I would have to take synthetic progesterone. I tried 3 consecutive cycles of progesterone supplements with no success. Not only did I not get pregnant, the pills exacerbated my already delicate mental and emotional states. I would cry for hours for no reason. I suffered horrible anxiety, mood swings and irritability as well as being totally irrational. I decided to change doctors and stop taking the pills. The second doctor basically told me the same as the first and put me on antidepressants, once again, to offset the mental effects. Again, the antidepressants improved my moods but my other symptoms worsened. My periods became very irregular including a month and a half of hemorrhage-like bleeding. I was put back on progesterone to stop the bleeding. My dosage was increased twice and still the bleeding wouldn’t subside. After a very cathartic moment, I decided I had had enough. I stopped the progesterone pills and eventually the bleeding stopped on its own. When I came to AHA, my husband and I were considering adoption as our only option. I knew synthetic hormones and fertility drugs were not the answer for me. My mental and emotional reactions to them were unbearable and I knew I wouldn’t be a good mother in that state of mind. I couldn’t concede to bring a child into this world unless I could be the best parent for it. After 2 weeks of SBT treatments I decided to stop the antidepressants . The withdrawals weren't fun but I was determined to do the best I could with this. I felt the only way to make it worth the financial investment and time I was putting into it was to follow my diet strictly, take my supplements as directed and keep my appointments. The results have been amazing! My periods became regular; low back pain disappeared; headaches gone, depression, anxiety, mood swings all evened out. My symptoms have all but disappeared, but the rewarding thing is that I am now nearly 5 months pregnant! My blood tests at my first OB/GYN visit indicated completely normal hormone levels! I recently had an ultrasound and the baby is doing wonderfully! Coming to AHA was one of the best decisions I ever made. The doctors not only helped me regain my health, but I feel confident that my child will be healthier and happier because of what has happened here and that is the biggest reward of all. I have learned so much about health, nutrition and my own body. I recommend this center to everyone who confides in me about their health problems. It definitely was the best answer for me. — J.R..


No Surgery
No surgery, thanks to AHA! In spring it was discovered I had a uterine fibroid tumor. The location was partially embedded in the top of uterus and partly protruding into the cavity. I had two choices at that time- birth control hormones or hysterectomy surgery. Birth Control didn’t work. I tried for several months only to suffer terrible side effects. I had decided to go for the surgery in the fall. I started a course of treatment with AHA. I stopped all hormones and prescriptions. Things are so improved that I never scheduled the surgery. Thanks AHA! — R.C.
Improved Agility
I have had fibroid tumors for over 20 years. For many of those years I have been limited in my ability to exercise vigorously and have lost my figure. However, after starting the treatment protocol, I have regained not only improved agility but also my waistline! -E.L.J.
Fibroid Pain Gone After 1 Visit!
I came in to AHA suffering with pain and pressure in my lower abdomen, due to a large fibroid. I expressed my concern to the doctor and after only one treatment, the pain totally went away! I am very pleased and excited with the Doctors at AHA! —G.P.
Cycle Improves
Amazing improvement in monthly cycle. Before coming into AHA, I was on birth control to reduce the pain and heavy flow of my cycles. While the BC pills improved and stopped my cycles, I was experiencing leg cramps that would keep me from sleeping straight at night. I have a fibroid tumor that cannot be treated by any means other than hysterectomy. Without BC pills, I spent 2-3 days each cycle curled on my side unable to move or eat. I had at least 2 prescriptions and Aleve that I would take to try to reduce the pain. Everything stopped for those days. When I started AHA, I decided to stop the BC pills and fling myself completely into this. The timing was just right. My first cycle while under care was very tolerable. I had one day of pain that was not debilitating. All I took was Alieve and rested whenever necessary. Additionally, the flow was normal. This was so much improved that I could go to work and continue necessary activities as required by my life. I’m hoping/expecting things will continue to improve. I plan on going back in a year to have the doppler/ultrasound to remeasure that tumor (if it’s still around). No surgery for me, I have AHA. – L.C.

Hair Loss

Think Hair!
After years of suffering from hair loss at the front of my scalp I was growing increasingly frustrated. I tried vitamins, teas and topical solutions but they all left me with side effects and continued hair loss. Now, since coming to AHA my hair loss has dramatically lessened and I’ve noticed thicker hair at the front of my scalp! I’m grateful to everyone at AHA for finding a solution to a problem I’ve agonized over for a long time. — S.K.
Coworkers Aren't Pulling Out Hair and Neither Is She
I feel great! Since I've started this program and have chosen to be healthy through natural health care, I am a new person. I had a problem with my hair coming out by the handfuls. Even my hairdresser was alarmed. After starting I have not seen any hair loss. My hairdresser was so excited, not to mention me! My energy level is at an all time high. I not only feel good, I act ‘good’!! My coworkers have even noticed and are appreciative of my new ‘nice’ self. Thanks to all the staff for all their help. I look forward to many more years of a healthy life style. —J.G.

Headaches and Migraines

OK, Let's Try Something New!
I came into the clinic with headaches, weight problems and low self esteem. I started the program thinking, OK, let’s try something new. All the diets I’d tried before to lose weight had kept me depressed because of not being able to stick with them. This is my second week and I no longer have headaches, I have started to feel a change in how my clothes fit and my self esteem has improved. I have become much more conscious of what I’m eating and what is in the food I am eating. A little knowledge goes a long way. Just being informed of what is in the food can make someone not want to eat it. — J.K.O.
After Just One Treatment!
After just one treatment, I haven’t had a headache! Two complete weeks without any ibuprofen or Tylenol. I do not remember that that has happened, as far back as I can remember! Going that long has been a miracle! My body has begun to eliminate waste, which it has never done before. This took place within the first week. By week 2 my fatigue has started to improve greatly as well as my cognitive alertness has increased! Having Multiple Sclerosis, I can see that AHA and all they have to offer me are going to become a much more desired method of treatment for improving my health. — K.B.P.
Headache Free For 3 Months!
Prior to starting my treatments I had headaches at least 2-3 times a week for years. It was imperative that I had Advil on hand at all times. For the past 3 months I have been headache free. This has made a positive impact on my quality of life. — P.S.
No More Headaches And An Increase In Energy!
When I began here at AHA I was a little skeptical. I didn’t see how this type of treatment could ever work. I came though, yet still in skepticism and wanted to rid myself of some of the sickness I felt. One of the worst was the headaches. They came all of the time in waves and wouldn’t stop. I started clearings and began supplements. It’s been about a month or two and my headaches have subsided. I am more energetic and feel like a normal teen. I can hang out with my friends without feeling fatigued or getting headaches. I am a total believer in SBT and would recommend this to anyone. This will work for you. — J.B.
Med-Free and Headache Free For One Week!
One week ago when I was without a car, I left my 2 headache medicines at work. Because it happened on a Friday I was without meds the whole weekend. I was nervous a little, but I also felt that it happened by Divine permission. Occasionally I felt twinges of headaches trying to come, but, thankfully they never fully manifested. Alhamdublah! (All praises are due the Creator)! 3 treatments later at AHA…. Today I have been med-free for a whole week and have also been headache free. After being on the two medications for two months to help with chronic cluster headaches (a.k.a. Suicide headaches because of their excruciating pain) I feel this definitely is a drastic and wonderful improvement in my health. I pray for continued success and improvement in my health and holistic wellness. Creator willing! Thanks! — A.R.[/expand
One Week With No Headaches!Talk about a pain that hurts. Mine were that every day I had taken medicine and seen doctor after doctor. The AHA has helped. I have gone a week with no headaches. Thanks to them I feel much better and happier with no more headaches. — L.E.
No More Headaches!
After three weeks, my symptoms have improved tremendously. No more headaches! Thanks for helping me feel better and allowing me to get through my days without debilitating headaches! — P.N.
Headache Free For One Week!
Usually I have chiropractic care at least 2 times weekly due to headaches. I have not had a headache in 1 week even though I haven’t seen the chiropractor this week either. — K.P.
Headache, Sleep and Energy Improves
After just 3 treatments I’m feeling remarkably the best I have in ages. My headaches are gone, and my ankles are no longer swollen. I’ve been sleeping much better and feel rested, with more energy than I’ve had in quite awhile. — T.K.
Headaches Gone!
A few weeks ago someone asked to borrow some Advil from me for a headache (because I ALWAYS carried meds on me– Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve). I realized that I didn’t have any pain meds, and don’t need them anymore. I used to have headaches 3 or more times per week. I haven’t had a headache in almost two months! — M.W.
Many Problems Solved
Much has changed since I started at Alternative Health Atlanta. The doctors were amazing and didn’t seem to mind the numerous questions I asked at each visit. He was always professional and made sure I got answers to all my questions. Although I can’t explain it, with the SBT corrections I’ve had, I no longer experience day and night sweats, sleeplessness, brittle nails or thinning hair. For years I suffered with various types of headaches and in the past three years have had disk and arthritis problems. I no longer suffer with these problems and was able to stop the carbohydrate addiction that I have had, as well as lose 14 stubborn pounds! I highly recommend Alternative Health Atlanta and its programs. — F.D.
Headaches Gone!!!
Finding the AHA has truly changed my life. I had been plagued with headaches for many, many years requiring ibuprofen at least 4-5 times a week. After just a few treatments, my headaches are gone! I also have had long time problems sleeping and now I have no difficulty falling or staying asleep. My sugar cravings are gone and overall I feel better than I have in many years. — S.M.
No More Headaches
Everything is wonderful! It’s so much better! I haven’t had a headache in six days, a problem that had plagued me every day for ten years. I’ve been to so many doctors, neurologists, headache clinics, etc., and all they ever gave me were pain pills. I’m so glad that I was referred here to Alternative Health Atlanta! —L.B.
Chocolate Migraines
I had been suffering from weekly migraine headaches. The doctor analyzed my diet and I realized I’d been eating a lot of chocolate. I was craving chocolate and sweets all the time. She tested me, and I was allergic to chocolate. After she had desensitized and eliminated the chocolate allergy, I have not had a migraine since! Also, my chocolate cravings are much improved. —N.B.
Headaches Are Nonexistent!
Before coming to the Alternative Health Center, I had headaches almost every day. They would last for 2 or 3 days and the pain was so intense I would lie in bed and pray for it to go away. I was afraid my eyesight was going bad and that I needed glasses. After the second visit I saw a difference, less frequency & less pain. By the third week, the headaches were almost nonexistent. Now, they are completely gone!! Thank you! — C.C.


Heart Problem Alleviated!
I had heart problems since High School with resulting weakness and other symptoms of low energy. As they were inherited and structural, I didn’t think anything could be done about them. But the problem causing the structural weakness was found and a program was developed. After only two visits I feel like a new person and am hoping of doing all the things I could never do! —B.L.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux

I Threw My Antacids Away!
Before I came to the clinic, I had a terrible time with indigestion and acid reflux. I had to take 3-4 antacid tablets 2-3 times a day. Possibly as a result of the intake of these antacids, a hair analysis test showed a toxic level of aluminum in my body! But now, I don’t have to take any antacids. The program I’m receiving at AHA has eliminated the need for antacids altogether. In fact, I threw away all the remaining antacids I had! Plus, my treatment program is helping my body to detoxify itself from aluminum and I’m on the way to better total health! Thanks AHA. — D.B
Acid Reflux Relief
I came to AHA with problems with acid reflux. I was put on supplements to take and after 3 months, my symptoms are gone. I have not needed any acid reflux medicine in 2 months. I also had problems with sugar cravings. After 2 SBT treatments, those cravings are gone. Thank you AHA. — D.F.


At The Top Of My Game
AHA: First I want to say thank you for the opportunity to work with your clinical team. Additionally, I want to express a special appreciation for the skillful delivery of SBT treatments and nutritional advice. My success story is simply expressed by sharing with you how much better that I am feeling after completing my SBT Protocol plan. I have been officiating high school basketball and football for eight seasons, this is the first time at the end of the basketball season (it follows the football season) that I have the energy to continue without a need for taking time off. A special achievement is that I have been selected as a Georgia State Tournament Basketball Official. The significance of this is that I had been selected in previous years, I would not have been able to perform at my best. Today I feel a million times better and I am approaching my achievement with vigor and a strong expectation that I will complete my assignments at the top of my game. For example, my recovery from officiating two basketball games (approximately 3 hours of stop and go sprinting), relatively to my past experience is very rapid and my reliance on anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals is virtually nil. I strongly recommend that anyone who aspires to being active and involved with various life experiences that they investigate the various treatment plans provided by AHA. Sincerely,— I.G.
Happy Success Story!
I am three and one-half months into my program at AHA, and have just returned from a visit with my rheumatologist. I was diagnosed six months ago with Lupus, but today my doctor told me just to come back for a routine check in a YEAR! My Lupus doctor was so pleased and asked what I was doing differently. I told him about AHA and he said good for me! I was also told I could lower my blood pressure medication. I am one very happy success story!! — J.S.


