Holistic Health Care: What Would I Have to Do?

What would I have to do to get the results I want with your treatment programs?

This is the most-asked question I hear!

Often I find that the person asking has a history of failed attempts at fixing their health, and they are determined to be successful this time around.

Sometimes they are very worried about what might be required of them and concerned that they might have to make extreme changes to their diets, do difficult treatments, or suffer through bad reactions.


Here is What You Would Have to Do: The Three Things

The Three Things
The Three Things

For nearly three decades, I’ve been telling patients, “Do the Three Things and you’ll get better—often quickly.” Sure enough, the patients who diligently do these three things almost always make speedy and stable progress in improving their health.

Here they are:

1: Take your supplements as recommended.

2: Eat within the guidelines we recommend and get help from us if you have trouble.

3: Come to your visits at the clinic as we recommend.

That’s basically it!

Here is more detail on each of these to help you understand what you’d have to do, and why you’d have to do that.


Take Your Supplements

Take Your Supplements
Take Your Supplements

I usually start patients off with 4 or 5 supplements. Over a few months, this may increase substantially. It seems like a lot of supplements, but I have many solutions for patients who have trouble swallowing pills. Taking supplements creates much less stress for patients than you might think.

Usually, I have patients take supplements twice a day, which helps them take pills by cutting the dose in half.

There’s another factor in play here that may seem surprising: It’s not hard to take pills that your body very much wants. These supplements are specific nutrients used to rebuild those damaged cells that prevent healing. It’s a little like drinking water when you’re incredibly thirsty; your body really, really wants it.

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Eat as Recommended

Eat Healthy
Eat Healthy

I get a lot of questions from new patients about diet restrictions:

1: Will I have to be a vegan? NO. I prefer animal protein foods for bodies that need to heal.

2: Will I have to go on a diet? NO. Even if you need to lose weight, the best way to do this is to help your body get healthy enough, so it loses weight naturally.

3: Can I still eat regular food? YES. My goal is to make the minimum number of changes to your diet. Changing diet is stressful; I want to minimize that. Of course, this does depend on how you define “regular food.”

4: Can I eat at restaurants? YES. I strongly discourage any fast food, but restaurants are fine.

5: Can I eat candy, cake, cookies, and drink wine? NOT SO MUCH. Sugar stresses your immune system in many ways and can directly slow or stop your healing progress. However, I recommend great natural sweeteners and substitutes for treats so you won’t feel overly deprived.


Come to Your Visits

Come to visits
Take Your Supplements

Visits are essential for several reasons:

1: A visit is where I learn what must be done to assist your body past the current barrier preventing healing. Bodies heal in many sequential steps. My job is to keep healing progress continuing, which means I must test and observe your body as it heals. If I miss a visit, I have lost that information, and your body may start to slow down or stall in its progress.

2: Many visits include acupressure treatments to reduce physical stress. Without stress reduction, your body can’t use supplements to rebuild cellular structure effectively. It’s like a cut on your finger; without a band-aid to reduce the stress on the cut, it may become infected. My programs require nutrition to rebuild damaged cells and acupressure to reduce stress so that your body can use that nutrition effectively. Both are critical to continued improvement.

3: Visits are where you become educated and knowledgeable about your own body. When I go over labs with a patient, they often tell me that they now have the information to understand why they had a health problem and are learning how to prevent this from happening again.


The Secret Formula

Secret Formula
Secret Formula

This formula isn’t secret at all; it just seems like very few doctors know about it.


EXAMPLE: You come to me with a health problem that is really impacting your life. I tell you, “Modify your diet like this, take these supplements every day and come see me a couple of times a week for the next two months.” You do what I say, and within a few weeks, you are so much better.

If I ask, “Was that hard to do?” you’ll say, “No! It wasn’t hard; everything I did worked!”

If I then ask, “Here’s what I need you to do next, are you up for it?” you will be happy to do whatever I ask—as long as it works.

If you have a history of doing health care that didn’t work, this will explain why it may have all seemed so difficult.

You might try helping your body to regain its ability to heal instead of trying to treat symptoms, BECAUSE THIS ISN’T HARD TO DO!

Dr. Billiot

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