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Free Workshop: Common Toxins and Your Hormones
Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30 PM

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Belly Fat from Hormones

Belly Fat from Hormones

  • Belly Fat
  • Brain fog, no concentration, poor memory, anxiety
  • Fatigue, no energy
  • Progressive, unexplained weight gain
  • Leaky bladder
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Carb and sugar cravings
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Concentration and memory problems

(These are common symptoms of a hormone imbalance)

Stop “Living” with these problems

What You Will Learn at the Workshop:

Toxic Cleaning Products

Toxic Cleaning Products

1. Learn how your hormones function to affect your appearance, happiness and health.

2. Learn about a toxic stress on your hormones that you can’t avoid. While scientifically understood to be a major factor in hormone problems, the fact that there is no commonly known solution to this type of toxin means you will rarely hear about it.

3. Learn about a solution to #2 above that has been helping hormone cases to heal since 2001.

Hormone Imbalance Success:

Eight weeks ago I walked into Dr. Billiot’s office very frustrated and full of disease. I have been battling a pretty serious case of hypothyroidism for 2 years which had completely changed my life. My hair fell out. I gained a very significant amount of weight and I struggled to get out of bed. My moods fluctuated and I was always cold. This was very difficult for me, being that I was much healthier before, thin and very athletic. After seeing that the best endocrinologist in the world could not help me, they only offered to use drugs or surgery, I decided to try alternative medicine. A friend referred me to Dr. Billiot and said she would be able to help me. It has only been two months and I feel like my old self again. I’m energetic, happy and my symptoms have lessened. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 39 days and I credit that not only to my hard work and discipline, but to Dr. Billiot’s work. She really cares about you and I feel that if she could help me, she could help anyone. — C.B.

 NEXT WORKSHOP: March 23rd at 6:30 PM

Get relevant, useful information about your hormone health.
Learn about a scientific, effective, drug-free approach to recovering your hormone health.

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Health Test: Comprehensive Health Analysis

  • Select how severe each symptom is, or leave blank if you don't experience the symptom:

    • Severe (significant negative effect on your life)
    • Moderate (frequent or bothersome)
    • Mild (rare or not bothersome)
  • Liver/Digestion Category

    Detoxification, fat metabolism and immune functions.

    If you mark more than 5 of the symptoms in this category as Moderate or Severe, it can indicate basic problems in your body's ability to heal. This can affect many health problems. In your phone consult, ask the doctor for more detailed information on this, it may explain a lot of your health problems and why they don't improve.
    Liver/Digestion Category
  • Adrenal Category

    Stress handling, Blood sugar, Immune, Sex hormones and Fluid balance.

    Adrenals Category
  • Heart/Cardiovascular Category

    Circulation, energy levels.

    Heart/Cardiovascular Category
  • Thyroid Category

    Metabolic regulation, Heart rhythm, Brain function .

    If you have more than 6 Moderate or Severe symptoms in this category, the doctor may have information for you about low-metabolism testing and solutions.
    Thyroid Category
  • Female Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect overall health: emotions, weight, skin/hair/nails as well as menstrual cycle, fertility and menopause.

    Female Sex Hormones Category
  • Male Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect muscle tone and energy and emotions as well as sex functions.

    Male Sex Hormones Category
  • Blood Sugar Category

    Blood sugar affects fatigue, sleep, cravings and irritability.

    If you mark 5 or more of the symptoms in this category as Moderate or Severe, the doctor may have information for you about how unstable blood sugar could be creating hormone problems. Blood sugar has a surprising influence on hormones... ask the doctor during your consult.
    Blood Sugar Category
  • Just two more sections to go!

    Allergies Category

    Allergies affect digestive health, immune health and inflammation levels as well as concentration and memory.

    Allergies Category
  • Immune System Category

    Your Immune system affects your body's ability to heal, not just resistance to infections.

    If you mark 3 or more symptoms in this category as Moderate or Severe, ask the doctor about possible immune stresses on your hormones. Often hormone problems originate in immune stress and then cascade into other areas such as the adrenals and thyroid. The doctor may be able to give you more detailed information on this.
    Immune System Category
  • Almost Done!

    Below, please give the doctor some specific information about your most important health problem. The doctor analyzes your main problem compared to all the survey answers to determine likely causes. In your consult, the doctor will ask specific questions and will be able to make recommendations.
  • How to get your test results:

    If you live in the Atlanta area and provide us with your phone number, one of our practitioners will call you and go over your test with you. There is no charge or obligation for this service. This is a professional, confidential health consultation. Your practitioner is there to help you with useful information, not to sell you any product or service. The consultation will take about 5-10 minutes. It's absolutely free and you are under no obligation.
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