Liver Enzymes Are Normal!
Wow! Three years of high liver enzymes and after starting a SBT program –not only have my liver enzymes improved, all other blood components out of range were helped too. Hooray!! My internist was not able to positively impact this situation in 3 years and my SBT treatments at AHA helped my body reverse everything! Thank you AHA! —G.B.

Memory and Concentration

Brain Fog Gone!
The frustration of brain fog is over. AHA has brought the sunshine back. The beautiful thing is… when I try to remember what I just forgot… I do! With 5 kids, a home, a husband, and extended family, memory is worth millions. Thanks for lifting the fog. — S.B.
Memory Loss Improves
I no longer have memory loss as severe as before. No more night sweats. — B.M.
Mental Clarity Increases!
Day by day I have experienced great improvements. Mainly I just feel much better overall mentally. In the past I was not able to have complete thought or carry out mundane tasks, i.e. Laundry or dishes without stopping and starting over and over. Now with increased mental clarity and better functioning thyroid my mental clarity and focus is gradually getting better. — K.C.
No More Groggy Mornings
I used to feel very groggy and sluggish in the mornings. Sometimes I would have to just sit on the edge of the bed for 15-20 minutes before I could move any further. Other times, I could hardly move at all, my bones just felt like lead and I often felt drugged. Even after getting up, showering, dressing & eating I could easily lay down and fall back asleep for 2 more hours. Now, I find it very curious that I can wake up,and almost immediately get out of bed and be functional and alert. Being so alert so soon after getting out of bed is very strange. I don’t stumble and slump through the next 2-3 hours before feeling truly awake. It is very unusual and strange to feel so clear in the mornings. — A.W.
Alertness and Concentration Improves
I am really excited about my treatments recently. I’ve been seeing a lot of changes with each new treatment that are significant. Increased alertness, ability to concentrate better and dreaming again at night are a few definite results. Treating a miasm that showed up has been a relief to me and makes me feel confident that I will avoid a lot of trouble in the future. It seems as though a lot of very deep rooted things are showing up such as irregular heartbeats which I’ve had for almost as long as I can remember. I feel good knowing this is all being taken care of and I look forward to being able to leave such things behind me and seeing what a difference that absence of these things are going to make in my life. —P.S.
Improved Fatigue
Before beginning the program I was frequently tired in the afternoons and unable to concentrate on tasks for my job. I was also very tired by 9:00 pm. I had muscle pain and frequent headaches. Now I have more energy, I am able to stay focused for longer periods of time and I still have energy in the evenings. I am frequently up past 11 pm and surprised at the time when I pass a clock in my home. I am also sleeping better and experiencing many other improved symptoms. — T.M.
I Have My Memory Back!
I began a journey to improved health and the care I’ve received at AHA has given me a new lease on life which has affected my lifestyle and personal insight. My major concern was to have a healthy thyroid and to achieve major improvements in my memory. Fortunately there have been several positive changes. At 61, I was no longer hiking with friends. Now that I have considerably less pain in my joints and can reconsider opportunities to walk the trails. My complexion has finally cleared after years of seeing a medical doctor and taking medication had failed to help. Memory is on the road to recovery and here are two examples, one short term and one long term memory: Short term— I forgot my grocery list but literally remembered all 37 items. I had house guests, and didn’t have to return to the grocery store all days my guests were here. Long Term— By coincidence, a friend from 40 years ago was sitting by me and I recognized who she was. — G.T.
Multitasking Again!
I’m multitasking again! When I came into Alternative Health Atlanta I could only focus on one thing at a time. For example, if I made copies I waited for them because otherwise I would forget to come back for them. Now I’m all over the office and enjoying clear thinking again! I used to say If it’s math, don’t give it to me after 2:00 PM. Now I’m doing anything during my work day and enjoying the mental clarity I only had in the morning, before. There have been so many improvements since starting my program! — L.M.
A Former Patient's Story
As a former successful patient of AHA, I am a believer in the natural health options offered by the clinic. It has been four years since I was on a program at AHA, and I realized I was starting to have some new symptoms and illnesses. I decided to come back to the clinic for help and was pleasantly surprised at the new treatment options. My symptoms were not severe, but after only a few weeks of treatment I have noticed a difference. My concentration and energy levels have improved. I have also noticed a reduction in achy bones that I had previously associated with the natural aging process. I look forward to continuing my treatment and feeling even better. —S.P.
Teen Improves Grades
Several weeks ago, my concentration was very poor. Anytime I stopped and sat down for a while, I would feel very fatigued. I would lose focus on whatever I was doing, especially at school. My grades were suffering and I was extremely frustrated. Now, after doing part of the program my grades have improved greatly. I have more energy and my stress levels are significantly lower.—J.C.

Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness Solved
For many years now I have experienced motion sickness. So it was very interesting to find that I no longer have that problem, one day when I was swinging with my 4 year old daughter. I started thinking what I had done differently and I immediately thought of my allergy elimination treatments. That is the only thing that could explain why I no longer have motion sickness. I expected to get rid of many symptoms through my treatments, but it was a nice surprise to also have this problem alleviated. As I continued to go through the rest of my allergy elimination program I am even more encouraged now to see what other long time problems I may no longer have to deal with. — S.H.

