Dr. Billiot Photo “Switching” from Scars: How Serious is This?

Autonomic Dysregulation (or switching) is one of many possible stresses on your body. Also, the severity of the switching condition can vary, so differing amounts of stress can result from the condition person to person.

You can think of your health like your bank account: If there is more stress (funds going out) than available health (funds going in) then you will eventually get into trouble. Switching is just one of the possible stresses.

If you are experiencing health problems, particularly if the problems are becoming more numerous or worsening, then your health may be cause for concern. Only testing on a Heart Rate Variability device can determine if switching is a factor.

What I Recommend:

First, avoid unnecessary scars. Don’t get piercings or tattoos.

Second, you can use vitamin E therapy on existing scars. This has the added benefit of fading many scars. Just wipe a small amount of liquid vitamin E on the scar and rub it in briefly. Do this twice a day for three to six months. In many cases I have seen this therapy be successful in stopping a switching condition (as indicated on an HRV test).

If you have several health problems, especially if you have had them for years, there may be a number of factors causing your body not to heal normally. Switching could be one of these. If you would like some advice on this problem, you can fill out an on-line questionnaire and I’ll be happy to review it and talk to you about your problems in a phone consult. If you live in the Atlanta area, I’ll be happy to do this at no charge.  Here’s a link to the online test.