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Thyroid Analysis

  • Select how severe each symptom is, or leave blank if you don't experience the symptom:

    • Severe (significant negative effect on your life)
    • Moderate (frequent or bothersome)
    • Mild (rare or not bothersome)
    At the end of each Category, rank how much the Category Symptoms are affecting your life.
  • Liver/Digestion Category

    Detoxification, fat metabolism and immune functions.

    The liver is one of the main areas that can cause thyroid stress. The liver converts one thyroid hormone (T4) to another thyroid hormone (T3). If this fails or the liver isn't converting enough hormone, the thyroid will become stressed trying to create enough of the T3 that the body needs. Restoring liver health and function can have a dramatic effect on thyroid symptoms.
    Liver/Digestion Category
  • Adrenal Category

    Stress handling, Blood sugar, Immune, Sex hormones and Fluid balance.

    The adrenals are more affected by a sluggish thyroid than any other hormone glands. Sugar metabolism, stress handling, fat burning, and sex hormone production are all stressed in the adrenals by a low thyroid. Adrenal support can reduce thyroid stress and is one of the keys to restoring thyroid health.
    Adrenals Category
  • Heart/Cardiovascular Category

    Circulation, energy levels.

    The heart metabolism is a specific function of the thyroid. This relates to overall heart health and performance as well as regulation. A very common thyroid symptom is heart palpitations. Because of this, in many cases heart stress can prevent the body from adapting to thyroid stress and make thyroid symptoms worse.
    Heart/Cardiovascular Category
  • Thyroid Category

    Metabolic regulation, Heart rhythm, Brain function .

    Which thyroid symptoms do you have? Answering this question can shed a lot of light on the type and severity of your thyroid problem.
    Thyroid Category
  • Female Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect overall health: emotions, weight, skin/hair/nails as well as menstrual cycle, fertility and menopause.

    Sex hormone regulation is a thyroid function. Looking at sex hormone symptoms can give an indication of specific thyroid stress. Many women are not aware that many of their sex hormone symptoms are coming from their thyroid.
    Female Sex Hormones Category
  • Male Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect muscle tone and energy and emotions as well as sex functions.

    Thyroid malfunction can cause male sex problems including loss of sex drive and ED. Undiagnosed low-level thyroid insufficiency can cause low energy, lack of interest in life, poor concentration and loss of muscle tone.
    Male Sex Hormones Category
  • Blood Sugar Category

    Blood sugar affects fatigue, sleep, cravings and irritability.

    High or low blood sugar can cause thyroid stress. In addition, thyroid stress can cause adrenal stress, leading to blood sugar problems. These two facts can go around and around, creating a worsening condition.
    Blood Sugar Category
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    Allergies Category

    Allergies affect digestive health, immune health and inflammation levels as well as concentration and memory.

    When testing for the cause of thyroid stress, one of the most common causes we see is allergies or sensitivities. Allergies stress the digestion (and liver), the adrenals and the immune system. All these stresses combined often lead to an overwhelmed thyroid system and thyroid problems.
    Allergies Category
  • Immune System Category

    Your Immune system affects your body's ability to heal, not just resistance to infections.

    The thyroid is a major player in the body's immune system. Thyroid problems can lead to immune system failures and symptoms (such as inflammation, allergies and autoimmune). The single largest cause of thyroid problems is autoimmune conditions (Hashimotos). Supporting and helping the body to heal the immune system can lead to reduced thyroid symptoms and a recovery of health.
    Immune System Category
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