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Why you would want to read this booklet:

There are thousands of possible reasons why you might be reading this book: these reasons are symptoms that you can’t get rid of. Sadly, it’s very likely that out of the thousands of reasons, you will have more than one… maybe you have a dozen.

Worse, it’s likely you will develop even more of these symptoms in the future.

I’ve spent the past 25 years talking to, working with and helping people with these problems. I’ve experienced a few myself. I’ve had a baby with such severe chronic illness that I thought he would die for three years after he was born.

During this time, I made a discovery about chronic illness that has allowed me to help 8,000 patients to recover all or part of their lives back. I’ve taught these concepts to hundreds of other doctors, many of whom have been able to get the same kind of results with their own patients.

The concept is simple:

Here is what I’ve discovered to be the basic cause of chronic health conditions:

  1. Your body is made of living cells that don’t have long lifespans and are constantly being replaced.
  2. Your body is always in a state of repairing itself and replacing damaged or dying cells and structures. This is how it stays healthy.
  3. If a body gets exposed to certain causes of stress beyond its ability to compensate or handle them, it can become unable to fully maintain and heal itself.
  4. In this condition, your body begins to accumulate sources of stress from areas it can’t repair or maintain. These stresses build up over time until your body can’t compensate for them (i.e. it can’t hide the stress from you anymore). At this point, you may develop symptoms, which shows your body has areas of overwhelming stress.
  5. Because this stress is an accumulation of damaged areas that can’t be repaired, your body is unable to recover. Thus, your symptoms will be chronic and probably never go away permanently.

Here is the solution to these chronic health conditions:

  1. Only the body is able to solve the problem of being unable to maintain and repair itself fully and correctly. This is why medical treatment so often fails with this kind of problem.
  2. The answer is to become an effective assistant to the body, giving it exactly the help it needs, in the areas it needs and in the sequences it needs to allow it to begin to repair itself again.
  3. To be an effective assistant, the doctor must realize that the BODY is the only expert and allow the body to become its own doctor. The doctor then takes the role of an assistant, helping the body to succeed in what it’s trying to accomplish.

This is a simple and very effective solution to many, if not most, chronic health conditions. However, the technology required to achieve this has taken me over 20 years to develop, test and refine.

I have named this technology “EvecticsSM

In the 1800s, the word “evectics” (e VEK tics) meant, “The branch of medical science which teaches the method of acquiring a good habit of body.*”  In other words, evectics meant “the method of obtaining health.” The word went out of use in the early 1900s, as medicine became more about relief of symptoms and less about health. I have resurrected it as a name for my system of individualized health improvement therapy.

*“Good habit of body” means that the body is well-constructed and attractive. A definition of “habit” is “bodily appearance or makeup.”

EvecticsSM is a unique concept in health care. To make it easy to understand, I have written this very short booklet outlining:

  • Why you might need EvecticsSM
  • How your health got to this point in the first place
  • How EvecticsSM works
  • What you’d have to do if you decided to do an EvecticsSM treatment program
  • Guidelines on how to proceed, depending on your specific situation

The booklet takes about 20 – 30 minutes to read in its entirety.

I hope this is helpful,

Dr. Melodie Billiot


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Chronic health problems are those that recur regularly or never go away (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, fatigue, hormone problems, digestive problems, allergies, depression, anxiety, etc.). These make up a huge majority of all health problems (seventy-five cents of every health care dollar). The gaping, but camouflaged hole in modern health care is that there are almost no solutions for these problems, only drug management to make some of the symptoms more tolerable.

Here are two important facts that you must understand for there to be any hope for you to resolve your chronic health problems:

  1. Chronic health conditions originate from overall poor health that results in your body’s ability to heal being compromised.
  2. Medical treatment addresses specific damage or infection in the body and has little application to improve health in a way that would allow the body to heal chronic conditions.

