Breast Health Program

Breast Health and Breast Cancer Prevention

Please watch the video below and then tell all your friends to watch it! We can take control of our breast health.
Don’t FIGHT Breast Cancer… PREVENT it.
  • What vitamin level can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 83%?
  • What simple urine test can detect an easily-correctable problem that increases breast cancer risk by 300%?
  • How can simple lymph-system exercises reduce risk?
  • The unspoken truths about breast cancer statistics.
  • The difference between mammography and thermography and why both are important… but you’ll only hear about one of them!

You’ll be amazed at what we’ve uncovered about breast health and breast cancer! Actually we were amazed ourselves.

Our Breast Health program is included in any EvecticsSM Evaluation and health improvement program. If you are concerned about your breast health, you should make an appointment for an EvecticsSM Evaluation to get started. Each person is different, as breast health depends on the condition of your entire body. What you will learn will forever change how you think about breast cancer, and start you on the road to breast health that YOU control… not waiting for the lump.