I want to let everyone know what is new and exciting at the office. We want to welcome Dr. Amanda Mahaffey and Dr. Nellie Biddix to the practice. We are so happy to have them here!

Dr. Mahaffey is a talented and caring doctor and we are lucky to have her.  She will be delivering our foundation Evectics treatment programs consisting of: Clinical Nutrition, Systems Desensitization Technique (allergy desensitization), Systems Balancing Technique (natural hormone balancing acupressure technique), Functional Lab Testing, bioidentical hormones and natural hormone balancing.

Dr. Biddix is delivering our new Biofeedback programs. This is a new and amazing work that can help the body tremendously with stress, anxiety and spotting precisely where obstacles to the healing process may be occurring. Coupled with our accurate and exact Evectics assessment techniques and programming we have some very powerful tools to get to the PRECISE areas that are causing ill-health and help the body to eradicate them!

We are offering a free ½ hour session with Dr. Biddix until the end of April 2015 with our new biofeedback program to help you find and start the work of eliminating causes. Call and come in.

We would love to see you!

Yours in health,

Dr. Melodie Billiot

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