You must understand this, because otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your life pursuing conventional, medical treatment for your problems and will take many drugs but never fully recover. A chronic health condition can only improve or resolve based on improvement in your health, something that only you can (with the right help and guidance) achieve. No doctor can “fix” your problem with a treatment.

Before you developed a chronic condition, chances are you had the same ideas that most of the unaffected population does:

“What’s a chronic health condition?” “If you are sick, just go to the doctor—what’s the big deal?”

What the public is not noticing is the individual suffering from long-term chronic health conditions. This suffering reduces happiness and productivity for them and their families. These are not the severely ill who are bedridden, living on disability or requiring constant care. They are the “walking ill,” people who hold down jobs, take care of their families, raise children and are active in churches and other organizations. But every day they wonder if they can keep it up. They’re battling fatigue, depression, pain, brain fog and the conviction that it’s all likely to get worse. They believe this because over many years of searching and effort, they have found no effective treatments or solutions. These people have found that medical technology is very close to bankrupt about chronic illness, other than temporary or long-term drug management of symptoms.

“You are healthy, congratulations!”
The nature of many chronic health problems is that sometimes they don’t show as out of range on blood tests or as anything of concern during a standard physical. The person will complain of many symptoms to their doctor, but the doctor may tell them they are perfectly healthy (by lab results and examination). They may be told to reduce their stress, eat less fat and get more rest, but there is no diagnosis to be made. Often if the person continues to insist that there is something wrong, the doctor will suggest, “It’s possibly depression or a ‘stress-related’ issue,” (inferring that if the doctor fails to find the problem, it must be because the patient is making it up— “it’s just in your head”). Often patients are prescribed an anti-depressant or other psychotropic drug.

Half the US population has one or more chronic health conditions.
If you have chronic problems yourself, be aware that this is much, much more common than you might imagine. According to the CDC, about half the US population (133 million) has one or more chronic health conditions and one in four has two or more conditions. The CDC reports that 7 out of the top 10 causes of death are chronic diseases.

To illustrate with just a single condition, arthritis causes more than 22 million Americans to have trouble with their usual activities (CDC). Modern medicine has no cure for arthritis and can only “manage” it if possible, with drugs, all with severe side effects* (see below for examples). Further, there is no arthritis case that has only arthritis. This is a condition of chronic inflammation, which creates a host of other chronic health problems to go along with the debilitating joint pain.

There is little understanding or empathy for these sufferers, as most of the world seems to believe that doctors know how to treat all but the “big name” (cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.) diseases quite effectively. If you are suffering from anything other than a “big name” disease and are whining about it, the popular thinking is that you need to go get treatment and, frankly, suck it up. You don’t have a REAL problem. In some cases, this attitude may be shared by your doctor.

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There are two kinds of health problems:
First, there is what I would term a “medical problem,” where the symptom itself is the problem. If your arm is broken, the symptom is a broken arm—which is also the problem. A medical doctor would successfully treat the symptom, which would also fix the problem. There are thousands of examples of this type of problem, from appendicitis to trauma.

The second type of problem is called a “chronic condition” by medical doctors. This is an ongoing problem, which keeps recurring or never goes away (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc.).

Chronic health problems are caused by a compromise in the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself.
Medical doctors can’t, and don’t, treat the causes of chronic conditions, just the symptoms. Treating these symptoms can be a very good thing, such as drugs to reduce high blood pressure and prevent stroke. But if this is the only solution, and the patient must take the drugs (with side effects and stress to the body) for the rest of their lives, then this isn’t such a good solution at all.

Origins of Chronic Health Conditions
Bad news: You live on Planet Earth. Therefore, you’ll have damage to your body repeatedly as an inevitable result of living. Your body will repair the major damage, but if your ability to heal is compromised, some of the damage, a “tag end,” is often left permanently unrepaired. The body arranges a work-around to maintain its function despite these unrepaired “tag ends” but this results in a permanent area of stress.

