Find the Cause of Your Health Problem

Find Out: What is Causing Your Health Problem and What You Can Do About It.

What’s your first step?

Get a comprehensive Health Evaluation that includes:

  • An initial health evaluation (see details below)
  • A professional Report of Findings consultation that includes a summary of your health evaluation and a recommended customized health improvement program.
  • A Tissue Mineral Analysis lab test to determine vitamin and mineral levels and deficiencies. (more details below)
  • A follow up consultation on the Tissue Mineral Analysis lab test.

With all this information, you will know exactly what is going on with your body and what you can do to go about getting your health problems resolved.

What Does The Initial Health Evaluation Include?

a  OneFind out What Organs are Stressed

We check 37 different organs and systems to determine if they are stressed.

The organs and systems we test are:

  • Adrenals
  • Bladder
  • Brain Front Cortex
  • Brain/Crown
  • Brain/CSF
  • Breasts
  • Bronchial
  • Cerebellum
  • Colon
  • Eyes
  • Gall Bladder
  • Heart
  • Hypothalamus
  • Jaw
  • Joints
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Muscles
  • Minerals
  • Ovaries
  • Pancreas
  • Para-thyroid
  • Pineal
  • Pituitary
  • Prostate
  • Scars
  • Sinus
  • Skin
  • Small Intestine
  • Spleen
  • Stomach
  • Testes
  • Thymus
  • Thyroid
  • Tonsils
  • Uterus

bWhat Organ System is Most Stressed?

Your body can tell us which organ or system is the most stressed. In doing so, it is telling us what needs to be the main priority when it comes to improving your health.

cWhat is the Cause of That Stress?

Anything can cause stress on your organs and systems, but we typically find that there are 5  hidden health stressors that most negatively impact your organs or systems. They are:

  • Food allergies, sensitivities
  • Infections
  • Chemicals/Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals
  • Scars

TwoFood and Environmental Allergy/Sensitivity Testing

This is a test for nervous system stress on common food and environmental allergies to determine your body’s overall level of stress due to allergies or sensitivities. If you have sensitivities, it is possible that your body is under a lot of stress all the time as your body tries to fight off what it thinks is a foreign, dangerous object. The basic allergies/sensitivities we test for are:

  • Wheat Mix
  • Egg Mix
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • B Complex
  • Sugar Mix
  • Iron Mix
  • Vitamin A
  • Mineral Mix
  • Salt Mix
  • Chlorides
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Corn Mix
  • Grain Mix
  • Soy
  • Milk Mix
  • Alcohol

 ThreeHormone Testing

This is a test to determine your body’s overall level of stress due to a malfunctioning hormone system. A hormone is a chemical released by a cell, a gland or an organ in one part of the body that affects cells in other parts of the body.


FourIs Your Nervous System Stressed and Preventing Your Body From Healing?

If your nervous system isn’t working properly, you can’t get well. We use sophisticated software to analyze your nervous system by testing the variability of your heart rate (“HRV” or Heart Rate Variability testing. This is a primary method of researching the nervous system used in universities and research facilities). Understanding your heart rate variability helps us to determine how your nervous system is working.  You’ll be able  to quickly see if you are in the best condition, worst condition, or somewhere in between. More importantly, HRV testing indicates if there are malfunctions in your nervous system that may have caused long-term problems with healing (autonomic dysregulation and autonomic blocking). Often severe chronic conditions have these nervous system malfunctions as a part of the problem.

Where Are You                  HRV

What is the Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Test? And What Will it Tell Me?

The Analytical Research Labs Tissue Mineral Analysis is a screening for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair. It is a tissue mineral biopsy that is non-invasive and extremely accurate. By looking at the levels and ratios, we can fine-tune our recommendations on a health improvement program.  Here’s an example of what a test looks like:

Hover over image to zoom in.

Tissue Mineral Analysis from Analytical Research Labs

The mineral ratios above (at the bottom of the report) gives us a lot of information about your body. For example, a low Na/K (Sodium/Potassium) ratio is a good indicator of decreased adrenal effect (exhaustion), chronic stress, lowered energy and energy reserves, decreased immunity, poor digestion, liver and kidney stress, cardiovascular stress, and more.

Your Next Step?

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive evaluation. This information we obtain in the evaluation allows us to develop a complete, Individualized Therapy Program, offered exclusively at Alternative Health Atlanta. This can change your life… if you’ll let it!  Schedule your Evaluation right now.

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