Surprising Solutions to Depression, Anxiety, Concentration and Memory Problems:

If you have health problems and are reading this (or if you’re trying to help a close friend with a health problem), it’s a safe bet that you have been looking for solutions to your problems, possibly for a long while.

If your search for better health has been frustrating, I may have some valuable insight and information for you.

I decided to write this today after talking to a patient who originally came to me in very rough condition. She could sleep for, at most, an hour a night. Her body had inflammation everywhere, so she was in constant pain. She had severe digestive and hormone symptoms. I could go on, she had about 13 serious and chronic symptoms, but you get the drift.

One of her more debilitating problems was long-term depression and anxiety. Her doctors had been telling her about the chemical imbalances in her brain for many years and had put her on multiple medications, all to no positive effect at all.

At that time, I asked her if she had any hope of achieving the purposes and goals she had in her life. She looked very sad and told me that she had given up on this.

So, I asked her, “What do you think: If someone has been forced by their health to give up on their purposes and goals and knows these will never be achieved, what NORMAL, NATURAL emotion would you expect that person to exhibit?” She thought about this and said, “Probably they’d be pretty depressed.” Then she looked up with a bit of interest, “So maybe it’s not the chemical imbalances causing the depression?”

Folks, it’s definitely something other than chemical imbalances causing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of concentration, brain fog, memory problems, lack of interest in life and mental sluggishness. It’s gut problems, blood sugar, hormone imbalances, deficiencies, toxicity and… having so many health problems you have given up on life!

In my experience, almost all “mental” health problems, including concentration and memory problems improve or resolve by improving the overall health of the patient and don’t require any direct treatment of neurological problems.

My patient started a health improvement program several months ago and we’re helping her to help her own body to improve its function. She is already in a completely different place both mentally and physically.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, you may feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life and have trouble imagining how you could take on doing a health improvement program. If you understood how such a program would work, and could see that you had a really excellent chance of getting your health problems improved and handled, this might inspire you to take action anyway!

If you are a person with health problems who is close to giving up or just very frustrated, you really, really need to hear this:

What I Tell Patients With Serious Chronic Health Problems:

If you have chronic health problems, it’s because you have too many damaged or unhealthy cells in your body. This sounds too simple, but it’s the basic truth. If you can learn how to be effective in helping your body rebuild the unhealthy cells, you will be rewarded with much improved health, resolved symptoms, heightened resistance to illness and injury, better mental state… in short, it’s all good!

At the Clinic, we help our patients back to good, stable health by assisting them to be successful in applying this simple truth.

The Basic Truth of Health:

The solution to most health problems is to work with the body to assist it to replace unhealthy cells with healthier cells.

There are many reasons for cell damage: stress, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, infections, genetics and more.

But whatever the cause, you are likely more interested in learning how to recover your life back from the symptoms that you are enduring than you are in discovering why the problem happened in the first place.

I want to show you how cells and tissue in your body can be transitioned from unhealthy to healthy— how to get your body to replace damaged and unhealthy cells with healthier cells— and how you can facilitate this.

The Two Facts:

There are two facts related to the health of your cells that you must know in order to understand how to recover your health:

  1. Cells have limited life-spans and your body is always in the process of rebuilding them.
    The average cell in your body only lives about three months before it naturally has to be replaced. This means that in the time it takes you to read this sentence, your body has rebuilt about fifty million cells. If you look in the mirror, most of what you can see is no more than three months old. This means that your body has a lot of opportunity to replace a damaged or unhealthy cell with a better one.
  2. Cells are made from the food you eat. Therefore your diet, the quality of food you eat, and the condition of your digestion monitor the success your body will have improving cellular health.
    Cells are “assembled” by the body from component parts that the body cannot manufacture itself. These cellular component parts come from the food chain and are made from sunlight and soil. Since you have neither leaves nor roots, your body can’t create these parts. You have to get them from the food you eat and digest. Eating poor quality food or having a compromised digestive system can prevent healing.

A sobering thought: Add one and two above: Your body is made up of what you have eaten over the past three months.

The Five Actions:

There are five basic actions that are effective if you want to help your body to rebuild damaged cells. Some of these you can do yourself, some you may need some help with:

  1. Adjust your attitude. Decide that you are going to get well, it’s just a matter of how and when. Stop listening to anyone who “knows” that: “With your diagnosis, scientifically you must realize that the best you can do is to take these medications for the rest of your life and learn to live with the inevitable symptoms from your disease.” (Believe what you will about how mental attitude can affect your health; if you listen to these people you won’t even try to find another solution, which guarantees that you won’t ever recover your health.)
  2. Adjust your diet and lifestyle to maximize your immune system response.
    Your immune system is the tool your body uses to repair itself. Anything you can do to make this system more effective will result in more rapid and complete healing. There are simple and very effective “tweaks” you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will dramatically boost your immune system and improve your speed of healing. This is easy, you just need individualized coaching, as everyone’s needs are different.
  3. Take the exact replacement parts (in the form of dietary supplements) needed to rebuild the tissue that your body is currently trying but failing to heal.
    Testing and recommending supplements in a way that results in health recovery is a very complex process. The practitioner must have a broad and deep knowledge of physiology, anatomy and biochemistry. They must understand what each supplement does and how it affects the body and not just use a “cookbook” approach. They must be a master of various testing techniques and fully understand how to use many different lab tests. This is the most complex and also the most important component of your health improvement program. It’s what everything else is based on, so it must be done correctly!
  4. Use effective therapies to resolve any functional health problems from your nervous or hormone systems.
    Almost 20 years ago, we discovered the benefit of adding functional acupressure therapies to clinical nutrition. You could say that a supplement program puts the “building materials on the site,” along with the tools and even the workmen. But if you have no blueprint and foreman, you may not get the end result you wanted! Functional acupressure therapies allow the body to handle hormone imbalances, sensitivities, allergies, immune malfunction, sugar cravings and other problems that affect communication inside the body.
  5. Combine all of the above Actions into a custom program designed to address your exact needs.
    This is the essence of the EvecticsSM health therapy system. By evaluating to find the most effective therapies and then combining these for the greatest benefit, it’s possible to give your body enough support to get it “over the hump” and back to healing itself.
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