Your body is designed to hide the symptoms of stress if it possibly can, so at first you may be unaware of any problem. Over time, more stress builds from repeated incomplete repairs until the body can’t control it—and you become aware of a symptom. Notably, a symptom from this source generally won’t go away once it begins, or it will reoccur regularly. There is no medical solution available other than to treat the symptom itself, as it is caused by long-term stress from many areas of unrepaired damage, none of which is medically treatable.

Over time, the body will continue to develop unrepaired damage, creating an increase in permanent stress. This leads to additional chronic symptoms showing up, adding to the person’s “permanent collection” of symptoms.

Result: a long-term declining health trend.


1. Decide nothing can be done, give up and live with your condition of declining health.

2. Accept whatever medical help is available. I sometimes call this the “Tour of Specialists.” If you take whatever drugs and do whatever procedures are recommended medically, your symptoms might be somewhat less, but the stress of the medical treatment and drugs will steepen the decline of your health. Often, I’ve had patients tell me that they tried all medical treatments without much success, gave up, and opted for #1 (live with it).

3. Continue to live with the declining health conditionbut keep trying a long string of treatments and products that “might help” such as diets, supplements and therapies. This approach can cause some symptoms to improve short-term, but the overall health trend usually stays the same—downward. You may feel better by thinking that you’re “doing something about” your health. Often people will justify their worsening health by blaming their age or genetics, or by observing how common their complaints are. None of this will help to recover health, quality of life or future health.

4. Another solution would be to address the actual cause of the health decline: the body’s compromised immune systems. If this is successful, the body will rapidly transition from steadily worsening to beginning to improve. Bodies either get worse or get better, and if enough assistance is given to a body, it will stop worsening and begin to improve, typically over just a few weeks. If an effective program to assist the body to regain its ability to heal is maintained over a long enough time, the body will continue to improve and will stabilize. At this point, a life-long program of supporting any permanent weakness can result in long-term stability and good health, with little attention on the body and maximum attention on life, all at a tiny fraction of the cost and pain of many conventional medical solutions—that would only treat symptoms.

It should be evident that out of these choices, number 4 would be the most productive and make the most sense. Yet, this is by far the least likely choice to be made.

Here’s why:
1. These facts are not broadly known or publicized, so few people discover this option.

2. It requires a professional with specialized knowledge and training. As this is not a well-known field, there are not many practitioners trained and experienced to help you. Finding a qualified professional in a convenient location can be challenging.

3. It requires a lot of personal responsibility and willingness to change diets and lifestyles long-term. Another factor is that health insurance rarely covers any part of this type of health solution. Health insurance for the most part pays for drugs and surgery but won’t pay for a genuine solution to chronic health problems that will end the need for more treatment.

4. Our current system of health care has created false but almost universally believed “facts” that act as traps, preventing you from being able to see a way out of your chronic illness problems.

Here are some of the traps that can prevent you from being able to see the truth about your own body and recovering your life and health.

If you are caught in this trap, you’ve succumbed to the idea that there must be a “fix” for your problem, if only you could locate it! The truth is, there is no “fix” to a chronic health condition, if “fix” is defined as “quick and someone else does it for me.”

The belief that there is a “fix” to a long-term health problem is partly rooted in drug company marketing. All drug ads push the line that “If you have symptoms, you are sick and need treatment (drugs). If your symptoms lessen or go away with the drug, now you are healthy (even if you have to continue to take the drug).” Every drug ad shows happy people recovered from their problems because they are taking a drug. This is the thinking that allows a person to take a drug for high blood pressure every day for the rest of his life and believe that he doesn’t have a health problem. This same person might believe that his high blood pressure condition went away as soon as he started the drug, and that now it’s fixed! The truth is that the drug only suppresses the symptom, leaving the underlying condition to worsen and stressing the body with a toxic drug.