Overall Health Improvement

It's A Miracle!
It’s a miracle! For 10+ years I have suffered with hypothyroidism, nasal polyps, Allergic Fungal Sinusitis (AFS) and asthma. Conventional medicine has only offered Band-Aids for my condition(s), in the form of synthroid, prednisone (sometimes in huge doses), various steroid nasal sprays, nasal irrigation with various concoctions, nasal nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day, frequent EENT appointments for endoscopic exams (at one point I was going once a week!), asthma inhalers, numerous antibiotics and, of course, a plethora of doctors and office visits. I’ve endured IV pic-lines, methotrexate injections, sinus surgery… all to no avail. But now, after coming to AHA I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time in over a decade I can smell, taste, and breathe without corticosteroids (prednisone)…and my thyroid levels (TSH) are requiring less medication. Yes, it has been a long road with moments of discouragement… but I am on the road to recovery and this is all a small price to pay to feel well again! A special thanks to my godly friend Liz who referred me to the center, to AHA for continuing to persevere with me through my struggles to be healthy again and for their words of encouragement… but most of all, to AHA for offering this alternative to health care especially for us chronic patients who have grown exhausted / frustrated with conventional medical practices because they never get to the root of the problem. If you are experiencing a chronic condition, I encourage you to hang in there… this will all be worth it in a matter of time. Miracles do happen! — C.J.
Many Ailments Turn To Very Few!
I am 63 years old. I have painted and hung wallpaper for over 30 years. Before that I played professional baseball as a pitcher and have the elbow surgery to prove it. I am still very active but have the reminders of years past. I ache all the time, I felt sleepy, had no energy, did not sleep and was just miserable. I came to Dr. Billiot by a referral. I was very skeptical and unsure of what Dr. Billiot could do for me. On my first visit we discussed my problems: Difficulty sleeping, digestion Cramping in my legs and sides, frequent and minimal urination keeping me up at night, constant pain from arthritis, gout in my knees, foot and elbow, itchy skin, bad kidneys, prostrate problems, 20-30 pounds overweight and headaches. To say the least she had her work cut out for her. She encouraged me that I WOULD begin to feel better. Some of the problems we would tackle with diet and supplements but over all I WILL feel results. As I said, I was skeptical but also to the end of my rope. I wanted help and I wanted to feel better. Immediately….. I began to sleep through the night Had increased energy More alert and aware Urinating regularly and actually ridding of fluid Better appetite Food actually tasted better Cramping minimized and eventually was only occasionally instead of nightly No headaches I have been coming to Dr. Billiot for about 2 months and I cannot believe the overall difference. I am grateful that someone out there doesn’t just want to pump you full of drugs and tell you it is just because you are getting older and things begin to tear down and weaken. — C.B.
Chronic Symptoms Subsiding!
When I first came to see Dr. Billiot and her capable staff I was experiencing severe nagging symptoms: fatigue, runny nose, fluid buildup in the ears, prostate symptoms and lower back pain. Within a few visits my energy level was back up and my chronic symptoms had practically disappeared. For the past couple of years I have paid special attention to my diet and have taken high quality whole food nutritional supplements. I believe this helped me experience optimal results from Dr. Billiot’s care in a short period of time. Thank you Dr. Billiot and the whole staff for your wonderful service. — B.B.
Health Improving 100% And Drug Free!
After years of bad health, I came to Dr. Billiot with bad headaches, constipation, fatigue and insomnia. My health has improved 100%. After taking hormone replacement therapy for 13 years, I must say I went cold turkey and I am free of drugs at age 51. My energy level is great, I am working out 5 days a week with a personal trainer and walking 10 miles a week. Thanks Dr. Billiot for helping add years to my life. To the staff, thanks for all your kindness.— H.P.
No More Antidepressants!
After being on various antidepressants for over twenty years, Dr. Billiot has successfully cleaned those and other drugs including many E.D.’s from my body through systematic SBT clearings. I have been off antidepressants for just over a year now and I can’t say it’s been easy. A couple of times I considered returning to them, but I REALLY wanted them out of my system, so I stuck with it. I have completed three SBT clearings of specific organs. I’m approaching the final clearings of SBT over the thyroid and I have concluded this: the medical industry has sold its soul to the pharmaceutical industry. The two would not survive without the other! But, thanks to Dr. Billiot, my clocks have been cleaned and reset. I now feel better than I have in twenty years. I’m now my normal, natural self again…and if feels good! — J.L.
Fighting Colds Without Antibiotics!
Having a bad cold for me always turns into infection – but not this time. A few more days I am sure it will be gone and without antibiotics. — K.P.
No More Mood Swings, Migraines, Weight Problems And Infertility!
Well, I started coming to Alternative Health Center February, 2002. When I first saw Dr. Billiot I knew that she could help me. I had so many problems that I don’t think she even knew where to start. I was a 24 year old woman with problems such as migraines, mood swings, constipation and weight problems. Within six weeks, I had no more migraines, within twelve weeks my constipation was no more. Well, after about two and a half month, I almost had my eating habits down correctly. My mood swings are no more. After nine months I wanted to have a baby, but could never have one. Well, She fixed that problem in no time flat. We started working on that in October. I want you to know that in the month of December I am pregnant. Great!!! I tell you the truth, that woman can fix anything. I had faith in her and she didn’t let me down! Thanks and love. — E.W.
Parkinson's Symptoms Improve
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years ago. My writing was indecipherable. After being on Dr. Billiot’s program, it’s now 75% better and people can actually read my writing! Before I had to sleep 8 to 9 hours a day and still had no energy. Now I sleep less, 6 to 7 hours and have more energy than before. I have also experienced improvement from my left leg and hip pain. I want to learn more about nutrition so I can do what is best for my health. I would recommend this to others instead of the narrow mindedness of Western medicine. I look forward to more improvements in the future. — B.G.
Self Worth Is Restored After Multiple Health Problems Improve!
I’ve been suffering from back pain and hip pain since I was in my early twenties. It got worse as time went by, eventually I started having pain in other joints in my body. When I turned about 39, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondilitis. My spine and back was getting stiffer all the time. I was living in fear of becoming crippled. I was tired all the time and had no energy. Now, I am virtually pain free, I can go all day without taking a nap most of the time. I have more on days than off days. I get more accomplished now and I am more productive. I feel better about myself. When you’re sick, you can’t contribute as much, so it affects your sense of self worth, now I can contribute – that’s huge!!! — T.K.
90% of Health Problems Improving, Including Hot Flashes, Joint Pain and Headaches!
I was a mess – chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause symptoms, joint pain, headaches…after only 2 months, 90% of my symptoms have already resolved and I am not yet quite through my treatments. The worst were the hot flashes that melted me and made me feel weak multiple times during the day – now 90% resolved! I have so much energy now and I’m not depressed at all! — S.L.
Sweat Success!
I can’t believe that for the first time I actually sweat so much that it was running in my eyes. That has never happened to me. Even playing a full game of basketball in college. Thank you.- T.S.
Sweating Again!
It’s amazing, truly unbelievable. I can sweat for the first time in my life; the treatments do work. I feel wonderful. My energy level is off the charts. I went to a park and actually began to sweat. I told everyone around me. People looked at me as if I were crazy. I don’t care – I can sweat! Thank you!! Thank you!! — L.E.
Using Less and Less Medicine!
Stopped Levothroid this week. Cutting estrogen in half to nitrate next week ½ of 9 mg estrogen. I am sleeping all night. My appearance has improved to the point that friends and church members are asking why. I feel like getting out of bed and going to work. — A.N.
Panic Attack Subside!
After the birth of my daughter almost six years ago I have not been able to drive myself anywhere besides my local area without almost having a panic attack. A few days ago with my husband as a passenger, I drove around 70 miles in heavy traffic and road construction and was able to laugh when I got there. Today I drove by myself the same distance, without having panic feelings. I also got on the scale today for the 1st time since I began my treatment and I have lost about 8 pounds in the 1st 4 weeks. — A.P.
Feeling Better Physically and Mentally!
Due to the SBT treatments I am seeing and feeling a big difference in my energy level. Night sweats are subsiding. I have a better state of mind. It’s wonderful to feel better physically and mentally. The last three nights I’ve slept through the night. The battle giving up sugars and cheese hasn’t been as hard as I anticipated. Thanks to the staff at Alternative health. Thank you all. — S.G.
No More Drugs and Many Health Successes!
Thank you again! For the first time in 2-3 years I can state my legs, ankles and feet are not holding fluids on a regular, consistent basis. I have continued drinking large amounts of water to help my body remove the toxins. I do not have the lower body heaviness. Thank you again! For the third time, when I have felt sick, fatigued and drained I have followed the directions I was given plus additional supplements that were recommended, and I feel much better. No other drugs I used to take were used. That is success. My husband has observed the success I have had over the past 4 months. He has even stated that he could see a difference after my 3rd visit/treatment. The entire staff works as a team to give their patients the quality care we want. My gratitude to you all for a quality improvement – I can now see a light at the end of a tunnel. May God continue to bless you and work through you. — J.R.
Feeling 100% Better!
I have been doing the SBT treatments for 2 ½ months and I feel 110% better. I have more energy and more willingness to do things and get them done. I have been sleeping through the night, every night. I have lost 20 pounds and all my friends are all asking me what I have been doing to lose weight. All the other symptoms have improved also. I really thought the way I felt before was just the way it was going to be for the rest of my life and I am so glad I was wrong. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who feels there is no hope to feeling better about your health and your life. — B.M.
Overall Pain and Health Problems Decrease!
A very big thank you for your help and encouragement! For the first time in my life I am able to read my body. I have more energy, less frustration and an overall sense of calmness. In the past 18 months, nausea has been frequently occurring each day. Now I am having less nausea and headaches. Instead of relying on prescriptions to remedy these occurrences I am able to rub my gait points. The body pain is almost totally gone. My pain level on a scale of 1 to 10, I would always label the pain from an 8 to a 5. Now my pain level is a 1 or 2. The amount of energy has increased, my sleep is uninterrupted, and the mood swings are gone. My husband sees the new Janet and our relationship is closer. Several of my prescriptions I no longer need to take. Yes, I am blessed to have followed my husband’s suggestion to try the Alternative Health Atlanta. I know God was leading me to a way of life that would make me a stronger person in many ways. Thank you Lord, for people dedicated to helping people become healthy. — J.R.
Energy, Mental Clarity and Sleep Improves!
I have a real sense of hope….instead of a chemically-induced high! I have seen significant improvement with my last 3-4 visits. My headaches have all but vanished. I have so much energy and mental clarity and it feels amazing. I have been waking up in the morning feeling like my night’s rest was adequate and restful instead of needing 3 hours to get myself fully alert. I can get so much more accomplished during the day than I used to. I have been off antidepressants for over a month and a half and I have a real sense of hope about my life instead of a fleeting, chemically-induced high. My sugar cravings have diminished significantly, a truly amazing feat considering when I first walked in here about the only thing I ate or craved was sweets and sugar. The best part is I have learned so much about nutrition and about my body, information that will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life. THANK YOU! — J.S.R.
Healthy Normal Person Again!!
Since I started coming to Alternative Health Atlanta I feel that my overall health has improved and has me feeling like a normal healthy person. I am told I am not there yet but my energy level has increased 100% and I am even losing weight. I believe as my new experience with Alternative Health progresses, I will have greater health improvements and benefits to report. Thanks to everyone here. — S.J.
Sleep Improves, Gums are Healthier and Weight Loss is Significant!!
Since my program with Alternative Health I have experienced more improvement in my overall health. I am beginning to sleep better within the past 3 days, my gums are healthier and I have lost at least 10lbs since my physical with my regular practitioner. I was a little worried that this program wouldn’t work but I am experiencing great results. Thanks to the doctors and great staff at Alternative Health. — W.G.
Energy Is Up and Headaches, Back Pain and Fatigue Disappear!
I’ve been living with headaches as long as I can remember. I’ve had lower back pain for the last year and extreme fatigue for a couple of years but after only one treatment all of these symptoms were reduced. I also had way more energy than I have had in a long time and I’m excited about finishing my treatments and what the future holds. P.S. – my cravings for sugar have totally disappeared too – nothing short of a miracle!! — S.S.
Incontinence, Urgency and Joint Improve and 10 Pounds Lighter!
I came to Alternative Health Improvement on the advice of my daughter. She felt much better and wanted me to experience an improvement in health. I brought a lot of problems when I arrived, such as painful joints, incontinence, urgency, hot flashes, overweight, trouble getting a good sleep and problems with constipation. IN my mind I wanted to lose weight as a priority but they wanted to work on other things first. So I decided to go along with what they felt was a priority. My incontinence and urgency is greatly improved. My heart burn is nonexistent now and my joints are improving. Along with all of this my weight went down 10 pounds this month of treatments. I am very pleased with my results and would fully recommend this form of treatment to others. — S.M.
Numerous Health Problems Improve!
I came to the clinic complaining of irregular heartbeats, difficulty sleeping, nerve pain, bloating and numerous pesky problems. Most of the symptoms improved immediately. After 5 treatments and 3 weeks on my new diet and herbal supplements the irregular heartbeats are gone. I have not had an episode in 2 days. Woohoo! — C.S.M.
Many Health Improvements In 1 Month!
I’ve been coming to AHA for almost a month now. I have observed a definite improvement in my health. My outlook on life is much more positive. I am no longer moody, irritable or sad. My digestion is better. My stomach does not bloat after meals and I’m starting to crave good foods instead of sweets. I have lost 5 pounds and I like the way my clothes are fitting, especially my slacks around the waist. Most of the weight lost has been around my stomach and abs area. — T.M.
Traveling With No Back Pain or Fatigue!
After all the traveling for business this week, I thought I’d suffer from lower back pain and fatigue. Surprisingly, there has been neither. It’s been such a pleasant outcome that these nagging conditions have gone away. — K.O.
Life and Health Looks UP!
When I first came to Dr. Billiot I was in so much pain I could not walk and barely could move. I was so tired and sick all the time I could not even walk around the block. I had taken a medication which caused weight gain. I was ready to just give up on life itself because I had just spent so much money on doctors bills. Now that I have started this program only three short months ago, my back pain is gone, a few sore spots, but no pain. I haven’t been sick, I’ve had no colds and I have lost 8 pounds. I am walking at least 2 miles a week. I have changed my mind on giving up and realize I have life left. I sure want to be around to enjoy it. Overall I have spent less money on this program than anything else I’ve tried. I have recommended the program to several people. I am on my way to a new body thanks to the program, Dr. Billiot and myself. — V.C.
Sleep Is Better and So Is Energy!
I have had a really good week. I have taken all my supplements and worked on my eating habits. It is really amazing how off track you can get in this great modern world. Thanks so much for helping me feel better. I have more energy… I am sleeping better… My joints in my fingers aren’t as stiff and I am thrilled. I can’t wait to see what next week brings! — P.L.S.
Overall Health Improves!
Things that have improved: 1. Headaches – was having them nightly – now – I’ve had only 1 in the last 10-12 days. 2. Bowel movements – once every day, sometimes 2 a day, versus 1 every 5-7 days. 3. Neck pain – better partly because headaches are better – headaches always started at base of skull and neck stiffened. 4. Not as much bloating – very little heartburn as well 5. Weight – down 6 pounds— S.D.C. [/expand
Happier and Healthier!!Weight gone (12 pounds)! Asthma meds gone! Hormone meds gone! Allergies NOT A PROBLEM! No more highs and lows with energy during the day, and no cravings – you’re talking to the dessert girl here! I feel so much better in my skin with no bloated belly anymore, and a much leaner me. My brain has been improved in that I have learned much about diet and nutrition that I didn’t know (or ignored), and I have seen through my own experience what works for my body and what does not. Normally, if I got this excited about something, I would feel the heat from a hot flash coming on, but guess what? You guessed it- they’re gone!. Thank you AHA for rearranging me in ways that will make a happier, healthier me for the future!— J.K.H.
Health Improves In So Many Ways!
I have been seeing Dr. Billiot and Norman for about 5 months. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 6 years ago and my life had become a living hell. My weight went up, but if I exercised I would get sick. I had come to believe that I would spend the rest of my days horizontal on the couch- watching life go on about me, frustrated that I couldn’t participate. I was extremely skeptical about allergy elimination techniques. I knew that I had a lot of allergies but did not tell Dr. Billiot what they were. After she went through the initial assessment , she named every one! After the first couple of treatments, I began to feel a difference. Like layers of an onion, I feel allergies and symptoms being peeled away. I am able to sleep through the night and dream (something I haven’t done for years). Daily headaches that I thought were normal have disappeared! My sinuses have cleared up, my throat doesn’t hurt, my brain isn’t mired in a fog, and constipation is no longer a problem. My energy level is improving and for the first time in a long time, I am hopeful that I can once again enter the land of the living! Thank you Dr. Billiot! -KH
First Treatment Brings Significant Improvement
Before coming to AHA for treatment my quality of life was greatly compromised because of chronic health problems. After one treatment and following the program for one day, I can feel a significant improvement in my health. I am so excited because if one treatment has brought on such an improvement in my health and quality of life, I can’t wait to receive more! My husband became emotional when I joked with him for the first time in several years. Everyone needs to know what I know now! — K.S.
Symptoms Of Getting Older Gone!
I started coming to AHA with a number of symptoms that I thought were now becoming normal as I was getting older. What I learned is that none of these symptoms were normal and I needed help. Some of my symptoms included gas/bloating, diarrhea, excessive neck and shoulder pain and an inability to sleep through the entire night. I now no longer deal with any of these symptoms and have more sustained energy throughout my day. I can’t imagine thinking I needed to put up with these symptoms. Thanks AHA for improving my life! — L.W.
I Can't Believe The Change!
I have been coming to AHA and I cannot believe the change! First of all, I feel wonderful. I have lots of energy and have a new zest for life. I have seen tremendous changes in my digestive system. I no longer feel bloated, have diarrhea or experience reflux after eating. I also used to have excruciating knee pain making it difficult to stand up after sitting. I no longer experience any of this. I have also seen a tremendous difference in my eyesight. I used to experience periods of blurriness usually during the early evening hours. This has totally gone away! Just recently I have started losing weight and the acne on my face is starting to clear up. I can’t express how thankful I am for finding AHA! — L.W.
Sudden Illness Gone!
Last week I came down with something very suddenly. Was feeling dizzy in the middle of the night and by early morning I was throwing up. I came in to see the doctor and within 24 hours I was feeling much better- the symptoms had disappeared! Thanks AHA! — A.G.
All The Pain Is Gone!
Since coming to AHA my health has improved a lot. All of my pain (stomach, scar tissue, kidneys) is gone! I feel energized and I even managed to get my normal sleep pattern back. Dr. Conner and Dr. Firnbach have inspired me so much that I have decided to go back to college and become a Dr. As well. My positive results will keep me motivated! — N.L.
I Thought I Had Too Many Problems To Handle!
After arriving here at AHA, I thought I had too many health issues for the Dr.’s to handle. Now, I’m finding out it’s not too much for them! Thanks to all the Doctors and staff that make all of this possible. First of all, my feet do not burn anymore, my indigestion is gone and I haven’t taken any of the Protonix. I’m sleeping better! What a relief. AHA helped me get on track with my eating and I’ve lost 4 lbs. Yea! Yea! Hurrah! Thank you! — M.C.
I Look Forward To My Life Now!
Since my last re-evaluation my hot flashes and panic attacks have decreased dramatically. The pain and stiffness in my right leg and arm have gone completely. I can handle stress a lot better, I am not tired in the morning. My digestive system works a lot better. My concentration has improved. I am never dizzy or have blood sugar problems anymore. I look forward to my life now! -S.L.
Overall Health Improving!
In a few visits, I have experienced more energy and the pain in my elbows and wrists is virtually gone. My periods are more regular and the in between spotting has ceased, as well as severe PMS symptoms. While they are still there somewhat, they are considerably milder. I was also experiencing severe colon trouble when I first started treatments, with chronic diarrhea but those symptoms have stopped and I have normal bowel movements. — R.C.
Life Has Improved Drastically
When I first came to AHA, I was depressed. I couldn’t sleep. I was gaining weight, I felt worthless, I wasn’t digesting and eliminating foods like I should, and felt overall bad. My mood swings were increasingly getting worse and my body was constantly tense. Dr. Billiot placed me on supplements as well as a strict diet, consisting of no mild products, sugar of white flour. She said if I did exactly what I was told, I would see fast results, At first I thought this would never work. I was constantly surrounded by junk, and cheese was my favorite topping on anything. But at 20 yrs. Old, I should be healthy and that was my motivation for the next two weeks. I took my supplements religiously and ate according to the set diet. The first two days were hard (headaches from no sugar & barely any carbs), but my determination was stronger. At my checkup, the doctor congratulated me on my vast improvement & told me to keep it up. I feel better ! For the first time in a long while I have energy, I crave good foods, I have lost weight, I have peaceful sleep, I am relaxed & I know my digestion has improved. I am so happy with the results from my treatment & will continue on to better health. Thank you AHA! -AB
Doc Gets Healthy!
With the help of the doctors, the overall quality of my life has improved greatly. My immune system has strengthened with many fewer colds, flu and sore throats. Allergy symptoms are still present but greatly reduced. Energy and vitality have grown. There was an intestinal disorder that has nearly resolved. Finally, even my rotator cuff tear has been less painful and the shoulder is stronger. All of these were decades in the making and months in the unmaking. The strongest testimony I can deliver has been the referral of many of my patients for the same treatment I have received. —E.C., MD!
Exercise, Extra Sleep, But Still I Felt Like Garbage
When I first started Dr. Billiot’s program I was completely exhausted all the time no matter how much I slept or exercised. My digestion was terrible and I craved sugar constantly. I also had an annoying itchy rash above both eyes and in general I felt like garbage. After two weeks my energy had dramatically improved and I needed about two hours less sleep a night. The eye rash had completely gone away and I had lost about ten pounds. It has now been about 6 weeks and I really feel great. Things are still improving from week to week. My digestion is now very good and it no longer feels like food sits in my stomach for hours, but actually gets digested. I also rarely crave sugar and I feel a lot better without it. This definitely was the answer because I feel strong, healthy and energetic, that's something everyone wants. Thanks Dr. Billiot. I strongly recommend the treatment to anyone. Even if you’re skeptical, it works so fast and you feel the difference so fast that you will not be skeptical for long. Instead you will be much healthier and happier then you thought you could ever be. —B.P
Mysterious and Frightening Fainting Spells Ended!
I've had a history of passing out for what seems to be no reason at all. Medical doctors ran blood test several times and couldn't find a reason for it. So, basically I was told by my MD to ‘just deal with it.’ After moving to Georgia on my own without relatives close by, the idea of ‘just dealing with it’ really scared me. I wanted to do anything I could to stop it from happening. Meeting the doctors at AHA changed my life. That is an understatement! Before, I never slept longer than 4 hours a night. I was constantly tired and this passing out sensation was constantly there. Since I have started on a program and taken nutrition, I have never felt better. It's wonderful to know that not only did my condition greatly improve in such a short time, but it was done without the use of drugs. Thanks AHA! —H.G.
Reflux and Heartburn Gone
Since coming to AHA my heartburn and reflux has almost disappeared and that is magic. No more waking up in the middle of the night with those terrible pains. My energy level has increased along with general better health. Being more aware of my diet and more willing to make the right choices in food was my main thing. Yes I might eat something non-nutritious occasionally. But, those times are now rare and my cravings for that unhealthy 'stuff' have decreased. Mostly I'm now aware that I am responsible for my own health condition. What I ingest, good or bad, how I take care of my body, is my decision alone. The doctors and staff have helped me recover my health and I'm appreciative, but ultimately it is the choices I make that will make the difference in whether I STAY healthy! —Y.B.
Results Within 24 Hours!
I was afflicted with a lingering cough and nasal congestion that I could not get rid of. I came to AHA and shared my symptoms with the doctor. She recommended a set of homeopathic treatments for me. Within 24 hours, I felt about 50% better than I had the previous day. Gradually I felt better and better as the week progressed, Yet another testament to the benefits of the level of treatment here at the Alternative Health Atlanta. -G.M.
Cold Symptoms Diminished!
I started coming to AHA and my overall health is great now! I feel great and have lots of energy. One of the neatest things I have noticed is the fact that I have not had a cold or any cold symptoms since I started here. That means I have gone through the winter being around people blowing noses, coughing & sneezing with no effect on me. Yeah!! I actually feel sorry for people when I see them out there suffering from a cold or flu. You just don’t have to live that way. Thank you A.H.I.C. —D.B.
Totally Off Medical Prescriptions
I am so excited! After one year of taking cholesterol medicine and two years of taking blood pressure medicine, I was told by my primary care physician that he was taking me off of these prescriptions. I recently completed my BRT treatments and it worked! It was all worthwhile. I now have the stamina to work out, and I have plans to continue with my weight loss program. Thank you Alternative Health Improvement doctors and staff for the encouragement and support. -W.C.
A Renewed Body!
My health overall has improved. I made a pact to not weigh myself, but I have noticed that I am able to fit into clothes that were once too small for me. I still have a ways to go, but I know that my body is going back to a normal state of being healthy. — W.C.
Miracle Adjustment Of Hiatal Hernia
When I first started coming to AHA, I was plagued with a multitude of issues. One of the primary, being constant pain from a hiatal hernia. On my second visit Norman worked a miracle. He adjusted the area, moved everything back into place and I have been pain free even since, (approx. 8 months). I am thoroughly delighted by this and the other care treatments I have received from this wonderful staff.—D.J.
Healthy Priorities
I came to the clinic exhausted all the time. The simple things in life were too difficult, my close friends could see the problems even better than I. The first few weeks of my treatment left me sometimes wondering if this type of therapy was really going to work for me. I read the SBT book and took all of my supplements religiously. The theories about diet, SBT , hormones and other things which were taught at the clinic made sense to me. But as days passed I often wondered how soon I would begin to feel like my old self. Several weeks into treatment I was sleeping a lot and even experiencing strong waves of emotion after treatments. The staff reassured me that all of these experiences are normal. So I stuck to my regimen. I realized that feeling better was something I needed to do for myself. Most of us are not very good at prioritizing our own health and well-being. I learned that spending this much time and effort was necessary for a while if I really wanted to change my health. I’m grateful for the knowledge, support and dedication which those at the clinic give to me. I now feel energetic again and my negative symptoms are less prevalent. – J.K.
I Feel Like A Rainbow!
With your help, I feel that I’ve gone from being a drab gray cloud to being a rainbow with colors that sparkle! — S.K.
Once Upon A Time...
Once upon a time there existed a freeze dried & fried corporate executive who was so exhausted that she decided to take another look at doing life differently. She worked with the AHA staff to accomplish very health enhancing life changing goals: Accomplishments in two years. 1. Eliminated the need for antibiotics & sinus surgery. 2. Lost 22 pounds 3. Feel better than ever, in the best shape of my life. 4. Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve made better food choices and look & feel great! I’m no longer freeze dried & exhausted. Instead I’m radiant and exuberant. — D.L.
SBT Improved My Overall Health.
After starting SBT treatments I am seeing improvement in total body wellness. I am now able to eat organic eggs. My nightly skin itching has improved. I am only taking Allegra a few times a week. I developed some bronchial & sinus problems that began with a sore throat. Dr. Billiot was able to prescribe the right supplements that a doctor would have given me an antibiotic for. I am excited about the possibilities of what lies ahead. I can only get better. —B.M.
Mood Swings Gone
A very big thank you for your help and encouragement! For the first time in my life I am able to read my body. I have more energy, less frustration and an overall sense of calmness. In the past 18 months, nausea has been frequently occurring each day. Now I am having less nausea & headaches. The body pain is almost totally gone. My pain level on a scale of 1 – 10, I would always label the pain from a 5 to an 8. Now my pain level is a 1 or 2. The amount of energy has increased, my sleep is uninterrupted, and the mood swings are gone. My husband sees the new me and our relationship is closer. Several of my prescriptions I no longer need to take. Yes, I am blessed to have followed my husband’s suggestion to try the Alternative Health Atlanta. I know God was leading me to a way of life that would make me a stronger person in many ways. Thank you Lord, for people dedicated to helping people become healthy. — J.R.
No More Tummy Aches and Stuffy Nose
When I first came here I was feeling really, really bad. I coughed a lot and my nose was always stuffy. I could not get to sleep and I almost always had stomach aches! But now I feel a lot better. No more stomach aches, no more stuffy nose, no more staying awake all night and no more cough!! I can have more fun and I don’t get sick as often. I’m almost finished my allergy elimination program and I owe it all to everyone at the clinic!! Thanks! —D.R..
Doing Away With Prescriptions
Within 3 treatments (SBT), I was able to not take my prescription for decongesting my sinuses and have not needed my prescription for anti-inflammatory. My energy level is picking up and the craving of chocolate is greatly diminished. I am actually able to turn away from chocolate! Yes, I am thrilled! Thank you for sending me the information on your center. — J.R.
There Is Hope For My Health
The past week was the best week I have had in a year. I felt normal. I was not tired and I did not feel depressed, I lost five pounds. I smile a lot. I feel I have hope. —T.S.[/expand
Lost 4 Pounds The First Week!!I started here a week ago thinking…. These are nice people but this is quackery. My husband & I came together, and although he was our priority, I too saw the benefit of trying the program. Wow! After one week I not only lost 4 pounds but some of my other symptoms have started to decrease significantly. AHA has truly been a blessing! May you continue to have success as you help others to heal their bodies. To God be the Glory!!! — M.W.
After Just One Treatment!
After just one treatment, I haven’t had a headache! Two complete weeks without any ibuprofen or Tylenol. I do not remember that that has happened, as far back as I can remember! Going that long has been a miracle! My body has begun to eliminate waste, which it has never done before. This took place within the first week. By week 2 my fatigue has started to improve greatly as well as my cognitive alertness has increased! Having Multiple Sclerosis, I can see that AHA and all they have to offer me are going to become a much more desired method of treatment for improving my health. — K.B.P.

