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High Blood Pressure Crucial Information:

What Should You Do About Your High Blood Pressure?

What Should You Do About Your High Blood Pressure Drugs?

What Should You Do About Your Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure?

What Should You Do About Your High Blood Pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, you should know a crucial fact:
High blood pressure is NOT a treatable health condition.
It can be CONTROLLED with drugs, but never treated. The proof is that the drug “treatment” never solves the high blood pressure.
So, high blood pressure is therefore a sign, an indication that something is wrong in your body. Your body is responding to this “wrongness” by showing a symptom. It only does this because it can’t control the stress, and the symptom shows that the body is to some degree out of control of itself.

The problem with treating high blood pressure long-term using drugs is not the drug side effects, it’s the fact that NOTHING is being done to help the body with the real problem, the one that’s causing physical stress to the point that there is a high blood pressure symptom.

This underlying problem, untreated, becomes worse. It will then cause additional health problems. Any study of the ongoing health of patients diagnosed with high blood pressure will show that the blood pressure was just the beginning. THEN came the diabetes, heart conditions, kidney disease, anxiety and depression, memory loss, concentration problems, sleep difficulties, digestive issues… and on and on and on.

Well, then why don’t doctors find and treat the REAL problem instead of just controlling the symptom?

Why does half the population suffer from a myriad of chronic (continuing) health problems and NOTHING is being done about this by the medical field except using drugs to treat the symptoms?

The answers to these questions and many more are in the free book you can download from this page.

In it, you’ll find the answers to these questions:

  • Why you haven’t been able to solve your health problem
  • Why conventional, medical treatment doesn’t work for chronic health conditions
  • What’s causing the current epidemic of chronic health problems
  • How EvecticsSM fills the vacuum left by medicine
  • The keys to success in resolving your own chronic health problem
  • Guidelines on how to proceed, depending on your specific situation

The book is free, will take you only 30 minutes to read and will give you vital information you must know if you have high blood pressure.


What Should You Do About Your High Blood Pressure Drugs?

Countless patients have come to me over the past 25 years with dangerous blood pressure and not taking their medications. They have explained to me that they just can’t take the drugs for the rest of their lives and deal with the side effects.

I tell them, “These drugs are incredibly valuable, because using them can help you stay alive so I can help your body get back its ability to heal. Then your body will resolve the underlying causes for your blood pressure and your doctor will take you off the drugs. Are you willing to take the drugs temporarily to prevent permanent damage or worse until your body can handle this problem?”

In my opinion, if you have high blood pressure you really only have two responsible choices:

1. Take the drugs for the rest of your life.

2. Find some way to regain your health so you don’t have this symptom anymore. (To do this, READ THE BOOK)

The other choice, “Pretend it’s OK to have uncontrolled high blood pressure” can create a situation where you, your family and your friends wish oh so much that you had chosen #1 or #2.

What Should You Do About Your Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure?

A lot of people have high blood pressure that can’t be controlled with medications. There’s even a name for this, “resistant hypertension.”

Your choices in this case are pretty slim: “Hope that nothing really bad happens to you.”

In your case, I have a very strong recommendation: READ THE BOOK.

I then have another strong recommendation: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

That can be with my clinic or any other competent doctor, but this is one health problem that you really can’t afford to ignore. I have worked with hundreds of these cases, and it’s a huge relief to the patient and to me when we see their blood pressure is normalized and stable.

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