Chronic health conditions typically evolve over many years. You may have had health problems for a decade or more before you had symptoms. Your body is very, very good at compensating, working around problems and hiding symptoms. By the time it runs out of options and can’t hide the stresses from you any longer, there is a lot of damage to repair, which will usually take it many years to accomplish. There’s no “quick fix” available because the problem took years to develop and simply can’t be fixed quickly.

There is no quick “fix,” no drug or surgery that will make you “like it never happened.” There is only healing, which takes time and discipline from you. The longer you believe in the “fix” fiction, the longer it will take you to get started on the process of healing (indeed, if you ever do). Meanwhile, your condition will likely continue to worsen.

Chronic health conditions take a long time to develop and a long time to heal. A rule of thumb on this would be at least three months of healing for every year you have been aware of your problem.

This may be the most common Trap to be caught in and the most difficult to overcome. This trap can be stated simply in three steps:

1. There is no medical (drug or surgery) solution to your chronic health problem.

2. The general public, the health care system, and likely your doctor and most of your family and friends, believe that only medical care is legitimate. Everything else is useless at best, and a quackery and a scam at worst.

3. Therefore, if you feel you must have agreement from your doctor, family and friends as to how you approach your health problem, you may be stuck in the Agreement Trap. All you can get agreement with are things that will not work.

The easiest way out of this trap is to understand why your friends and family agree with medical treatment and disagree with anything else:

• Most people certainly don’t want to leave the comfort of believing that the medical system can take care of them if they get sick. To discover they’re on their own would be very scary.

• Your friends see all those people in the TV drug ads and how much happier they are since they tried that new drug. This reinforces the “drugs are the only legitimate treatment” idea. Multiply this by about 2.4 billion dollars spent annually just on direct-to-consumer television advertising on pharmaceuticals.

• Doctors are seen in our society as larger-than-life, considered by most to be “the Health EXPERTS.” Health care is a huge business—giant buildings, complex technical equipment, billions of dollars, difficult to pronounce words and complicated names of diseases. Then there are all those prestigious medical schools that are hard to get into and charge hundreds of thousands in tuition. Research is done by PhDs in big, expensive labs and written up in prestigious journals that are respected worldwide. You see all this impressive infrastructure; you see people’s lives being saved by all the high-level technology.

It’s hard to imagine that there is a hole in medicine the size of: “Half the population is sick, and the experts have no answers.”
The difficult-to-face truth is that despite the prestige, money, training, degrees and respect, medicine has no real solution for your chronic health problem.

Therefore, to be successful in recovering your health you’re going to have to just let other people have their opinions, know what you know, keep your own counsel and find a non-medical solution to your health problems.

Finding other people to talk to who really understand the problems you are dealing with and agree with the methods you have chosen to recover is a key part of getting your health back. Standing on your own against the agreement of what can seem like the entire society can be daunting. The more support you have, the more likely you will recover your health.


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There is uniform agreement from every health agency, organization and corporation that we are living in an age of epidemic-level chronic health problems. The current crisis from runaway health care costs is fueled by 75 cents of every healthcare dollar being spent on chronic illness. Since people usually have a chronic illness for the rest of their lives, the money needed to constantly treat the symptoms is staggering.

Here’s a quote from a research paper published by the National Institutes of Health:

The disease burden in the United States has changed radically in the past 100 years. A striking decrease in infectious diseases as causes of morbidity and mortality has been followed by a steady increase in morbidity and mortality rates from chronic disease, which is now the dominant health issue facing the country, at levels justifying considering chronic disease as having reached epidemic proportions.  (Scanning the Chronic Disease Terrain: Prospects and Opportunities Jeremiah A. Barondess, MD Published by US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health)

A century ago, you were at risk from many infectious diseases and from ignorance of the basics of public health and sanitation. However, if you managed to avoid (or survive) these problems, you were likely much healthier than you are today.

In 1900, one in six people died of a chronic illness. Today, 3 out of 4 people will die from chronic illness. That’s 16% dead from chronic illness in 1900, 75% dead in 2019.

