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EVECTICSSM is not a treatment technique; it’s a system that integrates many techniques. An EVECTICSSM clinic brings multiple vectors of care together in exactly the correct combination for each patient, providing enough support so their body is able to get over the barriers and recover its healing process.

The purpose of EVECTICSSM health therapy systems is resolving the current epidemic of chronic illness.

E·vec’tics noun [ Greek … healthy.] The branch of medical science which teaches the method of acquiring a good habit of body. [1913 Webster’s Dictionary] The theory of the achievement and maintenance of good health.


EVECTICSSM Health Therapy System is a New Approach to Health Care

It consists of a system of therapy, patient management and clinic administrative organization that can be practiced by most licensed health care practitioners (depending on local state law). It has been taught to chiropractors, naturopaths, medical doctors, nurse practitioners and acupuncturists.

EVECTICSSM health therapy system does not diagnose or treat any disease. It is used to reduce stress on the body to improve healing capacity. Results from the technique are caused by patients’ bodies healing themselves and are not in any way a direct result of the health therapy itself.

The system was developed by Dr. Melodie Billiot over a twenty year period at her clinic, Alternative Health Atlanta.

EVECTICSSM health therapy system includes all the factors necessary for its success including therapy technologies, testing systems, case and patient management systems and all needed administrative systems.

In the near future, we plan widespread and available practitioner training and administrative systems licensing to get EVECTICSSM health therapy system clinics broadly available to the general public.

Why is EVECTICSSM Health Therapy System Needed?

Most people in the US have access to some form of alternative or holistic health care. There are 50,000 licensed US chiropractors as well as tens of thousands of other practitioners such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, herbalists and alternative medical doctors. Why does the society need one more alternative health care option, and why is EVECTICSSM health therapy system not just another alternative treatment modality?

An overall decline in health and an increasing severity of chronic conditions has exceeded the effectiveness of existing alternative techniques

Cases have continued to become more difficult due to the deteriorating quality of foods, increases in environmental toxins and stress and the effects these factors have had over several generations.

In the past, a single alternative technique could often resolve a patient’s case. Now it is not uncommon for a patient to have a history of years of treatment with medical specialties and several alternative practitioners, yet still come into the clinic with their original complaints.

There is a need for a routine and complete resolution of severe chronic health conditions from a uniform, teachable system of treatment that can be replicated on a large scale.

People rely overwhelmingly on conventional medical health care for chronic health conditions. To change this will require organization of a similar magnitude to conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine became prevalent in society because it was organized and effective with acute or emergency health conditions. The appearance of truth in conventional medicine is created by public agreement: Patients receive the same diagnosis for the same symptom/lab indications no matter what doctor they see.  Just in the US they can be treated at 5,800 hospitals and by well over half a million medical doctors and have it all “paid for” by health insurance. Despite the popularity of alternative treatments and ineffectiveness of conventional medicine at handling chronic illness, significant change in healthcare isn’t likely unless something changes dramatically.

The Future of EVECTICSSM Health Therapy System

The future of any advancement in health care is with YOU, the practitioner.

A principal tenant in EVECTICSSM health therapy system is that HEALTH is a product of personal choices made over a patient’s lifetime; in lifestyle, diet and how the person chooses health care. We have seen this to be true, because when patients begin to make different choices they regain health and remain healthy.

If health is derived from personal choice, then as a society we must have leaders who will step up to the task of bringing about different personal choices in individuals. We are offering an opportunity for any qualified person to join in helping us to achieve our goals. Your help is wanted and will be accepted in whatever capacity you can offer it up.

Over the past decade, we have seen that each patient we have helped has in turn helped to influence the health choices of a large numbers of family members, friends and associates.  There will never be enough of us as practitioners to bring about needed changes, but our ambassadors are our patients.

The greatest weapon we bring to this “battle” for the future of health care (and the health, safety and sanity of our society) is truth. It was the search for truth through science that created public acceptance of the current medical and drug system of health care.  It is a perception that the medical search for truth has become stopped, stifled or guided by interests other than the greatest good for the entire society that has brought about the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic health care.

