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The Five Things You Must Know to Recover Your Health:

5 Things You Need to Know

1. If nothing you have tried has worked, there is a reason for this.  If you are frustrated because none of the “cures” you’ve read about that have worked for others have worked for you, your case is likely more severe and may not recover without specific testing and treatment from a competent professional. Many of my patients have come to me after years of trying different medical and non-medical solutions, none of which did anything beyond short-term symptom relief.

2. There is never A SOLUTION to this type of health problem. Instead there are SOLUTIONS (it’s plural). Severe, long-term or frustrating health problems are by their nature complex and layered. Looking for a single fix or cure is very unlikely to help you. Recovering from a serious chronic health condition based on trial-and-error, advice from friends, self-help books and Dr. Google is long, expensive and ultimately likely to fail.

3. There is no effective treatment to “FIX” a chronic health problem. Only the body itself can resolve the issue. Your body isn’t healing because it’s stuck in the healing process and is overwhelmed by various stresses. Getting a stuck body back to healing relies on the body itself to do the repairs. Your role in this is to be an effective assistant, helping the body by giving it what it needs to start healing again.

4. Trying different solutions to see if this or that works can be futile and hopeless. The first and most important element in recovering your body’s ability to heal itself is accurate evaluation and testing to find out from your body exactly: 1) What help is needed, 2) In which areas and 3) In what order.

5. In 27 years of helping 10,000+ patients to recover from severe chronic conditions, we’ve observed that MOST OF THEM RECOVER!  You have an excellent chance of regaining your health and your life if you don’t give up and if you are willing to do whatever is necessary.