Supplements of the week- Antronex and Allerplex

Antronex— one of my favorite and perfect for this time of the year! POLLEN When your car is yellow and you black cat even yellower!

Antronex is a Standard Process supplement that contains yakriton, a liver fat extract discovered by Japanese researchers that is used to support the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms. It acts as a support for the liver and the body’s natural immune system function. I use it in my practice and with my family for sinus issues like runny nose, stuffy nose, itching eyes, at the outset of a cold or flu, and for other allergic type issues. When I feel a cold or flu coming on or the start of allergy season, Antronex is my “go to” supplement. I take 2-3 every hour or two and most of the time….(knock on wood) my body “gets it” before it “gets me!”

We have many patients who use this supplement and another called Allerplex to help them get through the pollen season completely drug free. We also can “desensitize” certain allergens that may help you tremendously to deal with the pollen and allergy season.  We use a painless, yet powerful acupressure therapy to help the body deal with it’s over-reactions to pollen or other allergens.  Allerplex is a wonderful supplement with vitamin A and C that supports the body’s ability to handle seasonal, environmental, and dietary challenges. This supplement does the following:
*Supports the body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement
*Supports healthy liver function
*Supports healthy lung and respiratory function
If you are not already familiar with these products, talk to one of the staff at the clinic and we will help you! 770-937-9200