EvecticsSM Acupressure Treatment

An EvecticsSM treatment program is designed to assist your body in overcoming barriers to healing and move forward in a natural healing process.

Most of my patients have stubborn health problems. Often these problems haven’t improved despite going to different specialists and even alternative practitioners.

EvecticsSM helps your body to heal despite these barriers by simultaneously:

  1. Rebuilding the cellular structure using clinical nutrition
  2. Reducing the physical stress on the area being healed with acupressure.

EvecticsSM acupressure doesn’t treat health problems or diseases. It reduces specific areas of stress so that the body can utilize the clinical nutrition program (supplements) and heal.

Acupressure is done to allow supplementation to work.

EvecticsSM Acupressure combines acupuncture and homeopathy technologies that synergistically produce better results than these techniques individually. Acupuncture points are stimulated with a “cold” laser (doesn’t burn) instead of using needles.


Two EvecticsSM Acupressure Techniques:

I use two main Acupressure techniques to reduce physical stress and help healing to occur.

SDT “Systems Desensitization Technique”

SDT reduces stress from sensitivities and allergies. One of the most important uses of this technique is to reduce stress on the gut (small intestine) to improve the immune system’s ability to heal the body. This is often done at the beginning of an EvecticsSM Program to allow the body to recover sufficient immune function to heal organ systems.

Basic Allergens

SDT programs usually start treating “basic” food allergies. Basics are the most common foods that make up all others and are in the gut repeatedly. In an unhealthy gut, this can lead to these foods becoming allergies.

The basics are:

  • Protein (essential amino acids)
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • B complex
  • Sugar
  • Vitamin A
  • Minerals
  • Salt
  • Chlorides
  • Corn
  • Grains
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Alcohol

We test this list of foods and treat any found to be sensitive with SDT. Other foods may also need to be desensitized in some cases, but just clearing up the basics can make a dramatic difference in the gut’s stress level. This improvement shows in follow-up lab testing as well as overall healing progress.

Patients are often amazed that they could be sensitive to vitamins and minerals but then see significant differences in their health as these are desensitized.

Environmental Allergens

In many cases, patients react to substances in their environment. The stress of being constantly exposed to these can prevent healing and make life miserable.

SDT can desensitize these substances to reduce stress on the body and allow healing to progress.


  • Animal fur and saliva
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Dust mites
  • Dust
  • Pollens (grasses, trees, flowers, weeds)
  • Molds and funguses
  • Car exhaust
SBT Hormone Balance

SBT “Systems Balancing Technique”

SBT helps to balance hormone systems. Most of the physical stress that causes chronic illness comes from problems with hormone function. The body uses these chemical messengers to control almost everything it does, and when hormones are blocked or unbalanced, severe problems can occur.

EvecticsSM has nine main “SBT Protocols” to reduce stress in specific body systems:

  • Stress and Energy Balance
  • Female Hormone Balance
  • Digestive Balance
  • Immune Balance
  • Metabolism Balance
  • Sugar Balance
  • Fluid Balance
  • Circulation Balance
  • Male Hormone Balance

We start by testing every possible stress in the areas covered by a Protocol. Then SBT Treatments are done on each location that was found. This way, everything is tested, but only the areas needing help are treated.

This ability to assist the body in reducing specific hormonal stress has been a game-changer. Reduced stress means that the body can fully utilize the nutrition from supplements and rebuild and repair damaged cells.

Cravings Treatments

I have developed unique applications of SBT to help with severe food cravings. If a patient eats constant sugar and junk foods, it becomes difficult to get their body to heal over the top of this dietary stress.

I have cravings treatments for:

  • Sugar
  • Food Chemicals (handles junk food and fast food cravings)
  • Refined Carbohydrates (handles cravings for bread products and pasta)
  • Chocolate
Immune Protocol

The immune system is distributed all over the body. It has many glands and organs that contribute to different functions, and it takes all of these to work effectively.

I developed the Immune Protocol to test each of these immune sources and help the body heal any that show as stressed.

Immune Protocol List:

  • Tonsils (Right and Left)
  • Lymph Nodes (Right and Left: Neck, Axillary, Groin)
  • Thymus
  • Spleen
  • Lymphatic System
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EvecticsSM Acupressure and EvecticsSM Programs

Acupressure treatments done by themselves can reduce symptoms but may not lead to improved health. The design of these treatments is for them to be combined with Clinical Nutrition (specific, tested supplements) to allow the body to rebuild and repair damaged cells.

Here is an explanation of the parts of an EvecticsSM Treatment Program, including the EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness.

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