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How You Can Recover from Long-Term Health Problems:
Be Happy Again with your Body and Life

 Do you have a health issue that:

  • Gets in your way, impacts your life and reduces your potential happiness?
  • Won’t go away?
  • Doesn’t resolve with medical or natural treatment, or has you on a drug indefinitely?
  • Getting rid of this problem makes your personal “Top Ten” list?

Are you good at justifying your problem rather than finding a solution?

  • “It’s not that bad”
  • “I just ignore it”
  • “It’s better than a lot of other people have”
  • “I don’t have time to worry about it”

Are you afraid that there might be no solution anyway? Or have you already come to that conclusion?

How can you finally put your health problems behind you and live your life more fully?

Dr. Melodie Billiot, D.C. has written a paper entitled “EVECTICSSM How You Can Recover from Long-Term Health Problems” This paper gives you a usable, practical guide to recovering your life back from ongoing or repeating health problems. The paper discusses the following topics:

  • The top ten problems of patients with chronic health conditions.
  • Why nothing you are doing is likely to work.
  • Reasons for the lack of effective treatment for chronic health conditions.
  • Actions you can take that might work.
  • The three traps that can prevent your success in getting better.
  • Stopping symptoms vs Restoring healing capacity: Pros and Cons of the two approaches.
  • Guide to getting well, steps 1 – 5.
  • Action steps you can take right now.

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