The Tiger Trap of Modern Medical Care


The Tiger Trap of Modern Medical Care

A tigerTiger Trap trap is a deep hole covered over with grass that you can’t see until after you have fallen into it.

Chronic health problems are those that reoccur regularly or never go away. These make up a huge majority of all health problems (seventy-five cents of every healthcare dollar).  The gaping, but camouflaged hole in modern health care is that there are almost no solutions for these problems, only drug management to make some of the symptoms more tolerable. This massive omission is not discussed or pointed out publicly, indeed; you may be completely unaware of it yourself … until you develop this type of problem and find yourself looking up from the bottom of the trap.

Before you developed a chronic condition, chances are you had the same ideas that most of the unaffected population does:

“What’s a chronic health condition?”

“If you are sick, just go to the doctor … what’s the big deal?”

This is reflected in the media’s reporting on health care, which consists of politics, business and medical and drug studies that make the news and current events. Nowhere is it pointed out that nearly half of the public reading the news has a health problem with no effective treatment available.

What the media and public are not noticing is the individual suffering of those with long-term health conditions. This suffering reduces the happiness and productivity for them and their families. These are not the severely ill who are bedridden, living on disability or requiring constant care. They are the “walking ill,” people who hold down jobs, take care of their families, raise children and are active in churches and other organizations. But every day they wonder if they can keep it up. They’re battling fatigue, depression, pain, brain-fog and the conviction that it’s all likely to get worse. They believe this because over many years of searching and effort, they have found no effective treatments or solutions. These people have found that medical technology is very close to bankrupt about chronic illness, other than temporary or long-term drug management of symptoms.

"You are healthy, congratulations!”

The nature of many chronic health problems is that sometimes they don’t show as out of range on blood tests or as anything of concern during a standard physical. The person will complain of many symptoms to their doctor, but the doctor may tell them they are perfectly healthy (by labs and examination). They may be told to reduce their stress, eat less fat and get more rest, but there is no diagnosis to be made. Often if the person continues to insist that there is something wrong, the doctor will suggest, “It’s possibly depression or a ‘stress-related’ issue,” (inferring that if the doctor fails to find the problem, it must be because the patient is making it up). Often patients are prescribed an anti-depressant or other psychotropic drug.

Half the US population has one or more chronic health conditions. If you have chronic problems yourself, be aware that this is much, much more common than you might imagine. According to the CDC, about half the US population (133 million) have one or more chronic health conditions and one in four has two or more conditions. The CDC reports that 7 out of the top 10 causes of death are chronic diseases.

To illustrate with just a single condition, arthritis causes more than 22 million Americans to have trouble with their usual activities (CDC).3 Modern medicine has no cure for arthritis and can only “manage” it if possible with drugs… all with severe side effects* (see below for examples). Further, there is no arthritis case that has only arthritis. This is a condition of chronic inflammation which creates a host of other chronic health problems to go along with the debilitating joint pain.

*Side effects of arthritis drugs: NSAIDS: blood clots, heart attack, stroke. STEROIDS: Cataracts, bone loss, increased blood sugar and appetite. DMARDs: Increased susceptibility to infection. BIOLOGICS: Increased risk of serious infections.

If you have fallen into this camouflaged hole, this Tiger Trap, don’t be fooled into imagining that anyone is coming to your rescue.

There are no miracle cures “right around the corner” because the health care system is completely stuck on the drug treatment model, which does not work for most chronic problems.

David Shaywitz, a health care reporter writing in Forbes magazine inadvertently got it right. In an article defending the pharmaceutical industry from charges of withholding “cures they don’t want you to know about” he writes:

“The unfortunate truth is that drug companies really want to cure disease, but rarely know how. Medical science simply isn’t up to the challenge. Most diseases aren’t well enough understood to enable the rational development of truly transformative treatments.”

Of course, by “treatments” Mr. Shaywitz means “drugs.” A drug is a chemical that forces the body to react, not a resource that the body can use to heal itself from a chronic problem. There may be no conspiracy to keep the cure for your problems hidden, but the truth is just as bad: Most of the research being done to treat chronic problems is in the area of drugs, which are not and never have been an effective solution.

To sum up:

  • There is a class of health problems that can ruin (or is currently ruining) your health, life and happiness and affects at least 50% of the US population.
  • There is little to no effective medical treatment available if this happens or has already happened to you or your family.
  • There is little understanding or empathy for these sufferers, as most of the world seems to believe that doctors know how to treat all but the “big name” (cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.) diseases quite effectively. If you are suffering from other than a “big name” disease and are whining about it, the popular thinking is that you need to go get treatment and, frankly, suck it up. You don’t have a REAL problem. In some cases, this attitude may be shared by your doctor.

The Solution:

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*Results may vary from person to person.

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