Obviously, something has changed. That “something” is overall health.

Chronic disease is a condition brought on by poor health. With chronic health problems, the body’s ability to heal itself has become compromised, causing the stress from unrepaired areas to build until chronic symptoms result.

The reason for the increase in chronic health conditions is simply that the general public’s overall health has drastically declined in the past 100 years.

Pottenger’s Cats

One clue to our declining public health lies in a 10-year long research project done in 1903 by a physician named Pottenger. Pottenger fed cats a diet of cooked meat, deficient in nutrients that the cats needed, which caused the cats to develop severe health problems. This degeneration appeared to be passed from generation to generation of cats. A cat with poor health from malnutrition would have offspring with similar health problems, even if the kitten was fed a healthy diet. This experiment is often cited as one of the earliest showing the effects of epigenetics. Epigenetics (translated as “above the genome” or “on the genome”) is the mechanism that drives cellular development. Modern genetics defines epigenetics as “temporary changes in how genes are expressed or turned on or off due to our interactions with the environment, and how those changes affect our health and the health of future generations.”

What epigenetic health-reducing effects have occurred in the past century?

• For many generations the public has been eating processed foods, foods stripped of nutrients, with toxic food additives, preservatives and refined sugars.

• For many generations, the public has been breathing contaminated air, drinking contaminated water, and has been subject to radiation, heavy metals and substances that mimic hormones.

• For many generations, the public has been increasingly subjected to toxic drugs. Vaccinations have reduced some infectious diseases, but subjecting children to foreign proteins and other toxins may have contributed to the overall stress and deterioration of their health.

What is observable is that the overall public health is deteriorating generation to generation and has been doing this for some time. Thus, the huge increase in chronic health problems and the most likely reason you are reading this booklet.

You have almost certainly noticed the decline in the immune health of children, generation to generation. If you are more than 40 years old, your elementary school wasn’t a “peanut-free zone.” You likely don’t recall having any diabetic friends in school. You won’t recall classmates with “ADHD” on mind-altering drugs handed out by their teachers. When you were a baby, you probably didn’t have severe ear infections, allergies and asthma and weren’t subjected to repeated runs of antibiotics.

The most likely reason for this decline? Epigenetics.

Most people are less healthy than their grandparents, and their grandparents were less healthy than THEIR grandparents. This has caused a problem for the only area of healthcare that has specialized in improving health instead of treating symptoms: alternative or holistic therapies.

I have it on good authority from chiropractors I’ve known who practiced in the early 1950’s that at that time many health problems would easily be handled with just a few visits. Around 1900, homeopathy was very popular in the US, with 22 Homeopathic medical schools, 29 homeopathic medical journals, 100 homeopathic hospitals and 15% of all doctors practicing homeopathy. The popularity of this technique was based on its effectiveness. Since that time both the popularity and effectiveness of homeopathy have declined.

Although I’m not criticizing these and other alternative therapies, I have observed that thousands of my patients have come to me for help with their chronic problems after trying multiple other alternative and holistic treatments. The alternative techniques still work, but the patients being treated are much, much less healthy.

This vacuum of effective treatment solutions for patients who may have suffered from generations of epigenetic health decline is the reason I developed the EvecticsSM system.


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EvecticsSM is a unique system of intensively helping the body to heal in only the exact areas where it is overwhelmed and “stuck” in the healing process. EvecticsSM testing and treatment techniques are extremely specific. We help the body in very exact areas and apply a lot of help in those areas. This is how a knife cuts: the application of force in an extremely small area.

A quick bit of history:

In 1997, I began to study and apply holistic clinical nutrition in my practice. I changed my clinic from traditional chiropractic because I wanted to be able to help the increasing number of patients who came to me with health problems that did not or would not respond to only a chiropractic adjustment.