By demonstrating the truth of effective health care to patients who desperately need it, we win over ambassadors who carry this truth to their associates and family.  This action, repeated by a large enough group of clinics, practitioners and patients can change the way society views health and health care.

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A comprehensive health therapy system

Positions Available

Requirements: DC, MD, LAc, ND Licensed (or able to become licensed) in Georgia

  • Associate Practitioners at Marietta office of Alternative Health Atlanta.

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A Team.  A Future.  A Career.

Most health problems are chronic, not medical emergencies.

Medical treatment can only try to manage these cases, because there is no medical solution or cure for all but a tiny fraction of chronic illness.

A new form of health care is required that specializes in helping patients with these otherwise “impossible” conditions. Right now, nearly all of these patients are seeking ineffective (and often harmful) medical treatment or have given up and are “living with” their problems indefinitely.”

EVECTICSSM technology can help these people if we can create a large enough team of trained practitioners to make it available to them.

Benefits of becoming an EVECTICSSM Practitioner

  • Help patients to recover their health and lives when nothing else they’ve tried has ever worked.
  • Be part of a group, team and movement that is changing health care and raising personal knowledge and responsibility of the public towards health.
  • Patients mainly have chronic visceral problems, not acute pain. Patient relationships are long-term with wellness consulting continuing indefinitely after health has been restored.
  • EVECTICSSM clinics are all-cash with no interference from insurance companies. All efforts and resources are used helping the patient to heal, not getting paid by insurance.
  • EVECTICSSM is INCLUSIVE of successful and workable techniques. No matter what your specialty has been, EVECTICSSM synergistically adds to this rather than trying to replace it with “something better.”
  • EVECTICSSM clinics are unique. Patients don’t go “down the street” to another doctor because he charges $5 less for an adjustment. As mentioned above, the largest unfulfilled market in healthcare is chronic illness, which is what EVECTICSSM is all about. If you like being busy seeing patients all day, this is for you! The potential for personal and financial success is great.
  • EVECTICSSM training goes much, much further than just a technique. A certified EVECTICSSM practitioner knows everything needed to help patients successfully recover and has interned long enough to be certain he or she can actually do this!

Requirements for becoming an EVECTICSSM Practitioner

  • Any practitioner with a scope that covers the techniques used in EVECTICSSM can become an EVECTICSSM practitioner, though we are currently hiring chiropractors for our Marietta clinic.
  • You must be very knowledgeable in physiology and anatomy.
  • You must learn quickly, as this training is very extensive.
  • You must be very open and willing to learn more than you ever thought existed about health and healing. Becoming an EVECTICSSM practitioner requires courage, as does adopting any truly new idea.

Have questions? Want more information? Excited?

Training Information:

EVECTICSSM Practitioner Training

Technical Training:

At the core of every fully-trained EVECTICSSM Practitioner is a complete certainty of all therapy techniques incorporated in the system. This includes advanced training in the physiology of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems and training in homeopathy, acupuncture, heart rate variability and nutrition. You will become fully trained and certain of your testing results in ARE (Autonomic Response Evaluation) testing. You will learn the specialized technique of SDT (Systems Desensitization Technique) to eliminate sensitivities and allergies and SBT (Systems Balancing Technique) a proprietary technique taught only to EVECTICSSM practitioners that balances hormones and helps the body address damage and confusion caused by toxins.

Then you will learn the proprietary techniques of patient programming and re-programming to utilize these techniques in therapy programs designed specifically for individual patients per their evaluation information.

A fully-trained EVECTICSSM practitioner knows what to do and how to handle any chronic health condition the body can possibly heal. This is truly a master’s level of practitioner ability that has not before been available from an organized training program.

Patient Management Training:

No matter how well a practitioner knows his therapy technology, patient results will be limited by his ability to:

  • Get compliance as needed to initiate and maintain healing
  • Keep a patient on a program until they are stably healthy and can move to Wellness
  • Successfully educate the patient on the truth of his condition and how to recover and then maintain health.

Practitioners are drilled until they are certain of their abilities to handle any patient situation… and we mean ANY situation! When you know you can deal with anything that can happen, you are relaxed and happy and so are your patients!

EVECTICS is a Service Mark of Dr. Melodie M. Billiot, PC

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