Meet the Staff


Meet the Staff

Dr. Melodie M. Billiot

Dr. Billiot is the founder and owner of Alternative Health Atlanta, Holistic Practice Solutions (a company that develops techniques and management systems for holistic practitioners) and is the developer of EvecticsSM health therapy systems.

She is known nationwide as an expert and sought-after teacher of nutritional and energetic techniques and as the developer of EvecticsSM.

Dr. Melodie Billiot graduated from Life University in 1993 summa cum laude as valedictorian of her class. She is certified in CRA and Nutrition Response Testing, System Desensitization Technique (SDT) and N.A.E.T. allergy elimination techniques, System Balancing Technique (SBT), JMT, several chiropractic adjusting techniques, and has studied extensively in homeopathy, herbology, Chinese medicine, clinical nutrition and pain control using nutrition.

In 1994, she became frustrated because of a lack of consistent results with chiropractic treatment in areas other than musculoskeletal. Motivated to find a solution for her patients other than drugs and surgery and fighting a serious health problem of her own, she started researching holistic and nutritional techniques in 1996.

As a result of this research, Dr. Billiot recovered her own health and made significant improvements in patient results. Now, a decade and one-half later, Dr. Billiot has one of the most successful holistic practices in the country and trains other practitioners in clinical nutrition and other holistic techniques.

About the PractitionersDr Billiot, DC and Nelli Biddix, ND

Alternative Health Atlanta is owned and operated by Dr. Melodie M. Billiot, licensed as a Doctor of Chiropractic by the states of Georgia and Florida . The practitioners working at AHA have been hand-picked and trained personally by Dr. Billiot.

Because EvecticsSM techniques are not taught as part of any standard university curriculum, practitioners must be trained and interned here at the clinic, a process that takes almost six months of "very" full-time work by the practitioners.


Nelli Biddix, ND

Born in India, Nelli Biddix grew up in the mountains near the Himalayas. Spirituality and health have always been her keen focus, even as a child. Nelli was always looking for ways to help people with their health, take away their troubles and put a smile on their faces. Her parents decided she would be a doctor. While there she quickly realized that she was not suited for conventional medicine. Instead of masking symptoms with drugs and surgeries Nelli wanted to heal the body by understanding what was out of balance and working on the root cause so the body could heal. She left the university with a Bachelors of Arts and started working in a health food store. This life changing decision put her on the path of true healing. She went on to become a certified Doctor of Naturopathy, a nutritional consultant, master herbalist and a health specialist.

EVECTICS is a Service Mark of Dr Melodie M Billiot, PC

*Results may vary from person to person.