Nerves and Moodiness

I Can Drive Calmly Now
For the past five years I would only drive on little country roads to and from work. After starting the program I calmly drove here by myself today. This is one problem I didn’t even think I could ask for help on! — L.M.
Mood Is More Upbeat!
I am feeling so much better overall. My mood is more upbeat and I’m sleeping better. I’m so happy to be doing something good for my body and with such noticeable results. — S.W.[/expand
Life Much Easier Without Panic Attacks!!Before this program I had an anxiety disorder. I was really worried about myself, I was afraid through the night and I couldn’t be by myself. Somebody had to be with me or I was really nervous and scared. Sometimes when I was sleeping I would wake up with my heart beating really fast. I would get panic attacks thinking I could die. My days were sad and depressing. Right now with AHA’s program, I feel so good and I can see all of the progress. No more anxiety disorder, I can be by myself again, no more afraid of the night and I now see my life beautiful. Thank you AHA — D.V.
Cranky, Crabby Person Is Gone!!
I used to be a fairly cranky, crabby person with little patience for inconveniences and interruptions. I tried to be patient or to explain my frustrations, but still felt self-conscious and helpless about being so irritable and unpleasant. At work especially I always found it extremely annoying and agitating to have my concentration broken by an interruption. My friends accepted me as a high-strung person who didn’t handle stress & pressure well. After completing the majority of my program, I noticed that I was much calmer and was not agitated by interruptions. Now I can be pleasant most of the time and am not strung out by pressures. Now I notice people who are edgy, crabby, and particular about the way things proceed and think, I used to be like that. I used to be on Celexa for my crabbiness & agitation. — A.W.
Temper Is 100% Better and Feeling Great!
I recently had the opportunity to be tested with the Skasys machine here. I found out that I had an imbalance in the energy of several neurotransmitters. Since this time I have had amazing results. Years of problems with depression and overall mental equilibrium have balanced out like never before. If I do get sad, I bounce out of it quickly. I find that my temper is 100% better. I’m just overall happier. I can’t believe it. Though I saw results just by taking nutrition. This blows everything else away! Kudos to Dr. Billiot for providing the technology to truly make a difference. Nothing compares to being able to live a life feeling complete mind, body and spirit. Western medicine never could have done this – I tried their methods and nothing came close. P.S. I’ve been losing one to two pounds of weight every week since and I’ve done and eaten nothing different! — P.S.

