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Accurate, deep-level information on hormonal causes of your health problems.

65 questions cover all major hormone areas as they relate to health problems.

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Hormone Analysis

  • Select how severe each symptom is, or leave blank if you don't experience the symptom:

    • Severe (significant negative effect on your life)
    • Moderate (frequent or bothersome)
    • Mild (rare or not bothersome)
  • Liver/Digestion Category

    Detoxification, fat metabolism and immune functions.

    Sex hormones such as estrogen are eliminated from the body by the liver and digestive systems. Liver function is one of the key elements in healthy hormones.
    Liver/Digestion Category
  • Adrenal Category

    Stress handling, Blood sugar, Immune, Sex hormones and Fluid balance.

    Adrenals are more important in female sex hormone function than they are in male. In women, adrenals produce all androgens (male hormones) and are the main source of estrogen after menopause. Hot flashes are due largely to adrenal stress.
    Adrenals Category
  • Thyroid Category

    Metabolic regulation, Heart rhythm, Brain function .

    No other system in the body contributes as much to healthy sex hormone function as does the thyroid. This is the body's "gas pedal" and controls the metabolism of every cell in the body. Thyroid malfunction can have severe mental effects (anxiety, depression, concentration, memory) as well as weight, skin, hair, digestive and sex hormone impact.
    Thyroid Category
  • Female Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect overall health: emotions, weight, skin/hair/nails as well as menstrual cycle, fertility and menopause.

    Sex hormone problems are often caused by malfunction of other areas of the body (liver, digestion, adrenals, blood sugar and immune) but can be directly affected by a number of toxic substances as well.
    Female Sex Hormones Category
  • Male Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect muscle tone and energy and emotions as well as sex functions.

    Male Sex Hormones Category
  • Blood Sugar Category

    Blood sugar affects fatigue, sleep, cravings and irritability.

    Sex hormone function goes hand in hand with blood sugar function, with one affecting the other.
    Blood Sugar Category
  • Immune System Category

    Your Immune system affects your body's ability to heal, not just resistance to infections.

    Immune stress from fungus (such as yeast), bacteria and virus can create severe sex hormone problems.
    Immune System Category
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