So, you were a patient in the past but stopped your program. Stop Sign

Stopping a treatment program is not uncommon.

Often it makes a lot of sense at the time. There can be many good reasons.

You might be interested to know that the work you put into your past treatment could give you some big benefits.

Because your body has healed and recovered previously, improved stability of health and continued health improvement are easier to do:

  • The commitment needed may be easy to accomplish, much less than before.
  • The benefits short and long term could be so very worth it!
  • Read the rest of this short page. Some of it may be eye-opening!

Easy to do Wellness Programs… With a Twist Twist

When past patients get back in touch with me, the usual requests are as follows:

  • To help them to maintain excellent health
  • To help them to solve the inevitable health issues that crop up with anyone during their life
  • To keep them informed on any risks or situations with their bodies that they need to monitor.

This is a Wellness Program, and can be done for very little time, effort and money.

Here’s the Twist:

Often, patients are interested in a Wellness Program, but they also have one or more health issues that are bothering or worrying them.

This can be sleep, weight, libido, hot flashes, digestive, skin, you name it!

Here’s the thing: You may know that I could probably help your problem, but your past experience doing a program with us was more difficult and expensive than you want to repeat.

So, perhaps you’re living with a problem that you COULD get rid of, if you wanted to spend the time,effort and money.

Happy News! Wellness Icon

The hard work you put in on your original program is very likely to make it dramatically easier to handle what is happening with you now. You may have desensitized basic allergies, corrected vitamin and mineral deficiencies, improved hormone imbalances… and it can take a decade for this work to lose its effectiveness.

I can scale a treatment program for you so that the time and finance aspects align with your body’s health needs and the other pressing priorities of life.

The result can be that you resolve your bothersome health problems, and gain the benefits listed above by doing a wellness program.

By being on a wellness program, you have my help:

  • Keeping your diet where it should be
  • Taking the correct supplements that your body needs to function better
  • Having me keep an eye on things to make sure nothing untoward is developing.
  • Staying connected to a doctor who understands your body and can alert you to risks that can cause future problems is important. Your medical doctor is looking at a completely different data set, and while this is important, they usually miss much of the evidence of upcoming problems.

But I Stopped Long Ago, What Can I Do Now?

There is undoubtedly a solution that will work in your particular case.

Treatment programs are very scalable. Even taking a few correctly-chosen supplements in the exact doses and avoiding a stressful diet can slow or stop a health decline or often even improve a person’s condition.

Here’s What To Do:Dr. Billiot New Patient Consultation

  1. Come to a visit and let me get a complete understanding of your situation and your health condition. This visit will be different depending on how long it’s been since you were doing a program. Call and find out what you need; also, there are discounts available on this first visit (as a past patient).
  2. Based on the reality of your health condition and the reality of the stresses and obligations you have in your life, you and I will decide how to design your program.

We will work out how to do the maximum good while avoiding logistics that are too stressful for you to maintain long-term.

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