New Patient Success

Never Recovered From A Cold So Quickly!
I have not felt completely well in nearly 10 years. While searching the Internet for Alternative Healthcare, I came upon the AHA website and after browsing the site I signed up for a workshop. On the day of the workshop (Saturday) I was beginning to have a nasty cold. On Tuesday I had my evaluation and was accepted as a patient. On Wednesday, I had my first SBT treatment that was a non-trigger treatment. The very next day all symptoms of my cold were completely gone! No more runny nose or sneezing or coughing at all. I’ve never recovered from a cold this quickly in my life – and only with one SBT treatment! Awesome! — C.V.
Happy With Initial Progress!
Being a new patient I am experiencing my congestion really breaking up and cold like symptoms subsiding. I’m looking forward to better and better results and I’m thrilled I found the center. — J.S.
Knee Pain Subsides After One Treatment!
I’ve been going here for about 2 weeks and on the very first day I was cured (or healed) of my knee ailment. I am a distance runner, and for about 3 years I’ve suffered with pain in my right knee. I had learned to live with it and it got better over time. But the past couple of weeks I had severe allergies and my knee started hurting again worse than ever. Ironically, after my first treatment at AHA, I told my mom, I guess they’re not going to fix my knee. That night, I woke up and found that I no longer had knee pain. It has been the same way ever since! — C.M.
Fatigue and Depression Improving!
Before I came to AHA, I was very fatigued and depressed. Also, I was always bloated and had stomach problems. After only a week of treatment I am feeling much better and my outlook on life has greatly improved. — K.C.
Life Looks Better In 13 Days!
13 days into the program I am feeling so much better. I am starting to feel like my old self. I am looking forward to a complete recovery. I am thrilled to have found the clinic. Life is good again! — J.S.
Enthusiastic Again!!
After just 5 days on the program, I noticed a big difference in my energy levels! I felt very charged, able to cope with my daily routine with enthusiasm, rather than the ho-hum response I would usually have! Thanks, Alternative Health Atlanta! — K.K.
8 1/2 Pound Weight Loss!
I’ve only been on the program a short while and have already lost 8 ½ lbs! This was an unexpected bonus, as I didn’t feel I was on a diet, but merely changing a few eating habits. I no longer feel the need to snack in the afternoon or evening, and have more energy than I’ve had since my 30’s! Thanks AHA! — K.K.
Only One Week And So Many Improvements!
I have been coming to the center for approximately one week and have noticed that my cravings for sweets are gone, my back and neck pains are significantly less and I feel overall better with more energy than I had before I started coming to AHA. — E.R.
Better Outlook In Only A Week!
When I come here I felt light headed, a bit sad, frustrated with knee infection and low low energy (rate: 5). A week later, I am feeling healthy, full & vibrant with a much better outlook. (rate: 7.5) I’m impressed & pleased with these exciting & speedy results. Health is wealth. — D.L.
Fast Results!!
I’ve been coming to Alternative Health Atlanta for only 2 ½ weeks and I already am experiencing relief from problems that I’ve tried to cure with medication, exercise and willpower. None of these methods have resulted in the peaceful night’s sleep, the sense of well-being and the decrease in my anxiety levels that I am now experiencing. After each visit, I sleep a little better, feel less anxious and have more energy. I am so excited about continuing to improve mentally and physically. It’s a Godsend! —M.K.
Avoided Surgery After 2 Weeks Of Treatments!
I broke my ankle (actually my posterior malleaous) in September and found out the day before my first clearing here. The break was fairly severe and the tibia bone was actually splitting upwards. At that time the doctors first choice was to refer me to a surgeon. Since this was not my first choice the doctor agreed to put me in a cast for two weeks. I started my first treatment the next day. Two weeks later, I returned to the doctor’s for repeat x-rays. The physician was amazed as the split in the bone decreased from 2.5cm to 1cm and was in perfect position. I now am facing just a couple more weeks in the cast and no surgery. Thank you Alternative Health for helping my body heal. —S.E.
I Feel Awesome!
In one week of starting my program I feel awesome! Before the program I was not getting enough sleep, feeling tired during the day and craving sugar. Now I am happy to report that I don’t have sugar cravings, feel energized during the day and sleep better during the night. I am happy, happy, happy!! A huge thank-you to the entire team!! — L.R.
Success In Two Weeks
I feel wonderful! I was having problems digesting food. I was very tired and sluggish all of the time. After one week of treatment my body totally transformed! I also had a severe case of my scalp being extremely dry. I started noticing after two weeks that there was no flaking and the color of my scalp was normal. I highly recommend this natural healing. -S.R.


Pain Gone Instantly!
All I can say is WOW! I am a 54 year old woman who has suffered for 20 years with chronic back and hip pain. I have recently gotten so bad that I would wake up with my knees throbbing and my hips feeling like the nerves were on fire. This has gone on until I have just been resting and lying around because even doing simple errands was painful and tiring. After my first night taking supplements, I woke up with the knee pain, hip pain and back pain gone. It’s amazing!! I hope to recover completely with your help! — K.B.
Revived and Ready To Enjoy Life Without Stomach Pain!
Success at last! I made it! All the visits and sacrifices were worth it. I came to AHA in pain with a lot of swelling in my stomach – and now I am like a new person revived and ready to enjoy life once again. After so many visits to doctors who could not help me – I am now well.— C.L.
Throat Pain Relief!
Two days ago, I began experiencing severe throat pain and flu symptoms. After yesterday’s treatment, my throat pain has subsided greatly and generally I feel better. Thanks! — K.H.
Chronic Low Back Pain Almost Gone!!
I have been searching for relief for the chronic low back pain I have been experiencing for the past ten years. Four treatments into my program at AHA have produced tremendous results. My back pain is almost gone and I’m looking forward to the day when it is just a distant memory. My energy level is beginning to increase as well. — S.C.
Stomach Discomfort Disappears!
My biggest problem was and is my stomach! After my C-section (3 years ago), I felt constant discomfort whether I would sit up or lay down. My stomach was always bloated and my scar and scar tissue were really painful to me. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore. The bloating is gone, I can touch my scar (after 3 years of no touching at all) – it doesn’t hurt and it seems that my stomach is more flat again. I also feel a serious increase in energy and I have noticed some weight loss. But most of all I have realized that the difference between so called healthy foods and healthy foods is huge. I am more aware of my food intake and I pay more attention to labels on products. I thought that my diet was pretty healthy but obviously there was a lot of room for improvement. Thank you. — N.L.
Chronic Wrist Pain Relief!!
Chronic wrist pain is gone. I suffered with the pain for approximately 2 years. I was told by the neurologist that it was carpal tunnel syndrome, that I should wear a wrist brace and that eventually surgery would need to be done. After doing 7 hours of yard work on 4/8/04, I was able to sleep peacefully that night. — M.B.
Aches and Pains Subside!
Waking each morning in pain was no fun. As a result of mistreating myself, I called it getting old, my body was a mass of aches and pains. Now, let’s stop talking about the negative and start thinking and talking the positive; the doctors with a team of workers have shown me the light. Their wear with all their teaching, I have become a different person and body. Once I accepted this way of thinking and living, I have become a new person with a new and not so old body. Thank you! — W.D.
No More Body Pain In The Morning!!
Awakening in the morning and wondering where the pain will be, where in my body I mean, was not good. Now, let me say one thing, learning that the folks at AHA really know their stuff, pinpointing my problems and making them go away is and was a miracle. I believe the wizards of AHA have become my best friends. The OZ lives in Cobb County. — W.D.
Happiness In Place Of Pain!!
I came in on Tuesday in excruciating pain. I could not sit without pain, get up from my chair or go to the bathroom. I wasn’t able to work (massage therapist) or drive myself around. Nothing helped, not even lying down. I came in for treatments (BRT) and started taking my supplements and the pain is gone! It’s just Thursday!! I am soooo happy. Although I expected treatments to help with other problems I had, I never thought that it could help with this. I thought the pain was structural. Thank you! And I can’t wait to see what else happens. — S.A.D.
Congestion, Neck and Back Pain All Improving!
I have noticed a considerable improvement in my congestion with my treatments. I also have noticed that my back and neck pain is noticeably improving as well. — E.R.
Toe Pain Subsides!
A couple of months before coming to AHA my podiatrist had diagnosed me with arthritis in my left big toe after being treated for fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. I was told no jumping (as in aerobics) or running ever again. This had me concerned because I am in the AF Reserve. Since I began NAET I noticed the pain in my toe subsiding and was doing more and more hopping around during aerobic class. Yesterday, I decided to attempt a 3 mile power walk. My co-workers started jogging so I did too to catch up before they got too far ahead. I was leery about my big toe, but I made it through pain free. I thought I might hurt the next day but it didn’t. Absolutely amazing! In addition, the pain of arthritis in my neck has also subsided. — E.S.
Spinal and Stomach Pains Improves!
My spinal pain and stomach pain are feeling better. I also haven’t been having the sugar cravings like I did a couple of days ago. I woke up this morning with a little bit more energy. I feel better today than I have felt for probably the past two years. — E.R.
Pain Free Face and No Meds!!
I’ve had problems with severe pain in my face for six years. It hurt when I ate, when I washed it, and I had to take a lot of medicine so that I could just eat. The medicine only helped improve the pain some. At times I would be on the floor with pain when I would try to eat. I had 3 MRI’s to try to figure out what it was. They said it was nerves, arthritis, – I went to 3 different hospitals. They told me that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I was taking the medication several times a day when I started here. Two weeks ago I got tired of taking it so I stopped the medicine for my face. Now the pain in my face is only a tingle when I wash it, nothing like it was. — K.C.


No More Sinus Medication Needed!!!!
For at least ten years or more, I have been on sinus medications. I have been taking sinus drugs daily and inhalers two times daily. I also had sinus headaches at least one to two times per week. For three or four weeks, I have not taken any sinus medication and I have not had a headache. For me that is the best! —P.W.
No Antibiotics Needed For Sinus Infections!!
Ever since I was a little girl, about every two or so months, I would be at the doctor with sinus infections or colds. I have had so many antibiotics that my system is now whacked. I am sixteen now and the first time I came to the Center I was sick again. They gave me some supplements and I took them for three days and for the first time I never went to the doctor for antibiotics. It worked! I am so much better! Thanks Guys! — A.H.
Patient Feels Better During Visit, Leaves Drugs Behind
I was sick and went to a neighborhood Health Center. I was told I had sinusitis and was given a decongestant and antibiotics. I could barely speak above a whisper because my throat was inflamed and very scratchy. On the way home from the MD, I went to AHA for my scheduled initial appointment. The doctor started me on a program and my voice began to come back before I left the office! I felt so good that I left my decongestant and antibiotics on one of the office chairs. So, from Friday to Monday I only had my supplements. The medical doctor told me I wouldn’t see any results for about 5 days. But, I began to notice results right away with AHA. In three days I was 80% better. I now know my body has the necessary tools to heal itself. —V.O.
Persistent Itch Disappears!
My sinus headaches have disappeared following my first clearing. Persistent large itching hives on my feet and hands have been reduced to an occasional itch, which disappeared after implementing gait point treatment. —D.S.
Mysterious Bacteria Found By Skasys
While seeing Dr. Mikals on a routine visit, she noted an infected sty on my left eyelid. Through skasys, the cause of the infection was identified as being bacterial. A clearing was done for this at the time. During the clearing in the treatment room, I experienced a pain and increased tearing in my left eye. Within several hours after returning home, the sty spontaneously drained and was resolved. — D.S.