This was very rewarding! I was able to help many patients that before I’d been frustrated by… until more difficult patients started coming to me. So, I studied, experimented and developed a more effective treatment system to help these patients as well. And, as you guessed, even more difficult patients started showing up.

This process has continued since then, until now I have a clinic that specializes only in helping those patients who have not been able to find help anywhere else.

The result of this “forced research project” is EvecticsSM, a completely organized and researched system that mirrors the body’s own healing processes. The EvecticsSM system allows the doctor to be an effective assistant to the body, while supplying a high enough level of help for the body to turn around and finally begin to heal.

How EvecticsSM Works

EvecticsSM can assist the body to be successful at healing when before it was failing. The key to our success is that we are helping the body to do EXACTLY what it is trying to do already. In fact, the testing and labs we use are specifically aimed at helping to identify the exact areas the body is failing to heal, and to assist it in only those areas with only what it needs to succeed.

There are two main areas that EvecticsSM addresses:

1. Stress: Specific reduction of physical stress in the exact cellular structure or function where this stress is being caused (Acupressure treatments and improved diet and lifestyle).

2. Cellular Replacement Parts: Supplies of cellular component parts needed by the body to rebuild tissue in the exact damaged cellular structure that the body is prioritizing for repair (Clinical Nutrition using specific dietary supplements).

Other treatment techniques (alternative and conventional medicine) use one or the other, but very rarely are both employed in a coordinated fashion.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is the most common form of treatment used in health care. The concept is simple: If you cut your finger, but get busy and ignore the cut, it may become inflamed and not heal. So, you clean it up and bandage it… and the cut heals nicely. The bandage doesn’t “heal the finger,” but it reduces stress enough to where the body can successfully handle the injury and heal.

Bodies try not to show symptoms unless stress is overwhelming. So, if stress is reduced, the first action your body will take is to hide the symptom. A stress-relief technique, therefore, can be very effective at symptom relief (and very popular!).

Medicine uses stress relief as its main technique. Most drugs work by taking enough stress off an area so that the body can hide the symptom, or by reducing the stress physically (setting bones, surgeries) to the point that the body can heal the area.

Alternative techniques also work mainly in the area of stress relief. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and homeopathy are all mainly stress-relief techniques.

If the body can heal an area once the stress is relieved, a patient will recover using these techniques alone.

Clinical Nutrition

The cells that make up your body are being constantly rebuilt from the nutrition in the food that you eat. The average cell in your body only lives three months, so in the time it takes you to read this sentence, your body has rebuilt about 50 million of them!

To quote the cliché, you really “are what you eat!”

Clinical Nutrition is the process of using specific testing techniques to recommend dietary supplements and diet improvements to help the body to heal.

Clinical Nutrition Plus Stress Relief Plus Accurate Testing

In our patients (mostly “impossible cases” who have not been able to get results previously), using only stress relief or only Clinical Nutrition by themselves isn’t enough assistance to allow the body to heal.

EvecticsSM works by combining both forms of treatment (Clinical Nutrition and Stress Relief), coordinated with accurate testing. It’s this combination that I have found to be key in helping difficult cases to heal.

The three main parts of EvecticsSM consist of:

1. Testing the body’s nervous system directly, based on health history and symptoms and functional lab testing so that we do ONLY the exact action that the body wants us to as an assistance to the healing process.

2. Clinical Nutrition based on this testing to give the body the exact nutrients it needs in the correct quantities to allow cells to be rebuilt in the areas the body has prioritized.

3. Targeted stress relief based on the testing from diet improvements and acupressure (laser) techniques to take enough stress off the correct and specific structures so that the body can heal.

Program Structure: The EvecticsSM System

In the complex cases we specialize in, there is a great difficulty in tracking the many different “pieces of the puzzle” and keeping a patient’s program moving forward as efficiently as possible. My solution to this problem is the EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness, a unique and valuable contribution to health care. This chart is based on how bodies heal themselves, and shows the steps and actions needed to be a “good assistant” during the process.


