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We are Dedicated to Helping Patients No One Else has been Able to Help

We are changing health care….EVECTICS(SM)


We are an innovative, research-driven clinic that is looking for like-minded people to join our group.

The Problem:

Chronic health conditions [chronic: continuing or repeating health conditions such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, sleep problems, hormone problems, diabetes, heart disease, etc.] affect over 100 million in the US alone (CDC).  Think for a second: if you developed a severe chronic illness that had no medical solution (that would be almost all of them), exactly what would you do? Who would you go see? Do you have confidence that you could resolve the problem?

If you had friends or family with these chronic conditions… what would you recommend for them?

People are often perplexed and confused by this question. They really don't know what they would do if this happened.  I believe this is because there is no well-known and accepted medical specialty that can get results with these patients routinely.  There is literally, "no place to go."

The Solution:

The white paper “EvecticsSM: How You Can Recover from Long-Term Health Problems" you can download here is eye-opening.

EvecticsSM: is a completely unique approach to health care, specifically designed to help chronically ill people to recover their lives and health.

Does the following describe you?

  • Helping people help themselves to recover their lives back from the brink of disaster is what you love to do above all else.
  • You are a pioneer-type and revel in introducing people to innovative methods of regaining health when the normal, accepted approaches to health care don't work.
  • You are willing to tackle tough and difficult tasks if necessary to achieve worthwhile goals.
  • You love to study and learn, and are never willing to rest on what you know currently, as we can always improve and get better and better results with patients.

Then you should send us your resume!

We offer:

  • Training in how bodies actually heal and what it takes to make this occur. Our reception staff generally knows more about health and healing than many practitioners after a few years of experience.
  • An opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated like-minded team that is changing health care by changing patient's attitudes and viewpoints.
  • You get to go home every night knowing that you really made a difference in many people's lives that day.

If you are interested in a position with the Clinic:

  1. Read the white paper (see download link at right). This will give you an overview of who we are and what we do.
  2. Send your resume to:

Download Whitepaper Here

*Results may vary from person to person.