Child's Head-To-Toe Rash Clears Completely
Since my son was 6 months old he was almost constantly broken out in rashes and eczema over much of his body. We tried every natural cream and ointment and experimented with elimination diets to try to soothe the itching and clear his skin. We had some success—only to have the rashes reappear and we had to start the process all over again. Pediatricians constantly tried to get us to use hydrocortisone creams and told us that he was a likely candidate for childhood asthma. He's now 2 ½ years old and the doctor found a sensitivity to Vitamin C. Within a few weeks his skin began to heal. Now, after 8 weeks—his skin is beautiful. Not a spot on him, anywhere! This is the first time since he was little that he's rash free and eating oranges, strawberries, blueberries and tomato sauce on a regular basis. I cannot believe that his food allergies appear to be completely gone and he is no longer ‘likely to be an asthma candidate.' As a parent, I feel that this is a miracle. Thanks to all at the Alternative Health Atlanta. — J.G.
Eczema On Hands and Legs Greatly Improves
The Eczema that my child had on her hand and legs has improved by leaps and bounds. Some has disappeared completely and her hands, the hands that she would pick and scratch at, they have made a HUGE improvement. — C.D.
Skin Condition Heals!
I have seen improvement in my son’s skin condition since starting the program. He has Vitiligo. Some of the light spots on his skin have started to fill in to his natural skin color. He used to be very self-conscious about it. His self image has improved as a result of the program. Everyone in the office is so helpful with getting him through this process. Thank you! — T.M.
Well, since my last riveting, inspiring success story… I had one fingernail that cracked (ever since I was a teenager). And another fingernail that would split down that middle, sometimes into the nail (for the past 10 years) – well, these 2 fingernails are longer & stronger than they’ve been in years! It’s the first time I’ve had ’10 great nails (naturally) in decades! And today was the first time in years that I washed my hair and didn’t have a handful (or more) of hair left in the shower drain! Woo-Hoo! —D.C.
I had very bad eczema before I came here and within three treatments I was seeing improvements. Thanks to the staff here and the treatments I have better skin. -N.K.
Psoriasis Clears Up
I had been plagued with severe psoriasis, frequent headaches and seasonal allergies for many years when I started treatment with AHA. I was helped to improve my diet and started on a program. Amazingly, my headaches stopped about a week and a half into the program. In four weeks, I had dropped eight pounds of weight due to my improved diet. In the past, as the spring/fall allergy season ushered in, I generally could stay outside only for short spurts of time before going into sneezing and nasal fits. However, this past season I hardly noticed these effects. I could actually mow the yard and work in the garden without a breathing mask! After clearing up my food and pollen allergies, Dr. Billiot tested and handled allergies to everyday products I was using such as lotions, hair products and toothpaste. After five months into the program my psoriasis condition took a MAJOR turn for the better. I have had this problem for 15 years and seen 3 different dermatologists, all of whom said there was no cure for my condition. Now, my skin lesions are disappearing and returning to my normal skin texture. Fantastic! So much for those limiting traditional viewpoints that keep people from making a real breakthrough. Dr. Billiot was able to methodically drill down to the root cause of my symptoms, desensitizing my allergies and detoxifying my organs and systems, thereby allowing my body to heal itself. —G.M.
Skin Looks Better
In already 2 days one of my rashes almost disappeared. I did not swell up in my face either during my first day of my period. My skin tone look improved. Thanks! -CW
Skin Finally Clearing Up!
I woke up one morning and my face was covered with a hard scaly surface. It had turned dark. I tried peeling it off and it started flaking. I went to a traditional doctor, they gave me lotion. The following week I was scheduled to go to the dermatologists. On my regular scheduled visit at A.H.I.C. I was checked and it was determined my body was detoxing and had not cleared totally. By the time I went to the dermatologist my face only had a spot here and there. That doctor gave me some story that was unbelievable and wrote me a prescription which I did not use. However, every day I look at my face and it is clearing. The dark spots I used to have are gone and with each treatment I feel better, my skin is getting brighter and clearer. Thank you for helping me. —P.W.
Psoriasis Getting Better!
Once again I have experienced a breakthrough in my psoriasis condition. This time my scalp was plagued with heavy flaking condition that had started to spread to my forehead. After starting the allergy elimination program, I started noticing a gradual clearing of my condition. This improvement continued and weeks later it has all but disappeared. WOW! It feels good to know that there are real answers out there to nagging problems, large and small. Thank you! —G.M.
No Breakout After Pulling Poison Ivy!!
I came with an outbreak of poison ivy on my chest, up my neck, on my chin, random outbreaks on my fingers and my midriff. I went thru NAET treatments and by the next day my outbreak on chest, neck and chin was only redness beneath the skin and within 2 days- completely gone. An additional treatment was necessary because fresh outbreaks on my fingers indicated there was still some in my system. Within a week all areas were neutralized. A week later I pulled up several patches of poison ivy and had no reaction. I’m am delighted to be free of this sensitivity.— G.B.
Eczema Is Better!
Having had hand eczema for three years and having only received steroid cream as the medical answer, I looked elsewhere. Tea tree oil lotions only soothed the problem. After allergy elimination treatments, the eczema is 80% better! I look forward to returning after my vacation to continue the healing process! —T.M.
Awful Bumps Disappear Before Wedding!
During treatment at A.H.I.C, I started to notice a bump developing on my chest. I unfortunately ignored it and didn’t tell the staff. One month had passed and the bump was not only growing, but also spreading all over. I brought it to the doctor’s attention and she immediately had me tested on the skasys machine. We were able to get answers to help us solve this problem. I was terrified! What terrible timing. These bumps had developed four weeks before my wedding! I was sure there was no way they would clear up in this short amount of time. I was thinking the worst scenario possible; I can’t wear my bikini for my honeymoon with these awful bumps on me! With the persistence of the staff at A.H.I.C and my own dedication they were able to treat me, and the bumps were gone and I haven’t had any problem since. A.H.I.C has been such a blessing to my life and yet I was able to wear my dress and my bikini with no worries. Thank you to everyone for your help. —A.C.


I Can't Believe How Much Better I Feel!
After a week and a half of treatment at AHA, I slept through the night for the first time in over a year! Also, my migraine headaches have greatly diminished and I have noticed that my arthritis has improved as well. I had severe pain in my thumbs to the point I had trouble gripping things for over a year and now that is better. Wow, I can’t believe how much better I feel already. Thank you!!! — D.B..
For several months, I could not sleep through the night without waking up 1-2 times drenched in sweat and starving. I would have to change my clothes and chew on some type of carbs in mass quantities ( e.g. An entire box of cereal)! After just 4 allergy treatments, I’m now able to sleep peacefully through the night and wake up rested. My mood throughout the day is much more calm too (not tense as it was before). I can’t wait to see what happens with my other symptoms as my treatment adventure progresses! Thanks you so much.— T.S.
Sleep Success!
Here is probably one of my greatest success stories ever for me!! Yeah!! I am sleeping throughout the night without using MicroSurge! Plus, I feel rested when I awaken! I feel remarkably well! Thanks to the doctors! — M.C.
Sleeping All Night Without Night Sweats!
After only 3 weeks of treatment I was able to sleep all night without having night sweats – I also became more energetic and less moody after 2 weeks. I think that after the entire treatment I will be superwoman again. — S.L.
Getting To Sleep Easier!
It used to take me about two hours to get to sleep. I’d go to bed at nine and not really get to sleep until eleven. Now it only takes 6 or 7 minutes. My floor would be covered in 5 feet of tissues and I haven’t used a tissue in over 3 weeks. These treatments work. — M.Y.
Sleeping Through The Night!
I’ve slept through the night for 5 nights in a row. Fantastic! Even if I have to get up to use the bathroom, I go right back to sleep and I sleep right through my usual 2am waking time. It feels so good to get an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. Plus, I’ve only had 3 headaches in a week – down from daily headaches. I really am seeing great improvements and feeling so much better about things. — S.W.[/expand
Sleep ImprovesMy sleep has improved. So I am able to turn my Cpap machine down to a lower air pressure and still feel rested when I wake up! — M.M.
8 Hours Of Sleep!!
Great news! As a menopausal lady, I have gotten so used to getting up at least once if not twice a night. Talking to one of the assistants in the office I was thunderstruck by the thought that I am now sleeping uninterrupted throughout the night! I now average 7 ½ to 8 hours sleep and wake naturally in the mornings feeling ready to tackle the day! Thanks AHA! — K.K.
Slept Through The Night With No Hot Flashes!!
I am so excited! I slept through the night for the first time in months and haven’t had a hot flash in two days. I am looking forward to continued improvements! — J.M.
Sleeping Through The Night!
For the last two nights I have slept through the night without disruptions in my sleep. It has been years since that has happened. — N.B.
Restless Legs No More!
When I started coming to AHA one of my problems was restless legs at night. I had been diagnosed medically as anemic 6 months ago and told to take iron supplements. They did not help. My treatments here were primarily treating other concerns but all of a sudden I realized that I no longer had a problem with my legs at night! — A.S.
Good-Bye Insomnia!
Although I have tried my entire life (50 years plus) to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s truly hard to believe the improvements I’ve seen in my health in just three short weeks. When I started my healing program, I was unable to sleep through the night, slept no more than four to five hours at the time, and never felt rested. I now sleep all night (10pm til 6am) with only one potty break, but go right back to sleep and awaken feeling rested. I have also, without real change in diet, except the supplement, lost five pounds. Thanks so much for your assistance and please continue to put up with me until I am even more perfect! — J.T.
Energy In Bounds
In only three visits I’m sleeping through the night and my energy is beginning to come back in bounds. A neighbor told me that I looked better than I have in a very long time. The fact is that I feel better overall than I’ve felt in a long, long time. Thank you to all the very special people at the clinic! — H.G.
I Can Sleep Now!
Within two to three weeks of starting my AHA program I saw a great improvement in my sleeping habits. Prior to coming to the clinic, I had been going to sleep about 11:30 p.m. or 12 midnight and waking at 4:40 or 5:00 a.m. Often it was not possible to get back to sleep, so I was always tired, but still not sleeping a full night. Now I sleep about 8 hours each night and am able to go back to sleep even after waking during the night. Also, I sleep more soundly than previously. — S.M.
Sleeping Peacefully!
When I started with BRT I was not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time and stayed very bloated. I now am sleeping peacefully all night and no more bloating. My irritability and nervousness level have decreased dramatically. —G.D.
Mom and Dad Can Sleep Again
My 15 month old son was having 5-6 bowel movements a day. He was sleeping very restlessly, waking (and waking us) about every three hours. Pretty much after the first treatment he slept through the whole night. After the second treatment he was down to two bowel movements a day and within two weeks it is now normal. The turnaround has been remarkable. he would say, thanks for letting my mom & dad sleep again. —J.D.
Able To Sleep At Last!
After not sleeping well for more than 7 years, I finally found relief and help at Alternative Health Atlanta. I now sleep through the night like a rock, and wake up with an abundance of energy! — G.F.
Sleeping Through The Night
For years I have been unable to sleep. At most I average 4 hours of sleep when I would rest, which was 2 to 7 times per week. After 2 BRT treatments, I am now able to sleep through the night. I can now take a nap and sleep through the night as well. I feel great, completely rested- and for that alone I am thankful. Thank you! —E.T.
Sound Sleep Returns!
Before coming to Alternative Health Improvement, I was not able to sleep very well. I did not have any aches or pains, so I thought it was ok that my sleep was intermittent during the night. Since I have come to the clinic, I have slept much better, getting at least 6 hours of restful sleep. I still don’t have aches or pains but I now have improved and feel more energetic and more alive. 86 years old —T.C.

Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain Gone
Since my first visit I have no stomach pain!! My stomach was such an issue that I avoided making plans and was even careful about leaving my house at all! I don’t need a nap everyday and I’m very focused and much less frustrated! Thanks Guys! — M.T.
No More Stomach Medications!
Before coming to AHA, I would take stomach medication every day. If I didn’t take it, I would have indigestion, as well as pains in my neck and arms and my hands would go numb. I stopped taking the medication six weeks ago and have not seen any of the previous symptoms I used to have. Since coming to AHA, my stomach is not in the twist that it used to be. — K.B.