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You are the key to your own successful recovery:

Only your body can heal itself of the damage that’s causing your chronic conditions. You are living in that body, so you’ll have to do most of the work to recover your health (see the “Fix Me Trap” earlier in this booklet).

The Only Successful Approach to your Treatment Program:

Our experience is: If you are willing to do ANYTHING needed to recover your health, and we are willing to do ANYTHING needed to recover your health… you just may eke over the top of your health problem and recover. It’s never simple or easy, but it can work.

The Three Things

We tell our patients that they must just do three things to get well:

1. Come to your visits. Generally, you’ll come twice a week for the first couple of months, then possibly less often. (We do have once a week programs if absolutely necessary).

2. Take your supplements every day as recommended. Usually we have you take ½ in the morning and the other ½ in the evening. There are pills, capsules and liquids. Some of the liquids don’t taste wonderful, but we rarely have terrible things for you to swallow.

3. Do your best to adjust your diet to our recommendations. We don’t tell you what to eat, instead we have you tweak your diet to maximize your immune system. You determine what you eat, we help you make your own choices as to how to comply with your body’s needs. This is an area we really excel in. We have solutions to cravings, so people who are addicted to sugar or crave junk food, carbs and sweets can regain control of their own diets. The changes we have you make immediately help you to feel better… and doing things that work isn’t very hard!

The Other Things

Well, there might be a couple of other things not covered in the Three Things above.

Scheduling: We see patients from 10:00AM to 6:30PM Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday is 3:30 to 6:30 and Friday is 9:30 to 12:30. Our schedule is perpetually full, so we must make advance reservations (if possible) for 1 – 2 months at a time to make sure we can see you and hold the times that work for you. We are sometimes successful at other types of scheduling if you don’t have a set schedule, but advance reservations are the easiest by far.

Finance: Insurance pays only for drugs and surgeries. Sadly, insurance doesn’t seem to cover any form of actual healing that might lead to less drugs and doctor visits. In 25 years, I’ve never had insurance cover any part of our services, so you’ll be paying your own way. We have had some success with HSA and Flex Plans, but it’s not a certainty that you can use these until you try it (ask us about this if it applies to you). We do have available financing and take all major credit cards. Once we have tested you on your initial visit, we will have an accurate estimate for the first six weeks of your program and a reasonable idea of what it will cost after that. We always give estimates in writing, fully itemized. We have a co-op program we’ve used for the past 20 years with great success, where you help us reduce our expenses and we give you a discount (usually 15%). We’ll give you all the details at your consult visit after your initial visit.

A note on finance: Chronic health conditions are very expensive to live with: Medical copays, out-of-pocket expenses, out of network doctors, time off for doctor visits. Your life becomes less rewarding: lack of energy to do things, brain fog, anxiety, depression make life less fun. Your career can be stunted by missed work, distraction from feeling bad, low energy, lack of concentration and energy. Chronic illness negatively affects your role as a parent, spouse, friend, associate and coworker. HOWEVER, the real problem with chronic health conditions is that they never end, and usually get worse. So, you can compound the expense in money and quality of life for the rest of your life.

Depressing? You bet. Do something effective about this! Don’t let considerations about “what I’d be willing to do” rob you of a big piece of the rest of your life.

Length of a Treatment Program: Our goal with our patients is that their bodies are no longer a problem in their lives for the remainder of their lives. If you have had a serious chronic problem for several years, you will be required to adjust your lifestyle and diet to some degree for the rest of your life if you want to be successful with this goal. We can help you with this, so that your efforts at regaining your health are 1) successful and 2) you don’t reverse and go back to where you are now in a couple of years.

The length of your treatment program depends on your condition, age, how long you’ve had problems and your ability to do our programs. If you need to go slow due to finance or scheduling, you may spend several years before you are stable enough to be on a wellness program. If you can make the time and resources needed available to go as fast as possible, you could be done much, much faster. We are very adept at accurately estimating time and cost, and then delivering on that estimate. This takes a lot of the stress out, since there’s no surprise.


