Food Choices

Food Choices

Mediterranean-Type Diet curb your sugar & carbohydrate cravings

What’s wrong with eating sugar? (a look at how our body handles—or doesn’t handle—sugar, and how much sugar a typical American eats in one day.)

Eat your Protein! Stay Healthy! This article discusses why we need protein, what protein really is and how much we need to consume on a daily basis.

Nutritional Challenges of Vegetarianism As much as vegetarians want to be healthy, they can have some major challenges, especially if you don’t know about combining foods to make a complete protein. This is a must read for all vegetarians/vegans.

Soy is Not Your Friend All the hype about soy and its health benefits is simply not true. You are being misled. If you eat soy and soy products, please read this article and the others linked from it. You’ll be glad you did!

Fantastic and Incredible Fats, We Need Them! (Part 1 of 2) Explains how our body uses fats to keep us healthy. Also helps identifying all the different types of fats and why we need to eat them all, even saturated fat!

Good Fats Gone Bad (Part 2 of 2) Explains how fats become damaged and why we need to balance fats properly.

Fat Dietary Guidelines Here’s a summary of “eat this, not that” on fat.