Feeling Normal
After just one treatment and 5 days, I am sleeping soundly and have more energy. My thyroid gland which had been enlarged and tender for many years is noticeably decreased in size and less tender. — C.M.
Restful Nights and More Energy Feels Great!
I started coming to Dr. Billiot’s office after being recommended by another one of her patients who had some of the same symptoms of thyroid problems I was experiencing (fatigue, unexplained weight gain, dry hair, not feeling rested, bad concentration). I started receiving regular BRT treatments three times per week and after one month of treatments I was already experiencing restful nights and mornings, more energy and increased concentration and overall better health. Thank you AHA. I am on my way to a healthier start and have been so impressed with your staff, lifestyle changes and healthy alternatives for a healthier life that I have referred at least four additional new patients who have started your program or are getting started shortly. Thanks so much. – V.S.
Hypothyroid Improvement
Eight weeks ago I walked into Dr. Billiot’s office very frustrated and full of disease. I have been battling a pretty serious case of hypothyroidism for 2 years which had completely changed my life. My hair fell out. I gained a very significant amount of weight and I struggled to get out of bed. My moods fluctuated and I was always cold. This was very difficult for me, being that I was much healthier before, thin and very athletic. After seeing that the best endocrinologist in the world could not help me, they only offered to use drugs or surgery, I decided to try alternative medicine. A friend referred me to Dr. Billiot and said she would be able to help me. It has only been two months and I feel like my old self again. I’m energetic, happy and my symptoms have lessened. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 39 days and I credit that not only to my hard work and discipline, but to Dr. Billiot’s work. She really cares about you and I feel that if she could help me, she could help anyone. — C.B.
Sleep, Hair Loss and Brittle Nails All Improve!
Before I saw Dr. Billiot I was hypothyroid and I felt awful. I had problems sleeping and was losing hair and had brittle nails, was cold all the time – all the classic symptoms of thyroid disease. After seeing AHA for about 4 months my health got better and better. My thyroid tests are normal now and most of the symptoms of the thyroid disease have resolved themselves. I feel so much better! Dr. Billiot and the staff at AHA have given me back my good health! — H.S.
Thyroid Improvement
After just a few treatments, we have noticed a reduction in the swelling of my daughter’s thyroid gland. — D.M.
No Need For Synthroid
I was close to taking synthroid for a low thyroid but luckily I did not. Instead, the doctor recommended natural supplements and as a result it worked well! Thanks AHA for helping me circumvent synthroid and you helped me save $$ and enjoy better health.— D.L.
Two Mile Walk No Longer Dreadful!!
I continuously conveyed my thyroid symptoms to my doctor. My doctor made me feel the symptoms were all in my head. Just after five visits with Alternative Health chronic pain in the heel of my foot went away, and I have more energy. My daily two mile walk on the treadmill is not dreadful anymore! I know my decision to be treated by Alternative Health was the right decision. — A.B.
Blood Count Improved!
For the past three years, the mainstream medical world has been telling me: ‘You're sick; you'll be sick for the rest of your life; learn to cope with the changes and the limitations.’ "Under the guidance of the doctors at AHA, body systems that hadn't worked for at least 2 ½ years rallied around and started working again. A state of chronic exhaustion has given way to energy and enthusiasm. Medical "experts" are surprised (if not outright baffled) at remarkable improvements in blood counts, most especially for my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) reading. It's true: the body wants to heal. I'm on my way back to health, wellness, and peace of mind. -J.V.
Hyperthyroidism Resolves
I have been coming to AHA for several health problems, including hypothyroidism. My TSH was 8.09 (high). Shortly after I started with Dr. Billiot she put me on a thyroid nutritional supplement on an exact dose I needed. A year later my TSH was 5.33, totally normal! This has been one of the major successes of my life during alternative medicine treatment. I am so thankful for the technique of SBT and allergy elimination procedures and the gift of healing of Dr. Melodie Billiot. — E.K.
Thyroid Has Improved!
I have been coming to AHA for several health problems, including hypothyroidism. My TSH was 8.09 (high). Shortly after I started with Dr. Billiot she put me on a thyroid nutritional supplement on an exact dose I needed. A year later my TSH was 5.33, totally normal! This has been one of the major successes of my life during alternative medicine treatment. I am so thankful for the technique of SBT and allergy elimination procedures and the gift of healing of Dr. Melodie Billiot. — E.K.
Synthroid Meds Decreased!
I’m 34 years old and have been dealing with thyroid issue for almost 5 years now and taking synthroid. I had given up all hope of ever feeling healthy and normal again. Until I attended the hormone workshop, I felt a small amount of hope that my body could heal. Now after getting BRT treatments my thyroid level was checked and I received a call from my doctor stating that my current body dosage of synthroid needs to be DECREASED. I have a huge amount of hope that my body can heal. BRT is working for me. Thanks — N.C.
Thyroid Success!
After just one treatment and a few days of the new dietary changes, my daughter has already seen a change in her temperature. She ordinarily is hot to the touch and today she feels normal. — D.M.
Thyroid Success!
After about 3 weeks of treatment I’ve noticed a real difference in my daughter’s mood. She’s much happier; she has less mood swings and she’s much less irritable. She’s much more pleasant to be with and more agreeable to new ideas to helping her health. — D.M.
Body Temperature Is Normal
I started allergy elimination and nutritional supplements just 6 weeks ago, at which time my body temperature (indicating metabolism rate) was low at mid-low 97 degrees (not 98.6!) Which is significant. Now, 6 weeks later, my temperature in the morning is consistently 98.4, not roller-coaster reading of 97’s. WOW! Thank you AHA for your good care & getting to the source of my health problems. — A.H.
New Love For Life
Before I started at AHA, I was living but far from alive. I was tired, apathetic, overweight and all around sick. I have always had a hypo thyroid condition since I was a child. My primary doctors just told me that what I felt was normal and to get more sleep and exercise. AHA was different. They told me that what I was feeling was not normal and that I wasn’t alone. Since starting my treatments I have lost 40 pounds, regained my love for life and my desire to live the best and fullest life I can. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I have found my way to a healthy and happy life void of apathy and indifference. I owe Dr. Conner and the staff of AHA my life. They are the ones that gave it back to me—Thank you! — C.K.
Thyroid Is A 9 Out Of 10!
I started this program unsure of what might happen. I underwent surgery June 2001 for removal of a possible cancerous mass on my thyroid. Luckily, it turned out to be the result of an auto immune condition (Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). I had half of my left lobe of my thyroid removed and was very reluctant of having to take synthetic thyroid hormones forever as I was told I would have to. After gaining 10 pounds in just 4 months of being an Levoxyl (post surgery), I knew I had to find an alternative that would work for me that gave me energy and would not cause me to gain weight. After seeing a seminar ad in a local newspaper regarding hormones, I knew I had to give it a chance. After starting treatments, I began to have tons of energy and started dropping weight. I acquired enough energy to do a 10K on Labor Day (something I would never have been able to do before). Today my thyroid is up to a 9, and I’m feeling better with each successive treatment. I’m so thankful I found this place! -L.W.
My Traditional Meds Have Been Reduced!
Since I have been coming here, I have more energy. My hyperthyroid medication doses reduced from 20 mg. to 5 mg./ day. During my last menstrual cycle I did not bloat nor have any PMS symptoms. —S.W.
My Thyroid Is Better
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in July of 2003. Today my levels are normal except for my TSH level. My primary doctor stated that I can be taken off my medication in three months. — S.W.


Blurry Vision Gone!
One of my most disturbing complaints has been that I have blurry vision that comes and goes daily. After just a couple weeks of treatments here at Alternative Health Atlanta, I am seeing clearly again all day long! — L.M.
Five Year Old Child's Eyesight Improves
My five year old has been coming here and has improved dramatically. Recently last Wednesday he started on the BRT eye protocol. The next day at school he complained that he had a headache while doing his work. He had his glasses on at that time. His teacher took his glasses off and let him work, surprisingly he stopped complaining and did much more work than he usually does. When I went to pick him up, I inquired about his glasses. That’s the time that his teacher asked what had happened and what was going on? She knows that Vinnie is coming to the Alternative Health Atlanta. We were all surprised that results were so soon and he had just started it. I personally thank the staff and doctors for this wonderful help. Thanks! – V.N.
An Unexpected Surprise!
An unexpected surprise! My vision has improved after only 3 weeks of treatment to improve my health at Alternative Health Atlanta. I have worn glasses for over 25 years and I can now read better without my glasses. Though I still need them for distance and driving, this is an unexpected and wonderful surprise. Also, my energy level continues to improve every day. Yesterday was the first day in months that I felt like going out shopping for something other than food. I had so much fun shopping. — C.L.