Your next step depends on what you think now that you’ve read this booklet.

1. You are thinking that finally you’ve run across something that makes sense, explains what is possibly happening with your health and seems like it’s a proven and organized solution. Yes, you’ll have to make some real sacrifices and efforts over a long period of time, but who cares if you can “have your body not be a problem in your life for the remainder of your life?”

Do you have questions or want some information from a doctor as your next step? CLICK HERE to do a health survey on this website. Submit the survey with your contact information and a doctor will call you for a free phone consultation. This is a great way to find out if our clinic might be a good match for you without spending time or money.

Are you just ready to get started? Call or CLICK HERE to make your first appointment. Don’t worry, we’ll have you give us a full written health history before we see you and make sure you look like a good candidate for our programs before you come in.

2. You are interested. Some of what I’ve said here makes some sense. Some of it you aren’t so sure about. You’re skeptical that there is really a non-medical solution to chronic health conditions that really works, it does seem too good to be true. However, if it WAS true, you’d be first in line to get help, because you very much want to recover your health.

Read my books. You can link to them from the bottom of this page. Then, if you have specific questions, call and talk to my Practice Manager who can answer them for you.

3. You are interested, but this program seems over the top. You aren’t even close to having enough trouble with your health to be willing to do what is outlined here.

Just because you don’t need our program doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem and should get some help with it! Call us for a referral to a clinical nutritionist or other alternative health care professional that might be a better match for you.

4. You are like #1 above but despairing because you don’t live anywhere close to Marietta Georgia.

Call us or CLICK HERE! We do phone consult nutrition programs with patients all over the world. This might mean you would make trips to Atlanta from time to time, but we have had great success with this method IF your case is appropriate. Otherwise, we can help you to find a doctor closer to you.

5. You are a doctor (doesn’t much matter what kind), you read this booklet and are so excited you can’t sit down.
Call us. We’re in the midst of developing EvecticsSM training programs and are usually expanding our clinic and often need doctors. You must love physiology, endocrinology and anatomy and be more than willing to learn an entirely new way to practice.


For more information and education, or to learn about treatment options with my clinic, I invite you to join me at

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If you live outside of the Atlanta area:

We work with “out of town” patients every week. Using a system of phone consulting and occasional visits to Atlanta, we have successfully helped patients from many states in the US as well as from Canada, Nicaragua, Ireland, Spain and China.

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Are you a woman with severe, long-term, or frustrating health problems?

Are you exhausted, depressed, anxious, or unable to sleep? Do you feel hormone crazy and overwhelmed? Do you have digestive disturbances, joint pain, headaches, hair loss and weight gain? Do you wonder how you got here? One day you woke up in a complete mess, but can’t for the life of you figure out how it happened?
It’s not your fault, but you CAN fix it. In this book you’ll discover:
  • What hormones are and how they control your body
  • Stress: How your body can and should deal with it
  • The true story of healthy—and unhealthy—contraception
  • A proactive approach to breast health
  • How to get your life back—with energy and vitality for all the stages of your life as a woman.
Your Hormones in Harmony is written by a woman and a doctor who has lived through her own exhaustion and illness, and discovered the answers to her own health. As a result, she has helped thousands of women just like you to regain their health.

Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Dr. Billiot has written this book based on 25 years of unique experience: Owning Alternative Health Atlanta, a clinic that specializes in helping patients that no one else has been able to help.

If you are one of these people, if you have “unsolvable” health problems, the information in this book could change your life. If you simply want to know how to get healthy and stay healthy in a stressful and toxic world, you’ll need the information in this book as well.

Find out how chronic disease doesn’t have to stay chronic! Learn how you can take control of your own health and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Read this book, then give a copy to a friend.