Holistic Health Care Results

Will I Get Results from Holistic Health Care?

A quick quiz to find out:

1: Could you do your best to follow your doctor’s recommendations to adjust your diet, take daily supplements and come to regular visits?

2: Could you think about your health long-term and work with your doctor to achieve stable health, not temporary symptom relief?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, the final question is whether your health problems and overall physical condition are a good match for a holistic treatment program. This can easily be determined with an initial visit to a holistic doctor.

What are “Holistic Results,” Anyway?

The results from a holistic treatment program differ quite a lot from the expected results from conventional medical treatment.

Medical treatment aims to manage symptoms, especially those that can cause additional health problems or death.

Examples: high blood pressure, high blood sugar (diabetes), low thyroid hormones (hypothyroid), high cholesterol, hormone imbalances causing female problems, etc.

Holistic treatment aims to restore the ability of the body to heal. All the problems listed above could improve with better health. So, while medications will never cure the cause of high blood pressure, a holistic program could allow the body to heal the underlying causes of this problem. The HOLISTIC RESULT could range anywhere from more controlled blood pressure while still using medications to being entirely off medications.

Holistic Treatment is Non-Specific

A holistic program could have the result of allowing the body to simultaneously heal from many health problems. Think about this: if your body was to improve its ability to heal, you might see results such as improved sleep, more energy, better digestion, and improved mental clarity. These results are simply from having better health overall.

Unlike medicine, holistic treatment isn’t targeted at a particular symptom. Instead, the goal is to improve health.

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The Biggest Benefit

Biggest Benefit
Biggest Benefit

If your body has been unable to heal completely, resulting in health problems, you can imagine that this is likely to continue and cause additional health problems in your future.

The most significant benefit from a holistic health treatment program is improving your overall health and your body’s ability to heal so that your chances of developing future health problems are much less.

I have found that one of the worst problems associated with chronic health conditions is an ongoing concern, worry, or anxiety about your health. If your symptoms resolve, your follow-up labs are normal, and you have great energy and mental focus, you probably aren’t going to be very worried about your future health. Now your full attention can be focused on your life and the things that are most important to you.

Should You Try a Holistic Program?

No question, a holistic treatment program requires more participation from you than medical treatment.

Why you might decide to choose this option over medicine:

1: Your health continues to decline despite medical treatment (this is the #1 reason patients come to us).

2: You want to avoid or stop taking harmful medications with side effects or that cause damage to your health.

3: Your medical treatment has been largely ineffective, and you still have symptoms even with medication or surgery.

4: Your health problem can’t be diagnosed or has no effective treatment options. You’ve been told you will have to live with it.

5: You have decided that ending your health problem and restoring overall health is preferable to long-term medication and kicking the can down the road for the rest of your life.

So, Will You Get Results?

If you can answer YES to the quiz questions at the top of this article, then you have an excellent chance of gaining significant health improvement using a holistic treatment program.

Dr. Billiot

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