This is THE most vital information there is to achieve and maintain healthy hormones.

“You are living in hormonal misery largely because of very specific types of toxins, man-made “counterfeit hormones.” However, this information is so complex that it is largely unknown by most people. No effective regulation has ever been issued, mainly because the general public is mostly unaware and there are huge money interests involved in keeping things this way. The chemical and drug manufacturers continue to produce these devastating toxins and spread them into the public only because the public has no clue what they are doing.”

“You have heard that plastics, pesticides, and herbicides can be very toxic. You may have even heard the term ‘estrogenic compounds’. But WHY are they toxic, HOW can you avoid them and WHAT could you do about health problems you might have from exposure?”


This is an easy to understand and extremely interesting course. It contains information that is vital to your health and the health of your friends and family. As a bonus, you will learn exactly how hormones work in your body! No more mystery or being talked down to by your doctor.

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