I Feel Alive Again!
Since coming to see the doctors at AHA I am feeling 100% better. I finally have some energy, my mood swings are gone and my weight is starting to drop! I feel alive again! -L.F.[/expand
Dress Fits With No Problems!My best friend is getting married in two weeks. I ordered and received my dress four weeks ago. It fit, but it was tight! I assumed I would have to get it altered. How wrong I was! I tried it on last night and it fit with no problems whatsoever! Yay! — T.D.
Weight Loss Success and Energy Too!
It’s only been 3 weeks and I’ve already lost 5 pounds and gained a ton of energy. I’m not craving foods as much and I’ve cut back on snacking. This has been a wonderful experience. — S.G.
Weight Down From 153 lbs To 135 lbs!
Before I started on my SBT protocol back at the end of October I was weighing 153 pounds and after making some important changes in my eating habits I weighed myself today and I now weigh 135 pounds. I am so excited about my weight loss. — N.C.
3 Weeks and 10 Pounds Lost!
I have been following the recommended diet for three weeks and I have lost 10lbs!! The results to this point have made the adjustment to a new way of eating worthwhile. — D.S.[/expand
18 Pounds and Still Losing!!In the last few months I have been following the recommended diet and so far I have lost 18 pounds. Generally, I feel much better although I still have 25 more to lose to reach my goal. I’m glad that I am improving my health and so far the weight loss has been great! — D.S.
Weight Loss In The First 6 Days!
I would not have believed that it could have happened so quickly but it did! On Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 I weighed 183.5 pounds. After starting my program and staying on it for 6 days (January 3rd, 3006), I weighed 176.5 pounds. Wow, what a great side effect, since my main focus was on my health. Thanks! — L.K.
Clothes Fitting Better!
I have lost 8 pounds!! This is such an improvement for me. I have been trying to lose weight with just exercise and watching my diet but it just wasn’t working. Only after a few weeks on my supplements I have noticed my clothes fitting better and my overall health has improved. Thanks to the doctors at AHA – they are great! — S.R.
4-5 Pound Weight Loss In The First 7 Days!
After making adjustments to my diet (eliminating sugar in particular) and taking the recommended supplements on a regular basis I lost 4-5 pounds in the first 7 days. I am extremely happy with the immediate results and look forward to the long-term outcome. — C.M.
Weight Loss Success!
I’m so excited! Last summer (2004) I bought several pairs of pants (size 8), after a few months I couldn’t wear them and continued to gain weight through February. I was up to 144lbs and was not losing weight even with exercise and dieting. After coming to AHA for 5 months, I’m down to 129lbs and my size 8’s are loose. This weekend I’ll be shopping for jeans with a mid-rise waist, because I no longer have a bulgy stomach. Thanks to the doctors at AHA. — T.M.
18 Pounds In 7 Weeks!!
With a major change in diet, I have now lost around 18 pounds in just over 7 weeks. I started out in the mid 180’s and have now moved to the high 160’s. I have not been in the 160’s since the early 1990’s. So once again, thanks AHA!! — C.M.
Losing Inches Off The Waist!
I’ve been on the program for two weeks. I’m very pleased with my results so far. I’m losing inches off my waist. My clothes are fitting better. My stress level has decreased a great amount and the acid level in my stomach is minimal. I feel so much better overall. The best thing of all is the sweet and salt cravings are gone. — S.J.
The Incredible Shrinking Woman!!
I started coming to AHA because of my hot flashes and night sweats primarily. My weight and cravings for sugar and junk food were a secondary concern. After just 4 1/2 short weeks, not only have the hot flashes and night sweats lessened, I’m no longer having any food cravings at all and I’ve already lost 24 pounds! My friends at work are calling me the incredible shrinking woman! The SBT treatments are awesome and support that everyone at AHA gives me is making such a great difference in my life! Thank you! — C.V.
23 Pounds Shed!
Good News! I’ve been on the program for 3 weeks now. As of today I have lost a whopping 23 pounds! Whoo-hoo! — C.M.
16 Pounds Gone and Feeling Energized!
During my process of elimination I have lost 16 pounds. For those of you who are struggling with weight, it works! I didn’t come here for weight loss but through my dietary changes and changes in my nutrition, I have lost 16 pounds and my energy level has increased, my body is starting to heal. Also, my immune system was at a 2 and now it’s at an 8. I was becoming allergic to everything and now my body is healing itself. -E.P.
Losing Weight During Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I have lost about 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m sure that I have lost inches as well, but haven’t actually measured this. However, for about the last 10 days I have noticed pants fitting a bit roomier! Today I decided to pull out a pair of slacks that I couldn’t even close back in October. They’re nice warm corduroys and I really wanted to wear them. I tried them on and much to my delight they fit. Now I’m anxious to try on other things that I had written off for the season. There’s nothing like losing weight over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays! — N.D.
20 Pounds In 4 Weeks!!
I haven’t been able to lose any weight for the past year. In just 4 weeks I have dropped 20 pounds, halfway to my goal. I am in clothes I couldn’t dream of wearing a month ago. I feel great- I have tons of energy. I am excited about the rest of my treatment process and thrilled with my results so far!! Thank you! — S.B.
20 LB Weight Loss!
Well I have lost 30 lbs. I am so excited and ready to lose some more. With a lot of hard work and help from all of you I am sure I will lose the rest. — T.S.
Pants Now Fit!
At the beginning of my treatments, I could barely fasten my size 14 pants. Today, I can comfortably fasten a size 10! Go figure!!!— L.T.
One Piece to Two Piece!
Gee, is that me??? When I came to the Center, I was very concerned about the distortion of my abdomen. Recently, I’ve seen improvements that amazed me. There’s a great probability that I may purchase a 2-piece bathing suit this summer and discard the one piece from last summer. Gee!! — L.T.[/expand
Fun!I have lost two dress sizes! I can’t get over how people are reacting to my weight loss. This is getting to be too much fun. —C.M.
My Clothes Don't Fit
An unexpected yet welcome bonus of my treatment has been the tremendous weight loss I’ve experienced over the past four months. I recently stepped on the scale for the first time since March and I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds! Nothing in my closet fits, but I’m happy about this for the first time. — T.F.
Weight and Fatigue
I’m truly amazed at how much AHA is helping me! I was so overweight and had NO energy. I have been working on my program with the Center and the results are phenomenal! I have lost 15 pounds and have more energy. I’m so excited and pleased! I am so grateful to the staff. They are wonderful! Thank you! — N.A.
Lost Almost 10 Lbs In 1 Week
I’ve been a patient for 1 week. Out of curiosity I got on a scale yesterday and found I’ve already lost almost 10 lbs.! -S.B.
Healthy Weight Loss!
The treatment is working great! In 2 1/2 weeks I have lost 10 pounds. I feel like the weight loss is just a sign that I am getting healthier. So I am 100% pleased with how everything is going. — C.W.
Weight Loss Success!
A few weeks ago, I participated in the weight loss pilot here at AHA. During the pilot, I have to admit I had my doubts. I have since changed my mind. I guess I’ve always known that exercise is the key to losing weight (with a sensible diet of course) but this program has made me realize that I don't actually have to kill myself to make it work. This exercise program is probably the first time I’ve continued this long. I haven’t been sore or overly tired or even burned out. Imagine that! What I have done is lose another 10lbs with very little effort. I’m sure I will eventually get where I want to be. It won’t be overnight, but I can’t wait. —BC
10 LBS In 2 Weeks
When I started here, I weighed 250 ½ pounds. After I have gone through your treatments for 2 weeks, I have lost a total of 10 pounds and now weigh 240 ½ pounds. Thank you! —JR[/expand
I've Dropped A Pant Size!I’ve dropped a pant size and it feels great! I’ve tried every diet and even though this is not a diet, it works! Thanks you AHA. —LJ
Lost 3 Inches In 2 Weeks!!
After only two weeks I have lost at least three inches from my waistline. I have not been able to lose even a pound on all the diets I have tried in the last TEN YEARS! I can’t wait until I have been here a month! — R.T.
I Owe My Life...!
When I first came to Dr. Billiot, I was tired, overweight and had lost my desire for life. I now I owe my new life to them. I now have more energy than I know what to do with. I am focused and have regained my love of life. Best of all I have gone from a tight size 14 to a loose size 6! No amount of words could express now grateful I am for the services of Alternative Health Atlanta. — C.T.
People Are Starting To Notice How Good I Look!
People are starting to notice how good I look. I’m noticing how good I look! It’s like the fat spots that were on my body are just melting away. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet so I forget sometimes to pay attention to my body changing. I eat what I want to, or I should say, I eat as much as I want to. I just don’t eat the wrong things anymore. I can almost hear my body saying, thank you for taking such good care of me. I’m amazed at how quickly my body responded to the program here at AHA. You guys must really know what you are doing because I’ve never felt so good…and looked so good! — P.M.
Small Miracle
Two sizes smaller in pants, shirts and belts in just eight weeks is not only great, but considering that in the last ten years I couldn’t lose even a pound by starving myself, I would say this qualifies as a small miracle at least. Total weight loss to date is 53 pounds! More than that is that my nails don’t crack, I sleep twice as many hours as before, daily headaches, numbness in my arms and head are almost gone and I’m not likely to fall asleep just talking to you anymore. Sure helps at work! My knees, back and neck hurt less and losing all that weight allows me to move better, fit into restaurant booths and chairs in general. The food I’m eating is great, I never feel hungry and I’m slowly eating better and enjoying it more. CAN YOU BELIEVE NO SODAS IN OVER FIVE WEEKS. I don’t know what else will happen before I’m done, but I’m looking forward to life thanks to Alternative Health Atlanta and all the doctors and staff. — B.T.
I Feel Like I Did 20 Years Ago!
When I started at AHA in July I had several ongoing problems such as menopausal symptoms, constipation, fatigue and constant weight gain. I also suffered with bulging discs and a constant tingling and numbness on my left side. I no longer have these problems. I have lost 18 lbs and dropped one and one-half dress sizes. I no longer wake up with night sweats nor am I bothered by hot flashes. I am able to go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I am finally able to carry heavy objects with my left hand without the fear of dropping them. Thanks to AHA, I feel like I did 20 years ago. — F.D.
It's Working! The Weight Is Coming Off!
Diets–I’ve tried most of them –and initially they all worked–I’d lose a few pounds, then fall off the wagon. So instead of losing weight I’d lose the battle because I was hungry, tired or craving sweets. AHA had helped my body heal other problems, why not this one too. Surprise, they had a plan, they identified my weakness and started supporting my body as I worked toward the goal. It’s working! The weight is slowly and steadily coming off and I feel great! — E.S.
Moodiness, Weight Gain, Headaches...All Gone!
When I first began coming to Alternative Health Atlanta I was moody, gaining weight, having severe headaches and always tired. The headaches and mood swings are gone. I have lost over 20 lb. and finally have some energy, I feel like a new person. I am so thankful to the doctors at AHA! — L.F.
Weight Loss In The First Weeks Of Treatments!!
My weight is one of the things I struggle with, so I was very excited when I lost twelve pounds in my first week of treatments. I am eating and drinking lots of water. I look forward to continuing to lose as my treatments progress. I know I will if I follow guidelines for eating. — P.H.
After Dozens Of Doctors, Help At Last
Since starting with Alternative Health Atlanta, I have made significant changes in my diet and how I take care of myself. After years of feeling horrible with headaches, dizziness, weakness, mood swings, weight gain and joint pains, I'm finally starting to feel human and functional again. I have lost 23 pounds and love the way I'm eating. For the first time in years I'm really seeing that if I treat my body well and give it what it needs, it has an amazing ability to heal itself. What a simple and wonderful way to live! It is really easy once I realized the benefits I was getting from the changes. For two years I've seen dozens of doctors. But, for the first time in my life, I feel that I am in control of my health. Thanks to all the staff for their concern and dedication. —K.G.
Lost 9 LBS First Three Weeks
Within two days of starting my SBT treatment program, my energy shot up to my normal high level. I had suffered over several months waking feeling so exhausted. I had to set my alarm one half hour early to allow time to talk my arms & legs into moving, so I could get up each day. That changed in 2 days after starting my treatments. I began my SBT for thyroid protocol about a week later and saw a weight loss of 9 lbs. During the first three weeks, I was not dieting, I was just eating healthy and normal. I had a knee that would not heal after arthroscopic surgery for a torn muscle. The swelling was so severe, 7 months after surgery, I had very restricted use of the knee. Within the first week of treatment I realized great reduction in the fluid on the knee and had greater flexibility in that knee than I had in over 12 months. —G.B.
Body Is Back To A Normal State
Major accomplishment, I finished my SBT protocol for water retention! It’s a wonderful feeling to look down at your ankles and see them skinny! I do that regularly now. My clothes are much looser, I have so much energy, I am not lethargic in the morning, I now eat breakfast in the morning, & the list could go on. Thanks AHA staff for your support & encouragement! My body is back to a normal state, I can now begin to start exercising & continuing to lose weight. — W.C.
A Body Melt Down...
I am in awe, because I am now eating more than I have ever eaten before. I am exercising and I’m not tired. My joints are not sore, I have more energy, and in just 3 weeks I have lost 10 pounds and a total of 11 1/2 inches around my waist and stomach. — W.C.
Weight Loss Is Fun
Before I started on my SBT protocol I was weighing 153 pounds. After making some important changes in my eating habits I weighed myself today and I now weigh 135 pounds. I am so excited about my weight loss! — N.C.
I'm Emotionally Healthy
After starting on the thyroid protocol I recognized myself. First, I’ve lost 17lbs. Without really trying! That’s never happened before. My headaches & night sweats are gone. But probably the most amazing thing is my emotional well-being. I didn’t even mention the fact that I used to cry at the drop of a hat when I first came here, but incredibly that doesn’t happen anymore. Things that used to send me over the edge hardly phase me. Thanks to all the staff at AHA. — B.C.
Weight Loss In The First Week Of Treatments!!!
My weight is one of the things I struggle with, so I was very excited when I lost twelve pounds in my first week of treatments. I am eating and drinking lots of water. I look forward to continuing to lose as my treatments progress. I know I will if I follow guidelines for eating. — P.H.
Lost 8 Pounds In 2 Days!
My first treatment with SBT I lost 8 pounds in two days. Changing my eating habits really makes a difference. Thanks to all the staff at AHA. — L.D.
Achieved Better Health and Much More!
Thank you for the excellent health care you and your staff have provided. Your practice has delivered more than what was promised when I began my program. Before I came to Alternative Health Improvement both my diastolic blood pressure and cholesterol were high. My traditional doctor wanted to place me on medication. I refused. Using alternative treatment and complying with the program, my cholesterol level has lowered tremendously. It is now well within the normal range and my blood pressure is also normal. I also achieved benefits I was not told about such as, smoother and clearer skin, increased energy and weight loss of over 20 pounds as a result of the healthy eating regimen. Your practice has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thanks again, — E.G.
Already Making A Difference!
My weight has been a tremendous struggle for me. However, I have lost 5 pounds since beginning my SBT treatments (1 week ago!). I am so excited! — A.H.
Overall Health Is Much Better
When I first came to AHA, I was having sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety, and very easily irritated. Now I’ve lost some weight, my sleep habits have improved after the first week of SBT treatments. My eating habits changed as well. I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my body. I seem to be calmer and my tolerance is higher, things don’t seem to bother me as much anymore. I feel better about myself and people are telling me I look healthier. My regular physician complemented me on losing inches and told me to keep up the good work and to continue what I’m doing. Thank you for your expertise in finding the exact thing that I was having problems with. I’m really happy I came here. Thanks to all the staff at AHA. — J.J.
Less Fatigue, Headaches and Weight Loss!
4 weeks – 2 ½ pounds lost!! Less fatigue, no headaches – you guys are awesome. — J.K.W.
Healthy Body Can Fight Off Infection!
The day before my daughter’s wedding I got a cold. I believe I got it from my nail tech because she had a bad cold when I got my nails done. The difference with this cold compared to colds I have had in the past was my body started fighting this off right away. I never felt real bad with this cold. I had some drainage, sneezing and a small cough but never took anything to cover up the symptoms. Six months ago if I had got this same cold I know I would have been miserable. In fact, 2 years ago a cold like this put me into pneumonia. Now since I have been coming to Alternative Health Atlanta my body is healthy and was able to do what it was designed to do and fight off this cold naturally. The nail tech that originally had the cold is on her second round of antibiotics and feels awful. — S.M.
Surgery Avoided For Gum Disease!
2 years ago I was diagnosed with periodontal gum disease. I had surgery to help correct the problem. After the surgery I had to have a cleaning every 4 months. In November of 2004 the pockets in the right side back part of my mouth were a 6 and my doctor thought that they may need to do surgery again. Since I was treated with Cyruta Plus and Congaplex, pecio script mouth wash my next visit to the doctor was amazing – the 6 was now a 3. To the doctor’s surprise she asked what I was doing and I told her of my Alternative Health program. She stated that was good and that I should keep it up and I didn’t need surgery. — W.G.
No Medication For 2 Months and Feeling Great!
Before coming to AHA I was taking Ibuprofen like candy. Since seeing the doctors I feel much better and have not had the ibuprofen in 2 months! It is a wonderful feeling! — L.F.
Naps Are No Longer Necessary!
Before coming to AHA I would have to take an afternoon nap everyday because I was so exhausted. Now I don’t need to take naps at all!! Also my eyes seem to be improving especially the bags under them. The hot flashes also are much shorter than they used to be. I also do my points regularly to make them even shorter. Plus no night sweats or breast pain! Thanks to AHA for all of their help!! — D.O.[/expand
Less Sugar, Less WeightI’ve lost between 7-8 pounds. I’m sure this is due to restricting the intake of refined sugar. I’m also watching my bread intake. — E.L.
Clothes That Were Once Too Small Now Fit!
My health overall has improved. I made a pact to not weigh myself, but I have noticed that I am able to fit into clothes that were once too small for me. I still have a ways to go but I know that my body is going back to a normal state of being healthy. — W.C.
Jeans Are Loose Again!
For the past several years I have been feeling bloated and going up in my clothes size. After coming here for a month I am back in jeans that I have not been able to wear for a year. I not only got the jeans on but they are a little loose. -L.F.
Better Eating Habits
When I first came to AHA I felt sluggish and tired. After a few treatments of SBT , I have acquired better eating habits and a better diet as well. And there is still room for improvements. I have also lost weight due to that. I have enjoyed the staff as well as the patients. I hope that my treatments at AHA continue to progress me into better health. — C.L.
Shedding Pounds Is Sooo Easy!
Without consciously trying I’ve lost 2 sizes. I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in no time. Unfortunately I don’t weigh myself so I can't state the actual pounds, but I’m now comfortable in a size 8–straight skirt and fitted pant. It’s truly amazing!! — G.P.
I Lost Weight After Just 3 Treatments!
After 3 SBT treatments I noticed I had lost weight (pants had room to spare after being tight in the seat and thighs) The whites of my eyes were whiter, the hair on my chin hadn’t grown back as quickly as it usually does, and even my teeth look whiter! Amazing! —D.C.
20 Pound Weight Loss!
Before coming to AHA, my left side of my face would hurt when I ate my food. Now after my treatments, my face does not hurt anymore, it is tender but not as bad. Also, I have lost 20 pounds by eating healthier. I used to not even have an appetite. Now, I have a much better appetite. — K.C.[/expand
Clothes Are Falling Off!The good feelings continue. I don’t know how much I’ve lost but my clothes are fitting differently (some articles of clothing are wanting to fall off when I walk)! I am very excited about my progress. — C.M.
Girlish Figure Is Back!
I’ve lost weight and my boyfriend has noticed! A total of 6 weeks and 17lbs later my legs and butt have slimmed back down and I’m getting my girlish figure once again. Of course there have been many other great results including less bloating and menstrual cramping, better energy and more restful sleep. But when the boyfriend notices and compliments come freely, that makes a big difference! Thanks AHA!!!! — P.N.
Successful Weight Loss Leads To No More Zoloft!!
It has been 2 months and I have lost 15lbs! I have struggled with my weight for many years; the weight problem has contributed to my depression, along with other things. I am now completely off of Zoloft (I was taking 200mg/day)! I haven’t had a diet coke since my first week here! I feel so much better overall! Thank you so much AHA! You have given me back me! —L.C

*Results may vary from person to person.